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11 Best Substitute for Garlic, Try It for Your Dish!

What is the best substitute for garlic? We know that garlic is a spice or seasoning that is always present in various food recipes. So losing it or running out of garlic can ruin your dish.

Even though garlic is easy to get, but in an emergency you can run out of this one spice. So, to keep your food delicious, then you have to know what are the best substitutes for garlic so you can keep cooking and be creative with various recipes that use garlic.

Luckily, here we will discuss various types of spices that can be the best substitute for garlic.

What is Garlic?

Do you know what garlic is? Let’s see the description here. Garlic is a spice that belongs to the onion or allium family. Garlic is believed to have originated in Central Asia and has been used for thousands of years as a spice and food seasoning.

The Garlic consists of many cloves, these cloves, either fresh or dried, are used in recipes of various regions. Besides being used in culinary, garlic is also a natural medicine to treat various types of diseases.

There are many types of garlic, but the most famous are white garlic and black garlic, both of which are used in dishes.

Black garlic is sweeter, richer in taste and is often added to raw dishes or used as a natural food seasoning.

Well, now we know what garlic is and how it is used. Almost all dishes always use garlic as the main ingredient, which makes the dish delicious and sour.

What if you run out of garlic stock? In an emergency like this you should use the best substitute for garlic. Here we’ll review some of the best substitutes for garlic, so there’s no reason not to cook when you run out of this spice in the kitchen.

The Best Substitutes for Garlic

The Best Substitutes for Garlic

1. Garlic salt

If you want your dish to have a little garlic flavor, then you can try using a garlic substitute. This is garlic salt, by using a little garlic salt, your dish will taste the aroma of garlic. So, in this case you don’t need to use real garlic.

Actually, this garlic salt is salt that has been mixed with dry garlic, this is an ingredient that is very suitable to be sprinkled on your salad, you will add a fragrant taste and delicious aroma of garlic.

However, when adding garlic salt, you must reduce the use of salt so that your dish does not taste saltier.

2. Garlic Powder – Easy Substitute for Garlic

In addition to using garlic salt, for those of you who don’t like the smell of garlic, you can replace it with garlic powder.

But you need to know that the taste of garlic powder is stronger than fresh garlic. So when adding in a dish, start by adding it slowly.

If you think the taste of garlic powder is too strong, try mixing it with other spices or seasonings so that it tastes better and doesn’t smell like garlic.

Try adding a teaspoon or two of onion powder and adding a pinch of garlic to your recipes. This will neutralize the taste and aroma.

3. Garlic Flakes – The best substitute for garlic

If you want to add garlic flavor to your cooking without using fresh garlic, then you can try garlic flakes, these are a smart substitute for those of you who don’t like fresh garlic.

Garlic flakes are garlic flakes that have been dried and are like powder.

You can get garlic flakes easily at the grocery store, you just need to add a little of garlic flakes and your dish will taste delicious without garlic.

4. Garlic Chives

Garlic chives are another great substitute for garlic. Some people don’t like the strong smell of fresh garlic, so they replace it with garlic chives. It is the best choice to replace garlic.

Garlic chives are a type of onion but have a stronger flavor. Using garlic chives is the same as using fresh garlic, you just need to chop it up, and add it to salads, or cook it into dishes like you would use a dipping sauce.

5. Garlic oil – The best substitute for fresh garlic

Garlic oil can also be another alternative to add garlic flavor to dishes without actually adding fresh garlic.

Using garlic oil is easier, even easier than using garlic itself. In addition, garlic oil can also be stored longer than you store fresh garlic. So, you can keep a stock of garlic oil and this is very useful one time when you don’t have fresh garlic.

How about replacing garlic with garlic oil in your recipe? It’s very easy, you can use the same amount of garlic oil as garlic. For comparison, if your recipe uses one clove of garlic, then use one tablespoon of garlic oil (time factor applies).

However, we advise you to use garlic oil gradually until you find the right garlic taste and delicious. This is because garlic oil has a stronger aroma.

Using garlic oil is a great way to add a garlicky aroma to your dishes. You don’t need to peel or chop it.

Some ways to use garlic oil in recipes:

– Added garlic oil in pasta for extra flavor

– Use garlic oil to marinate chicken, beef, fish and others.

– Drizzle garlic oil over vegetables, mix with a few drops of vinegar, and spices.

– If you’re making popcorn, try tossing it with garlic oil and adding Parmesan cheese.

– Use garlic oil for salad dressing, or you can add it to the sauce you buy at the store.

– Garlic oil is also a great substitute for butter, olive oil, or when you make garlic bread.

6. Garlic juice – As a substitute for fresh garlic

Garlic is a core ingredient in every meat and vegetable dish. When you don’t have garlic you can use a substitute. One of the best substitutes for garlic is garlic juice. Usually the use of garlic juice is often in the preparation of chicken meat and certain vegetables.

To add flavor to soups and stews, you can also add garlic juice as a great substitute for fresh garlic.

The use of garlic juice should observe the rules. If in your recipe using a clove of garlic, then you replace it with a teaspoon of garlic juice.

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7. Garlic granules

Garlic granule is also the best substitute for garlic. This spice is often added in dishes such as soups, stews, or in other savory dishes.

If you often make white bread using garlic, then garlic granules are the best substitute in this case. Garlic granules are also great for adding to mashed potatoes instead of garlic, or using them in garlic paste.

In dishes that use fresh onions, you can replace them with garlic granules and your dish will still be rich in nutrients and delicious.

Garlic granule is stronger than fresh garlic, so when adding it, you have to start with little by little to find a delicious flavor.

8. Frozen Garlic

For those of you who don’t like fresh garlic, maybe frozen garlic can be the best alternative for you.

In recipes that use garlic, only use a small amount of frozen garlic as it has a stronger flavor than fresh garlic.

Frozen garlic is garlic that you store in the freezer and take as much as you need, the rest is stored in the freezer for future use.

Its use is also the same as you use fresh garlic such as soup, stews and others.

Tips for using frozen garlic:

If you use frozen garlic as the best substitute for fresh garlic, follow these tips.

– Add in stews, soups, when almost done cooking, this is to avoid the smell is too strong.

– Stir-fried frozen garlic with vegetables and meat, use for fast food.

– You can add it in pesto sauce, or in homemade marinara.

– Bake in the oven and grow your whole garlic and spread it on the pasta. Use on breads, sauces, or in other dishes.

9. Chive

It is a non-garlic substitute for fresh garlic. To replace fresh garlic, you must first chop the chives and then add them to your cooking.

As a balance of taste, add a little salt in your chive. Chive tastes lighter than garlic, this is something to keep in mind when you use chive as a substitute for garlic. In most recipes, using chive is a simple substitute and can make your cooking easier because the smell is not too strong.

Chives are widely used in several recipes, such as:

  • Soups: Use of chive in soups to add flavor.
  • Salad: Chive is also the best substitute for garlic in salad dishes. Added as a garnish or as a flavor enhancer.
  • Potato dishes: Chive is also a substitute for garlic in mashed potato dishes. This will give a good taste to your dish.
  • Egg serving: Then you can use chives instead of garlic for egg dishes, such as quiche or an omelet.

10. Shallot

To get a mild taste of garlic, you can also substitute Shallot for garlic. Shallot has a sweeter, milder taste than red onions.

Shallot can be used in various recipes such as using onions and garlic, you can chop the shallots and include them in salads and sauces.

The shallot can also be added to the menu for a delicious aroma by grilling or sautéing it. Shallot has a crunchy and smooth taste when added to salads or other dishes.

11. Onions

Likewise with shallot, where onion can also replace garlic in many recipes.

If you want to use shallots as the best substitute for garlic, then choose the Vidalia, and Walla Walla varieties.

Yellow onions are also one of the best substitutes for garlic when you can’t find onion as a substitute. However, yellow onions do not taste as sweet as red onions.

Substituting onions for garlic, use in a 1:1 ratio. So, replace each clove of garlic with one onion.

Using red onion as the best substitute for garlic, you need to cut the onion into small pieces so that it cooks well and gives a delicious aroma.