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10 Chicken Feet Health Benefits

Chicken Feet Health Benefits

What are Chicken Feet health benefits? Chicken feet or chicken claw is a food made from the chicken legs. The food might make you disgusted, you would imagine the dirty environment of chicken, lots of germs, bacteria, and disease, many people avoid chicken claw foods. However, the chicken claw food in some places in Indonesia made into a delicious meal and had an expensive price.

Among food from a chicken’s claw is a claw chicken noodle, chicken claw chips, chicken claw soup and a variety of other types of grain. Not only in Indonesia but also in some countries such as the Philippines, Korea, China, Vietnam, Africa, and America also wore a chicken claw and processed into a delicious meal.

One of the usual reasons for cooking chicken claw into food is to provide huge nutrient for a family. Chicken claw has little meat and has a soft bone that delicious and tasty. But, did you know that chicken claw health benefits are very much. Here are the facts about chicken claw health benefits. See also the chicken health benefits.

10 Chicken Feet Health Benefits

1. Chicken Claw rich in Collagen

One of the Chicken feet health benefits thanks to collagen within. In a study conducted by the Faculty of Veterinary Science Chung-Hsing University in Taiwan, it was revealed that the chicken claw contains collagen which is very high. Even levels of natural collagen in chicken claw are similar to collagen that is found in green leafy vegetables and fruits. Collagen is one of the specific substance that required to maintain skin elasticity. Benefits collagen contained in chicken claw very much, among other things:

  • Collagen is beneficial for maintaining healthy skin and form elastic skin because it supports turnover dead skin cells with new skin cells faster.
  • Beneficial to helps the body absorb calcium and proteins that make the body become more healthy.
  • Collagen is beneficial to increase the production of red blood cells because it works by strengthening the structure of blood vessels.
  • It helps the body lose weight by increasing the body’s metabolism of fat.
  • Collagen can make the bone structure to be stronger and prevent diseases of bone fragility.

2. Reduce the risk of brittle bones

Chicken Feet health benefits to keep the joints and lower the risk of brittle bones. Joint disease and brittle bones usually occur in the elderly. The cause is the body can not get the calcium and bone was not able to absorb calcium properly. So, by consumption of chicken claw early in life, it will give a different effect. Chicken claw section is only composed of skin, tendon, and bone. The content of chicken claw rich in protein, calcium, cartilage, and collagen can be easily absorbed by the body. Nutrition is very important to strengthen the bone structure and can prevent bone loss in the elderly.

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3. Healing Injuries

The chicken feet health benefits to heal wounds. On chicken claw food contained nutrients such as protein and calcium. Both of these nutrients are extremely important to help regenerate nerves, muscles, and bones of the human. The research that has been conducted by a researcher in the United States, reveals that such nutrients can help heal the injury. Even the condition of spinal cord injury is believed to be quickly cured by taking foods containing chicken claw.

4. The benefits of chicken claw for digestion

Furthermore, The chicken claw can be made into a broth or soup which refreshing taste. Chicken claw section which contains connective tissue and cartilage were very tasty. Even all the nutrients such as protein, collagen, chondroitin, and glucosamine also will dissolve when cooked into the broth. Efficacy of various nutrients is also very good to make a more healthy digestion. The effect of nutrition is also very important to make the intestine becomes softer, thus making your digestive tract become healthier.

Other foods:

5. Maintain Healthy Nails

Chicken Claw Health benefits for nails health. Cooked chicken claw will pull out some crucial nutrients for the body. Broth or some other dishes from chicken claw could produce amino acids, collagen, glycine, hidroksipolin, and proline that can help maintain healthy nails. Cooked chicken claw usually will issue a particular liquid or gel that contains gelatin. These nutrients help the body to process calcium absorbed by the nail.

6. Maintain Healthy Gums

Chicken claw also has significant benefits to the health of the gums. Gum is a powerful tissue that is used to support the teeth. Several types of gum disease often caused by poor dental health problems. However, it could also have caused issues in the body. Deficiency of vitamins and other nutrients will also create problems in the gums.

A chicken claw is a food that contains many nutrients in very much. There connective tissue and cartilage that could turn into a gel because it contains collagen, amino acids, and some gelatin forming agent. That is why all of these substances would improve the health condition of the gums.

7. Improve Immune System

This is enormous and critical of the chicken claw or chicken feet health benefits. The chicken claw is famous for all the necessary nutrients such as collagen or gelatin forming agent. Moreover, chicken claw also contains different kinds of minerals such as zinc, copper, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus. All of these minerals are needed by the organs of the body to build healthy and cope with various kinds of diseases. With the consumption of chicken claw, it can also boost the immune system.

These are some chicken feet health benefits that need to know so that we can leverage in getting nutrients from food chicken. There are many more benefits of chicken legs or chicken claw, such as forming natural probiotics that are beneficial for a healthy bowel, build immunity. Furthermore, it is also useful to prevent tissue damage and stabilize the body’s hormones. The balance of these hormones can overcome stress in life.

Top 10 Chicken Health Benefits

1. Build Muscle

Chicken is lean meat, which is why we recommend not cooking the chicken to fry, but by boiling. Chicken contains less fat and loaded with protein. For those who are building muscle or muscle exercise, it is good to consume chicken for chicken could help the development and muscle formation.

2. Increased appetite

The health benefits of chicken to appetite. Chicken contains zinc, it is an alternative to raise the chicken into your appetite. Consuming a bowl of chicken can increase appetite and alter the taste in your mouth.

3. Maintaining bone health

Fear of bone loss? Please feel free chicken meal. Chicken contains a lot of phosphorus and calcium is essential for bone health. The health benefits of chicken are very important for women because women are prone to bone loss.

4. Healthy for the heart

Furthermore, the chicken benefit is to keep a healthy heart. The chicken does contain cholesterol, but chicken meat also contains cholesterol bidder or niacin. Niacin serves as a cholesterol-lowering. So, grab the chicken that is not a lot of fat, and cooking without using saturated oils. Use olive oil.

5. Boost immunity

Consuming chicken can boost your immunity. Chicken contains minerals that are beneficial to the body’s resistance. If you have a fever or a cold trying to consume chicken soup.

6. Help the child’s growth

Chicken contains many amino acids that are beneficial for growing children. Children who like to eat chicken will grow tall and big.

7. Reduce the risk of arthritis

Chicken contains a lot of minerals called selenium. Well, this mineral is very useful to reduce the risk of arthritis.

8. Relieves stress

The health benefits of chicken to stress. Because chicken contains vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid, the chicken can be soothing.

9. Reduce the risk of heart attack

The content of vitamin B6 in chicken is very helpful to reduce the risk of a heart attack. It is caused that chicken can lower homocysteine ​​levels.

10. Spikes Testosterone Levels

It turned out that the chicken has a special benefit for men because chicken contains zinc which is useful for organizing testosterone.

Thus some of the important chicken health benefits that you have to know. From now, we should like to eat chicken but select healthy chickens. We recommend that you eat chicken or domesticated chickens naturally. The chicken was not contaminated with chemicals, because the chicken’s food is natural and not made from chemicals.