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8 The Best Substitute for Ghee

Ghee is a spice that is usually present in Indian cuisine, if one day you run out of ghee you don’t have to panic. There are many types of food and other seasonings that can replace ghee in your problem. Below we have collected a number of substitutes for ghee for your cooking to keep it tasty and delicious.

Immediately, we see what can replace ghee for your food.

8 Best Ghee Substitute

Butter is the best substitute for ghee if one day you run out of ghee. Besides using ghee, you can also use olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, clarified butter, and soy oil. You can use this oil easily as an alternative to your ghee that has run out.

1. Clarified Butter

Ghee is a type of seasoning or food ingredient that is added, it is a kind of clarified butter with a changing taste that is spicy. To find flavors like caramel, you have to add olive oil to the butter and see what happens. You have got the taste you want.

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2. Butter

Regular butter, the taste is rather salty and this can replace ghee for your food. Add olive oil and fry with butter, this is to avoid browning that is too severe.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also one of the very good and recommended substitutes for ghee. This oil gives a rich taste and distinctive aroma in your cooking.

4. Soybean Oil

Soybean oil is also one of the excellent substitutes for ghee. You can also add oil in while making mayonnaise to taste. This is the best alternative to ghee.

5. Canola Oil

Canola is an oil commonly used for baking and it is said to be a versatile oil. You can use this oil for baking, burning or other. If you choose canola to replace ghee, you can use it in the same amount as ghee.

6. Olive Oil as a substitute for ghee

One of the most healthy foods to replace your ghee is olive oil. It can add a very beautiful, delicious taste, especially to grill and stir-fried food.

7. Sesame Oil

Furthermore, the best substitute for ghee is sesame oil. This oil is fragrant and commonly used in replacing ghee. You can use for sprinkling on food, sprinkling for salads etc.