Home Foods Threptin Biscuits – Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage, Safety

Threptin Biscuits – Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage, Safety

Threptin biscuits benefits

Threptin biscuits benefits – These are vegetarian food with high vitamin content. In fact, Threptin biscuits are a protein supplement and they are high in calories. It is a health snack and is included in the list of 100% vegetarian foods.

There is a difference between Threptin biscuits and other biscuits, it lies in the casein they contain. Casein is a rare protein and very expensive. In addition, casein protein is also healthier than whey protein in general.

So what are the health benefits of Threptin biscuits? Here we will review the benefits of Threptin biscuits, side effects, dosage and price. We’ll see if the high cost of Threptin biscuits is worth the benefits. Let’s read more about this article.


Threptin Biscuits – Nutritional Information

Before we go any further about the benefits and side effects of threptin biscuits, let’s take a look at the list of nutrients contained in threptin biscuits.

The basis of this nutritional value is based on a dose of 100 grams of threptin biscuits. So, for every 100 grams of these biscuits contain the following nutrients:

In 100 grams of threptin biscuits, it contains 30g Protein, 23g Sugar, 48g carbohydrate, 0g Cholesterol, Riboflavin 1.26mg, Fat 14g, Nicotinamide 14mg, Energy 438 Kcal, and contains thiamine hydrochloride 1.06mg.

Best Health benefits of Threptin biscuits

Threptin biscuits have several health benefits, mainly because they function as a source of protein and as a drug in lowering cholesterol. Below we take a look at some of the benefits of using threptin biscuits.

1. Rich in protein

As the name suggests, biscuits are a food or snack for many people, and so are threptin biscuits. However, it is different with ordinary biscuits which are low in nutrients and do not provide health benefits. Threptin biscuits are another type that is rich in benefits, especially in providing a supply of protein for the body.

If you need protein for muscle building, or for anything else, then picking up threptin biscuits as a snack might be for you.

2. Important for bodybuilders

Bodybuilder athletes usually rely on whey protein as a protein source for muscle building. Whey protein is also an important ingredient in providing sufficient protein for the body to build good muscle.

However, if you ask with your biscuits, are threptin biscuits good for you. Of course it’s great, it’s a healthier source of protein than whey. Not only that, threptin biscuits are foods that contain many other important nutrients such as amino acids, protein and also contain casein. Casein is a unique protein and is very rarely found or does not exist in ordinary types of protein sources.

3. Good for relieving hunger

If you still continue with various foods after dinner, still continue to snack on certain foods, then try snacking with threptin biscuits. It is a food rich in protein and contains vitamin B complex which is important for health.

4. Benefits of threptin biscuits for diabetic patients

There are many types of antioxidants present in threptin biscuits, especially useful for diabetics. Besides biscuits, there are other products from threptin biscuits which are also safe for diabetics.

5. The cholesterol reducer

As we know that fiber is present in large quantities in Threptin biscuits, this is a distinct advantage for health in lowering cholesterol.

This snack is easy to digest and is a natural remedy to lower bad cholesterol levels.

Side effects of Threptin biscuits

If you are worried about Threptin biscuits because you hear a lot of side effects, don’t worry. Threptin biscuits are healthy food with no side effects as long as we consume them in reasonable amounts.

For bodybuilders, you can combine it with other healthy foods. If you only eat Threptin biscuits and then add other carbohydrate sources, this is not good because the Threptin biscuits already contain carbohydrates too.

Overeating Threptin biscuits can cause bloating, excess gas, and other digestive problems.

Eating too much Threptin biscuits can also cause mood swings.

So far, there are no side effects from eating Threptin biscuits. However, if you find a case of side effects of threptin biscuits, you can immediately contact your doctor for better treatment.

How many threptin biscuits in a day are considered safe?

How about a safe dose for this food? If excessive consumption is considered bad and there are side effects, then how much daily consumption of threptin biscuits is considered safe.

If you want to try fulfilling protein with threptin biscuits, then 6 biscuits per day is enough and sufficient.

The way of consumption is also not allowed at once, 3 biscuits after lunch and three more after dinner.


  • Keep threptin biscuits out of reach of children
  • Store in a dry place,
  • Read the label for the dosage so you don’t use it wrong


The price of threptin biscuits is a bit expensive, for a 550 gram portion it is sold at $29.79. You can hardly find them at the grocery store, or at the drugstore. But if you want, you can find it easily in online stores.

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Is it safe for children?

These protein-rich biscuits are safe for children over 7 years old, but whenever giving them to children we advise you to consult a doctor.

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How is the taste of threptin biscuits?

Threptin biscuits are available in two flavours, vanilla and chocolate flavours. This is a biscuit that is very rich in nutrients and the taste is also tolerable. If you want to give it a try, it probably won’t take you long to get used to it.

Is it safe for diabetic patients?

What if Threptin biscuits are consumed by diabetics, is this safe? A question that is often asked by friends who suffer from excess sugar.

If you suffer from diabetes, there is a special option for you. There are threptin biscuits light which are officially declared safe for diabetics.

Are Threptin diskettes vegetarian?

Yes, Threptin biscuits or threptin diskettes are vegetarian food and are 100% vegetarian. You do not have to worry about this label because it is proven to be a vegetarian food.