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Health Benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil. Lemongrass essential oil is an oil that is very familiar with aromatherapy. The essential oil is obtained from extracts of lemongrass that in a certain way. Lemongrass essential oils have a number of benefits for human health because it contain anti-microbial properties. The content of citral and limonene content is a valuable substance contained in lemongrass that kills bacteria, microbes, and various types of fungi destroyers.

Lemongrass essential oil has tremendous therapeutic benefits. Among the unusual ingredient is an anti-cancer, carminative, eliminate body odor, febrifuge, fungicide, antidepressant, diuretic, antipyretic, insecticide, soothing and anti-microbial. The essential oil is safe for use by children, but pregnant women are advised not to use essential oils of lemongrass because it is not known whether these oils interfere with the content or not.

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The Health Benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil

Below are some health benefits of lemongrass essential oils, let’s see one by one.

1. Eliminate pain

One significant benefit of lemongrass essential oil can eliminate the pain. Not only the pain can be removed but also perfect for treating toothache and pain due to inflammation.

2. As an anti-depressant

These essential oils can improve self-esteem, build mental health, and relieve anxiety and emotional disorders due to failure in examinations, loneliness, stagnation, turmoil in the family, insecurity and other psychological disturbances.

3. Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial

Benefits of essential oil of lemongrass as an anti-microbial no doubt. Lemongrass oil has long been used as a killer of bacteria and microbes. The essential oil is also good to inhibit the development of various types of bacteria in the body such as bacteria that live in the intestines, bladder, respiratory system and others.

From the other side of lemongrass essential oil can also be used to treat diseases caused by bacteria, microbes such as skin disease, body odor, malaria, food poisoning and others.

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4. Antipyretic

The antipyretic content of citronella oil makes is ideal for lowering high fever. This magic oil will reduce high fever when it has reached a dangerous point.

5. Antiseptic

Further benefits as an anti-septic. The anti-septic in lemongrass essential oil is very useful for killing bacteria either in the body or outside.

6. Astringent

Astringent helps cessation of blood flow quickly. This is particularly important when a person has suffered injuries that keep the blood flowing. These essential oils will make the blood stop quickly so that victims can be saved.

7. Carminative

The content of lemongrass carminative in making essential oils of lemongrass can be used as natural ingredients to address the problem of excessive gas in the stomach. Not just out of gas, but also prevent the entry of other gasses into the body.

8. Deodorant

Furthermore, the benefits of lemongrass essential oil for health is to eliminate body odor. Even lemongrass including best deodorants when compared with a factory-made costly. Even the chemical deodorants also sometimes contain hazardous materials that can cause discomfort on the skin and even cause allergies.

While lemongrass is a natural deodorant that does not have side effects, you can use it anywhere to eliminate odors.

9. Diuretics

Benefits of Lemongrass essential oil as a diuretic. These oils facilitate urination and even increase the amount of urine. At first glance, this doesn’t matter, but this is the most important thing to build a good body health.

Did you know that every time urination, fat in the body dumped as much as 4%, and when you frequently urinate then the fat in your body more discarded, and this is good for weight loss.

Not only that urination also prevents the development of gas in the stomach, eliminating the extra water in the body and preventing inflammation. The most important benefit of urination is detoxifying the body and promoting better kidney health.

10. Useful to reduce fever

Lemongrass essential oil helps reduce fever by treating the origin of the inflammation that causes fever. Another benefit is the sweat that makes the body toxins are also eliminated.

11. Fungicides

Benefits of Lemongrass essential oil to overcome the fungus. The fungicidal content in citronella oil has a positive effect in combating fungi. Both are used to kill mold inside and outside the body.

12. Galactogogue

The predicament is an essential component useful for increasing milk production. Besides, it is also helpful to improve the quality of milk. It was a big favor for breastfeeding mothers and babies. Essential oils not only kill the fungus in the mother but also can kill the infection in infants.

13. Insecticides

Benefits Lemongrass is also used in repelling insects because they contain insecticides. You can make use of lemongrass oil as an insect repellent on plants.

14. Soothing

These are the vital benefits of lemongrass essential oil. In addition to providing a calming effect, lemongrass oil also provides healing of the inflammation, relieves the itching of the skin, reduces tension and anxiety.

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15. Relaxes muscles

The most significant benefits of essential oils of lemongrass are calms and relaxes the muscles. The quality of citronella oil is great for relieving pain in the skin, cramps, migraines and provides a good quality of rest.

16. Eliminates body odor

Body odor is a result of sweat and lemongrass essential oil can overcome this problem. While the quality of the anti-microbial, anti-fungal and antibacterial keep and avoid infections that can occur due to sweat like the thighs, armpits, and neck. To obtain these benefits, you can incorporate citronella essential oil in the bath water and use it for bathing.

These are some health benefits of lemongrass essential oil for the body. Hopefully this short article helpful and useful. Do not forget to share via Facebook or Twitter.