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5 Oakmoss Essential Oils Health Benefits

Oak Moss Essential Oil contains various medicinal properties such as antiseptic, demulcent, restorative and expectorant. Thanks to these ingredients, oak moss oil has great benefits and benefits for health.

Oak is an oak tree, oak moss is a special type of moss growing on oak trees. Oaks are scattered throughout America, Europe, so moss oak moss is also there. Most of this moss is collected by Europeans and in the process of becoming essential oil. European countries that produce the most oak moss essential oils are french. In addition, popular countries as producers of this essential oil are America and Bulgaria.

The oak moss essential oil has the scientific name of Evernia Prunastri, its basic components are chloratronorine, atranorine, evernic acid and delta usnic acid. Appearance oak moss is often considered ugly by some people, it is greenish color, wet and rather muddy. However, the moss of this oak plant is endowed by God with many benefits and health benefits.

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Here we see what are the benefits of essential oil from oak moss.

Oak Moss Essential Oil Health Benefits

1. Sepsis Prevents

Sepsis is a simple word to reveal a lethal state in a patient. A wound that looks simple but can cause sepsis if not handled properly. Sepsis can also be said to be a state in which batteries and protozoa attack, not only that but can be fungal attacks. When fungi and bacteria and protozoa join in the wound, the wound gets worse and worse.

Habits, sepsis occurs in the wound as we say, but not limited there. Sepsis can also occur in internal organs such as food ducts, inner ear, kidney, urethra, colon, urinary tract to the nervous system.

The disease of sepsis is very feared because it can cause the patient to die. In developing and underdeveloped countries, sepsis is most common in newborns because they do not have skin that can protect them perfectly. That is why many babies die from sepsis.

Symptoms of Sepsis

  • Among the symptoms of this frightening disease are:
  • Pain in the affected area
  • Have cramps
  • Seizures,
  • Swollen, and appears reddish
  • Joints and muscles become stiff
  • Behave abnormal to death

Oak moss essential oil is one of the powerful herbal remedies for this disease. This oil is superior, at least from two things. It smells nice, and does not cause pain when applied. With anti-septic, oak moss oil will create a dangerous body condition for bacteria and microbes so that it will become extinct.

2. Acts as a Demulcent

That is, oak moss essential oil is soothing. Oak moss is useful for calming various types of inflammation and irritation. In addition, it creates a smoother and softer skin and keeps moisture on the skin.

Another benefit is to provide calm to the digestive system, cuts, scratches, throat irritations, stomach, intestines and inflammation. Irritation caused by spicy foods and acidity of the stomach can be prevented and treated with oak moss essential oil.

Furthermore, oak moss is also efficacious as a powerful natural medicine to calm irritation and swelling of the nerves and brain. Another miraculous benefit is to calm scratches and cuts on mucous membranes, and excretory ducts.

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3. Restores Your Health

Oak moss oil is also restorative, meaning it can restore health to its original shape. Same as restoration on a computer that aims to restore the computer to its original form before it crashes. This is great!

The oak moss essential oil reduces aging damage and speeds up the body’s healing to its original state before illness. So, this is said to restore health completely.

4. Clears Respiratory Tract

Furthermore, the oak moss essential oil health benefits are cleansing the respiratory tract. It can eliminate phlegm, and catarrh buildup in the airways. That is, oak moss oil is a natural herb to cure bronchus, larynx, trachea, pharynx, and lungs and remove toxins and waste from the organ. Oak moss has an incredible expectorant because it produces expectations. He was able to extract catarrh, and phlegm and relief from various interrelations with it.

Miraculously again, using oak moss essential oils does not make you sleepy like when consuming other expectorants.

5. Other Benefits of Oak Moss Oil

Oak moss is also used for soap and skin care, sprays and various cosmetic products.

Mix: For topical use you can mix oak moss oil with pine, geranium essential oil, lavender, patchouli and essential oil neroli.

Mixture: For topical use you can mix oak moss oil with pine essential oil, geranium essential oil, lavender, patchouli and essential oil of neroli.

Caution: The oak moss essential oil may irritate the mucous membranes, and the skin. For that, it is not recommended to use it in pregnant women.