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6 Best Turbinado Sugar Substitutes Worth Trying

Turbinado Sugar Substitutes – The Turbinado sugar is a sweetening condiment in some foods such as baked goods or other sweet foods. If you often use turbinado sugar in your daily recipes, maybe when you run out of turbinado sugar you are a little confused.

But now, if you run out of turbinado sugar, you need not worry anymore because we are going to show you some of the best substitutes for turbinado sugar. Usually, they add turbinado sugar in certain recipes to get a sweet and crunchy topping and find a distinctive sweet taste.

We recommend some of the best substitutes for turbinado sugar. Among them are dark corn syrup, honey, caster sugar, maple sugar, coconut sugar, and muscovado sugar. This substitute will give a similar taste to turbinado sugar, so you don’t have to worry about making a meal with a recipe for adding turbinado sugar, because if you run out you can easily pick up one of the best substitutes.

Turbinado sugar is sugar from natural cane juice and usually most people use white sugar or brown sugar. Using turbinado sugar from cane will give more molasses and it will keep your dish moist and sweet. The sweet taste is not as strong as white sugar or palm sugar, but it is enough to give a sweet taste that makes your appetite tempted.

Before we explain one by one the best substitutes for turbinado sugar, we want to explain to you “what is turbinado sugar” and how does it taste?

What is Turbinado Sugar?

We’ll take a quick look at turbinado sugar, including how it tastes, textures, nutrients and how it’s used.

Understanding turbinado sugar

This is sugar from processed raw cane, it has a brownish color, forms large crystals and traces of more molasses. The name turbinado is derived from the Spanish word Turbine, which means the centrifugal process in sugar processing.

The large crystal form makes the turbinado sugar delicious and attractive when added on top of the cake as a topping. However, many also use turbinado sugar in drinks and in baking. There is a positive side to this sugar, the manufacturing process is very minimal in terms of processing so that turbinado sugar is considered healthier.

Turbinado sugar taste and texture

Sugar from processed sugar cane naturally has a light color, with large crystals. The taste is rich, and it retains a fair amount of molasses.

When talking about the taste of turbinado sugar, it can be said that it has a caramel-like taste, the color is smooth brown, but the light color is very dominant.

Such a rich taste makes turbinado sugar very versatile. It is by no means limited in its use. You can easily use this sugar in many dishes including decorating your cakes. You can also use it as a sweetener for a cup of tea in the morning.

Uses of Turbinado Sugar

Turbinado sugar is very attractive for use in several foods such as pastries, strudels, muffins, rubs, creme brulee, and in baked goods. Even with turbinado sugar you can easily make delicious butterscotch and it is also used in fancy cakes.

Turbinado sugar is not the same as granulated sugar which is easily soluble in water, it is not completely dissolved and has a crunchy texture when it is ready. It is also used in cereals, candied nuts, cake decorations, cake mixes, teas, coffees, and many other foods and beverages that require a sweet taste.

Turbinado Sugar for Health Review

Turbindo sugar is healthier than white sugar because the process is minimal. Well, when the manufacturing process is minimal, then there are a few antioxidants left in the molasses. This causes turbinado sugar to be healthier than other sugars. We all know that antioxidants are very beneficial for the body in fighting various causes of cell damage including fighting cancer.

Why Use Substitutes For Turbinado Sugar?

Maybe there are some who ask why use turbinado sugar? With the content and uses as above, of course, many people use this sugar and when you run out of turbinado sugar, of course you have to use the best substitute. The following reasons can answer why you should look for the best substitute for turbinado sugar.

Turbinado sugar has a molasses-like taste and is great for use in many recipes. Sometimes it is impossible for us to use this sugar in every recipe, so there needs to be a substitute that best represents it.

On the other hand, some people sometimes experience allergies to turbinado sugar and this must find a substitute as well. Some others, do not like the taste and some of these reasons are very reasonable to replace it with other alternatives that can provide similarities in taste and benefits.

Ok, now I think it’s time to explain what are the best substitutes for turbinado sugar. Let’s check one by one below.

Best Substitutes For Turbinado Sugar

1. Honey

The best substitute for turbinado sugar is honey. Honey is a natural nectar taken by bees from various types of flowers in nature. Sometimes the taste of honey also depends on which stamens are taken.

Honey is not only naturally sweet, but also provides an amazing color. Beside that, honey contains substances that can digest fat and protein so that not only makes your sweet dish but also healthy. Maybe this is one of the reasons why you replace turbinado sugar with honey.

2. Muscovado sugar

Muscovado sugar also includes sugar from sugar cane and it has not been processed into granulated sugar. This is another healthy alternative for us when it comes to replacing turbinado sugar.

Muscovado sugar also has a slightly darker color, making it a great addition to your cakes, much like using honey in place of turbinado sugar.

It also has a similar texture to turbinado sugar, so using Muscovado sugar as the best substitute for turbinado sugar doesn’t mean you have to lose the texture.

3. Maple Sugar

Maple Sugar as substitutes for turbinado sugar

Maple sugar is another alternative to turbinado sugar. This sugar is widely used in desserts and can be used as one of the best substitutes for turbinado sugar.

Maple is extracted from the sap of the maple tree and is sometimes also made into delicious maple syrup. This sap is crystallized, light brown in color, with a molasses taste and it is similar to turbinado sugar so it is suitable to replace it.

Maple sugar is also used in sweetening cakes, apples, and other baked goods. You can use maple sugar as much as you would use maple sugar. So, it is easy and very helpful to be made as the best substitute.

4. Caster Sugar

sugar as a substitute for turbinado sugar

Turbinado sugar is very similar to Caster Sugar, even the crystal shape is also similar and the same size. Its size is about 5 to 100 mm and it can give the same texture as a turbinado. Usually turbinado sugar is present in coating grilled foods. If you want to coat it with caster sugar, then this is the best choice to replace it.

To make cakes, you can use this sugar as a substitute for turbinado sugar. If you have always used turbinado before, when you run out of stock, we believe that caster sugar is the best substitute you can try.

Caster is granulated sugar with fine crystals and similar crystals to your favorite turbinado sugar.

5. Dark Corn Syrup

best substitute for turbinado sugar is Dark Corn Syrup

Furthermore, the best substitute for turbinado sugar is Dark Corn Syrup.

Dark Corn Syrup is made with dry corn syrup, it is usually used for cooking and baking. This dark syrup produces a dark or brown viscous liquid and tastes almost the same as caramel. We include it as one of the best substitutes for turbinado sugar.

6. Coconut Sugar

Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar or palm sugar is sugar from coconut sap water which is extracted by cutting the coconut flower bunches. Then the juice comes out and is accommodated in a place and then cooked to obtain its viscosity properties.

Coconut sugar is rich in nutrients such as zinc, calcium, iron, potassium, and antioxidants. Sugar palm has a low glycemic index and it also contains natural insulin which is good for creative performance. For those who suffer from diabetes should stay away from all forms of sugar, but it seems they can consume palm sugar or coconut sugar.

Coconut sugar is a vegetable sugar that is rich in calories and good for the body.

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Final Word

Now we are at the end of the article and we want to mention that all of these substitutes you can use in your food or cake. But for similar results with turbinado sugar, everything will be different. Nothing can replace a turbinado with 100% resemblance. But at least you have a substitute that you can use and the taste of your cakes and food is also good.

You can successfully make your meals even using the best substitutes for turbinado sugar. So, for best results you should experiment a lot with the different forms of substitutes we mentioned. However, we can briefly mention and provide an overview as follows:

Best Turbinado Sugar Substitutes In Terms Of Texture!

To get the best and the same as turbinado sugar, then brown sugar is the best substitute.

Best Turbinado Sugar Substitutes In Terms Of Flavor!

If you want to get a taste that is very similar to turbinado sugar, then you can replace turbinado sugar with caster sugar.

Finally, we decided there are two types of sugar that can be the best substitute for turbinado sugar from various sides. The two are: Dark Corn Syrup and Coconut Sugar. However, it all depends on you, how you feel about them and how your experiment turns out.