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11 Best Substitutes For Prosciutto + Photos

Best Substitutes For Prosciutto – The prosciutto is a sweet and salty dish from ham and is best eaten when sliced ​​thinly. Actually there are two kinds of Prosciutto, crudo and cotto, both of which are safe to eat even when raw. Crudo is a type of ham that is salted and raw and is consumed by many people when raw. Unlike the case with cotto, this is salted ham which must be served cooked. The food is very tasty and savory so its benefits are widely used in dishes. The number of uses of Prosciutto in dishes sometimes we have to find the best substitute for it.

sometimes when we need Prosciutto in a dish, we find it difficult to find because of the many consumer requests. So, inevitably you have to have the best substitute for Prosciutto. This is what we are going to talk about, there are some of the best substitutes for this salty and sweet ham. Among the best substitutes for ham are Jamón Serrano, Culatello, Ham, Pancetta, Bacon, Salami, Beef Bresaola, Cheese, etc.

There are some great options for those of you who don’t eat pork. Most prosciutto are made from pork, but there are other options that are suitable for replacing pork prosciutto. For those of you who stay away from pork, you can try the best substitute for prosciutto that we provide.

What Is Prosciutto?

Do you know what prosciutto is? Here we’ll talk a little bit about the meaning of this ham meal, and then we’ll talk about the best substitute for prosciutto.

Prosciutto is a salty and sweet ham from Italy and it is a preserved, dried and thinly sliced ​​ham and they are safe to eat even if not cooked first. Ham that is eaten raw in Italy is known as Crudo, while another type, namely ham that is not eaten raw but is cooked first is cotto.

Before eating prosciutto, you should know that this preserved food contains quite a lot of fat. Just one ounce contains 3.5 grams of fat. If you eat too much ham prosciutto, it can be harmful to heart health, because it can also increase cholesterol levels.

Rich in fat content sometimes makes some people also worry about this prosciutto food, so they are looking for the best substitutes for prosciutto. If you are also afraid of this fat-rich food, it looks like you should also look for the best substitute. Read our review to the end.

Best Substitutes For Prosciutto

Let’s see what are the best substitutes for prosciutto.

1. Culatello


Culatello is one of the best substitutes for prosciutto. This also includes foods that are preserved and come from Italy as well. Its similarity to prosciutto makes it worthy of replacing prosciutto.

Culatello is a type of meat cut directly from animal knowledge, this is a fat-free cut of meat, in contrast to prosciutto which is rich in fat. The Culatello also includes food that is rich in flavor so to get a good taste you only need a little. Culatello is a dish that is seasoned with pepper, salt, garlic, and dry white wine, has a rich taste and is great as a substitute for prosciutto.

You can use culatello as an appetizer, it works great with watermelon, and can be combined with cream for a delicious flavour. There are also those who use culatello as a sprinkling on pizza or other foods.

2. Jamon Serrano

Jamon Serrano as substitutes for prosciutto

Furthermore, the food that can replace Prosciutto is jamon serrano, this is also known as ham serrano. If you never know that name, maybe you also know the name “Spanish Ham” where Jamon Serrano is also known by that name.

Jamon serrano is preserved meat with a slightly dark color with a rich taste. The taste is spicy and deep and jamon serrano is one of the best substitutes for Prosciutto, you can use jamon serrano as the best substitute for Prosciutto.

It is not the same as the salty Prosciutto, during the preservation process it does not use much salt. Making Jamon serrano is more than a year to produce delicious food.

If you have a recipe that calls for Prosciutto, you can replace it with jamon serrano and those who have used it say that jamon serrano is the best substitute for Prosciutto.

Besides being served with foods that use Prosciutto, you can also consume jamon along with various other foods such as fruits, vegetables, cheese, fish and nuts.

3. Ham

The Ham for prescuitto substitutes

The best substitutes for prosciutto is ham. If you don’t find prosciutto in some recipes, you can use a better substitute such as ham. Why is ham good as a substitute? Ham has a taste very close to prosciutto. The Ham is not only prosciutto as it is popular in Italy, but can be from a variety of meat dishes with different types.

Ham is very sharp in taste and distinctive taste, it can be combined with other ingredients such as vegetables and cheese.

Some types of ham that can replace prosciutto are smoky ham, black forest ham, garlic, and seasoned with blueberries, and honey ham.

When you compare it to prosciutto, the taste of ham is more flavorful and tangy, so to add it to a salad, you only need to take a little of it.

4. Pancetta


Then the meat that can replace prosciutto is meat from pork belly, this meat is preserved by using salt. The taste of pancetta is very similar to bacon and it has a very smoky taste.

The taste of pancetta is also said to be similar to prosciutto and it is the best substitute for dishes you want to add a sharp and bold taste. Usually the pancettan is sliced ​​into thin slices for use on pizza, salads, and you’ll find pizzas with bold flavors.

Pancetta differs from prosciutto in terms of preservation, so pancetta is eaten raw but cooked first. To add it in a recipe you have to cook it first.

5. Bacon


Another best substitute for prosciutto is bacon. Bacon can also be eaten raw or cooked first.

This is meat that is preserved and usually made from pork but there are also types of bacon from other meats, it tastes a little smoky.

The taste is also similar to prosciutto so it is good to be used as the best substitute for prosciutto, especially fatty ones. It can be served alone or added to other savory recipes such as wrapped around a piece of fruit.

The texture and taste are close to prosciutto, which is why we included it in our list of the best substitutes for prosciutto.

6. Salami

Salami as substitutes for prosciutto

Salami is preserved pork and is one of the best substitutes for prosciutto. If you don’t eat pork like me, then this is not the best choice for you. However, there is also salami from poultry which is halal for consumption.

Salami is Italian dry meat and it is similar to prosciutto but tastes different. Salami has a bolder taste and is made from fermented sausage.

In preserving salami they use special spices and this makes it one of the best substitutes for prosciutto.

Salami consists of various brands, including: savory, sweet, spicy. So if you use salami in place of prosciutto, you should choose a type that matches prosciutto.

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7. Beef Bresaola

Beef Bresaola

Beef bresaola is the best non-pork substitute for prosciutto. This is suitable for those of us who stay away from pork during this time. Beef bresaola is a type of dry Italian meat that has been preserved for 2 months.

When the shelf life is long, this meat turns dark red in color, tastes sweet and slightly spicy. Bresaola is a type of meat that may be cleaner if we compare it to prosciutto. The serving is drizzled with olive oil, cheese, arugula, vegetables and can also be used as a topping on pizza.

8. Cheese


Cheese is also on the list of foods that can replace prosciutto and tastes great. Usually the presentation is with biscuits or bread. However, instead of prosciutto, we should use aged cheeses such as Swiss, Romano, and Asiago.

Cheese is the best substitute for prosciutto for an appetizer. If you often use prosciutto as an appetizer, occasionally you can replace it with Swiss cheese or with Asiago. Try adding this cheese on your bread and enjoy. There are also those who add it in a salad dish for a better taste.

9. Mushrooms


For vegans and vegetarians, when you want to enjoy prosciutto, you can replace it with a plant-based version using mushrooms. Mushrooms are a very tasty umami vegetable with a meaty texture and are great substitutes for prosciutto for vegans.

To replace mushrooms with prosciutto, cook them until they are caramelized and then just add them to a grill dish that usually uses prosciutto. Enhance the taste of grilled food and make it a delicacy.

Among the mushrooms that are widely used to replace prosciutto are shitake mushrooms and portobello mushrooms, the texture is like meat and rich in taste.

This mushroom dish can also be added to pizza, pasta or in salads.

10. Duck Prosciutto

Duck Prosciutto

It is duck meat but preserved and dried with a salty taste, yet another best substitute for prosciutto. In its manufacture it does not use pork, but it is similar to pork prosciutto.

Thinly sliced ​​duck breast such as prosciutto can also be used to add flavor to sandwiches.

Add your duck prosciutto in the dish for added flavour. If you want to enjoy the taste of salad, then the prosciutto duck can be chopped into small pieces and sprinkled on the salad.

11. Toasted Nuts

best substitutes for prosciutto is Toasted Nuts

One of the best substitutes for prosciutto is Toasted Nuts. For roasted nuts, you can use walnuts or almonds. Adding Toasted Nuts to pasta, salads and risottos will add a unique and rich taste.

Also add paprika to your nuts, sprinkle Toasted Nuts on pizza and can also serve on a serving plate.