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20 Health Benefits of Rosewood Essential Oil

Rosewood Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Rosewood Essential Oil. The essential oil obtained from pine trees in Peru and Brazil. This evergreen is called by the name of Aniba rosaeodora. The wood is reddish color, while the flowers are yellow. Rosaeodora Aniba tree can grow to a height of 40 meters above ground.

Brazil cypress wood essential oil gives the impression of a warm, woody, and provide a rich aroma. The Essential Oil is rarely found, probably because the manufacturing process is also difficult. It also makes Rosewood Essential Oil prices become expensive. Many companies of these essential oils provide an alternative, such as Chinese Ho oils from Cinnamomum camphora.

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Awesome Health Benefits of Rosewood Essential Oil

Rosewood essential oil contains anti-depressant, antiseptic, cephalic, insecticide, analgesic, aphrodisiac, deodorant and antibacterial. So, the benefits of the oil that extracted from pine tree is huge. Let we look below one by one.

1. Deodorant

Rosewood essential oil has a mild nutty flavor and a hint that can repel odor. In addition, this essential oil is also refreshing and able to repel bacteria because it contains anti-bacterial.

2. Analgesic

Rosewood essential oil is also beneficial for treating toothache. Analgesic properties owned by this oil is light. Not only toothache are treatable but can also treat mild headache, influenza, flu, joint pain, can also cure measles and mumps.

3. Relieve stress

Furthermore, the health benefits of rosewood essential oils is able to relieve stress. Rosewood essential oil has a balance of properties that can treat stress and nervous tension and mild headache.

4. Anti depression

Rosewood essential oil has a mild characteristic, sweet and spicy aroma which give helpful to ease the disappointment and sadness. So, using essential oils of rosewood help build a positive mindset that keeps us from depression.

5. Antiseptic

Aside from being a new antidepressant, rosewood essential oil is also useful as an antiseptic. When the insect bites you, minor cuts or abrasions, use this rosewood essential oil. The content of antiseptic to prevent infection and speed the healing of wounds.

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6. Relief pain

The health benefits of rosewood essential oils to soothe the pain. Analgesic properties that exist in this oil great for soothing aches and pains.

To get relaxed state, you can also use this oil on a body part such as the forehead, head. Likewise for people with toothache, rosewood essential oils can provide instant relief to the sick.

10. Cephalic

Next, the health benefits of rosewood essential oils is to increase alertness and memory. This oil makes your brain to cool, active, alert and sharp. Not only that but it also eliminates headaches, preventing distraught disorders and enhance memory.

11. Aphrodisiac

For those who experience a decrease in sex drive due to stress, workload and anxiety need to try essential oils of rosewood.

12. Protecting the health of skin

Rosewood essential oil is an oil that contains anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and antiviral, it is able to treat acne on your skin, blemishes, blackheads and scars. Rosewood also work to eliminate fine lines on the surface of the skin, treating burns and wounds.

Rosewood oil is also beneficial to smooth the skin so you look younger. Using rosewood oil regularly in a few weeks could give subtlety to you.

13. Sexual Health

For spouses also has a huge benefits that increase sexual power and sexual arousal. Even the essential oils of evergreen tree can treat impotence.

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14. Spiritual and meditation

It is useful for patients suffering from depression that weak and tired. So, rosewood essential oils provide the benefits of spiritual and meditation for patients with depression. It also reduces anxiety and nervousness.

15. Insecticide

The health benefits of rosewood essential oils as an insecticide. Because it has insecticidal properties, the essential oil is beneficial to repel fleas, bedbugs, ants, and can be used to repel insects.

Some other benefits of essential oils of rosewood

The use of these oils can rejuvenate your skin, making the skin young and healthy. It is also helpful to overcome vomiting, chills, nausea, stress, acne, wrinkles, and various skin diseases.

Other uses of essential oils of rosewood

16. Insert the oil in a water bath

Enter 10 drops of rosewood essential oil in warm water, and stir evenly. It will provide freshness when you bathe. Soaking in water mixture rosewood can help rejuvenate dull skin, dry skin, and oily.

17. Wrapping body

Rosewood essential oil is also beneficial for the body to eliminate toxins. You can use it by spraying on a towel, then wrapped the body and covered with a blanket. This way you will feel the warmth and freshness.

18. Massage Oil

Furthermore, the health benefits of essential oils of rosewood as a massage oil. Mix it with almond oil or jojoba oil, and use as a massage oil.

19. Body lotion

Enter the 50 drops of essential oil of rosewood in a 16-ounce body lotion, mix until smooth and evenly. This oil will regenerate skin cells and tissues.

20. Shampoo

You also add essential oils of rosewood in shampoos, for one ounce of shampoo add 15 drops of essential oil. Shake until evenly distributed.

Side Effects of Rosewood oil

Regarding the side effects of essential oils of rosewood is not known for certain because there is almost no side effects. However, pregnant women should not use this oil. As for the use of parts of the body through the mouth or swallowing, then all should consult with a physician. Neither pregnant or not, to avoid going on things that are not in want.

Thus the health benefits of rosewood essential oils and few side effects. Rosewood essential oils can rejuvenate the skin, treat depression, can even strengthen your memory.