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5 sources of vitamin B17 that needs to known

5 sources of vitamin B17 – Vitamins play an important role in improving the welfare of the ways to support our health. However, stout of us who ignore the importance of vitamins for the body. In fact there are several types of vitamins that we do not know the origin and source. One vitamin that we often ignore is vitamin B17. Yet this vitamin important included in our daily diet.

So, we need to know the source of vitamin B17 so that we can get it easily through the daily diet. Here are some sources of vitamin B17 we need to know.

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5 Sources of Vitamin B17

1. Whole grains are full of vitamin B17

Perhaps you often eat apricots, but it is not only the fruit is beneficial. Apricot seeds are also useful even included in the top foods with vitamin B17. In addition, the fruits that contain vitamin B17 are pear, cherry, peach, plum seeds, and apples. In addition to consuming the seeds you could also try to consume flaxseed, it is loaded with omega-3.

2. Nuts full with vitamin B17

Nuts include whole grains are healthy and full content of various nutrients, minerals and protein. Almonds and cashews contain vitamin B17. Consuming these nuts regularly can reduce levels of bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol levels in the body. In addition, almonds are also rich in monounsaturated fats are good for health.

The benefits of cashews able to maintain bone health, blood pressure, and help with weight loss.

3. Fruits also contain vitamin B17

Berries are important pieces with content of vitamin B17. Fruits such as Raspberry, Strawberry, Cranberry, blackberry are some types of fruit are rich with vitamin B17 which acts as an anti cancer. Berries including important pieces in the health world because it’s full of useful photochemical to keep the damage to body cells.

4. Sprouts are rich with vitamin B17

sprouts as sources of vitamin B17

Alfalfa sprouts and garbanzo are full of vitamin B17. Benefits sprouts alfaalfa very good for the health of your kidneys. Consuming food regularly is also good to prevent the formation of kidney stones.

5. The leaves are rich in vitamin B17

In addition, leaves also contain much vitamin B17. Alfalfa and eucalyptus leaves are high in VB17. In addition, spinach also have leaves that many with vitamin B17 and contains a lot of antioxidants that play a role in fighting against atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure. Antioxidants contained in spinach is in the form of zinc, manganese, beta-carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C, and selenium.

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That’s some sources of vitamin B17. Let us enter these foods in our daily diet to keep the body always get the need for vitamin B17.