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5 Best Pork Belly Substitutes, Worth Trying

For some people, Pork Belly is a very tasty and flavorful piece of pork and it is usually made of roast pork. But to find Pork Belly is sometimes very difficult. That’s why many are looking for the best substitute for Pork Belly for a dish.

Another reason is that someone doesn’t want to eat pork and of course they have to find a substitute to be able to enjoy food that uses Pork Belly.

Pork belly is said to be very tender and this is very liked by many people. However, because of the limited supply, the price of Pork Belly is sometimes very expensive. The high price of Pork Belly is sometimes also a reason for someone to look for the best substitute for pork belly.

Those of you who are looking for the best substitute for pork belly will not find the perfect substitute. But there are good options you can find to replace them.

What’s the best pork belly substitute? One of the best is pork. Belly bai including tender meat and for some people this is something that can not be forgotten. But for me, seeing pork with such a level of cleanliness, I didn’t want to eat the meat, and totally abandoned pork and preferred to find the best substitute for pork belly.

Pork is usually made as bacon, but you can find other types of bacon made from other animal meats such as beef bacon or poultry bacon.

For those of you who want to find the best substitute for pork belly, you should read this article to the end.

A Guide to Substitutes for Pork Belly

Pork belly is the part of the meat that is considered the best in taste, unlike bacon because the bacon may not come from pork or from meat in the belly. So, there is a difference between pork belly and bacon and this affects the taste.

Pork belly is also sold in the form of pork chops and sometimes also made as bacon. But the bacon that you find can be made from many types of meat. Pork belly is a very flavorful and milky meat, but supplies are sometimes limited, which leads to the high price of pork belly.

Cooking pork belly sometimes by grilling it, for those of you who want to cook pork belly, there are many ways you can try, among the popular dishes from pork belly are:

  • Homemade bacon
  • Braised pork belly
  • Pork Chinese dishes
  • Roasted pork belly
  • Glazed pork belly
  • Chicaronnes (fried pork belly)
  • Rolled and stuffed pork belly

Choosing a Pork Substitute

Taking pork belly as your favorite food, there are some important characteristics that you should pay attention to. So when you replace it with other foods, you can pay attention to these characteristics so that you can find the best substitute.

So in providing the best substitute, we offer the most suitable and most similar to pork belly.

This is because you are also looking for the closest replacement. For example, if you want to stay away from pork but are looking for the best substitute for pork belly, the first thing you should pay attention to is that the meat is very similar in taste, texture, and so on.

This also means that most of the pork belly substitutes we recommend are pork-based. However, we also provide some non-pork substitutes, this is for those of you who stay away from consuming pork for various reasons.

Your pork does not get pork belly for your special dish, maybe you can try other pork meats such as pork thighs and others. But for those of you who are looking for the best substitute for pork belly because you don’t want to eat it, then we also provide the best substitute for pork belly from other types of animal meat.

Best Substitute for Pork Belly

1. Pork Bacon

One of the substitutes for pork belly is Pork Bacon, this can be the best substitute in some cases. However replacing pork belly with pork will not be suitable in all cases.

If you look at the taste and texture, then pork is the best choice to replace pork belly.

When making a dish that requires pork belly you can replace it with pork bacon. Use with a snug fit and a similar thickness.

If you’re grilling to serve grilled foods like slab meat, pork bacon may not be a good choice.

Pork bacon when cooked in various ways still gives a similar taste to pork belly, this is the taste that comes from the existing pork fat.

In both pork bacon and pork belly there is a layer of fat that makes them look similar so they can be the best substitutes.

If in certain dishes you use a certain level of pork belly, then you can replace the pork belly with pork belly of the same size. This is very easy as long as you still love pork. If you have to avoid pork, then you should look for non-pork options.

Because both are from pork, when seasoning it must also use the same spices. If you use salt, then use it in the same amount, if it is excessive then it is feared that your food will not be the same as you want.

With the same amount and the same amount of meat and seasoning, you will find in pork bacon what you are looking for in a pork belly.

2. Pork Fatback

Pork Fatback is also included as a substitute for pork belly from the type of pork. This is pork fat which is cut into larger pieces. It is also very similar to pork belly so it is said to be one of the best substitutes.

The cut, texture and taste is almost the same as pork belly. So those who don’t get pork berry sometimes use Pork Fatback as a substitute.

Both are fatty pork body parts, so the taste is also similar. If pork belly is fat from the belly, then Pork Fatback is pork fat from the back of a pig.

The fun thing about Pork Fatback is that you can cook according to the pork belly recipe. You can leave it on a plate and boil or cook it or even cook it as pork bacon.

Preparing it is the same as preparing pork belly, even the seasoning is the same. It will give the same taste and with the same texture too.

3. Duck

It is a substitute for pork belly from halal or non-pork variants. Duck has a texture like pork belly. The duck has a slightly sweet taste and this adds to the identical flavor to the pork.

Duck meat is different from chicken in that duck meat is sweeter and is often used as a special dish. Duck meat is fatter, sweeter than chicken.

Using fresh duck meat as a substitute for pork belly doesn’t seem right. So, look for duck bacon and it’s very similar to pork belly.

Duck bacon can be found in the market or in food stores but is a little difficult. If you find duck bacon, then take it as a halal food that replaces pork belly.

But you have to add extra seasoning to give it a similarity to pork belly. Duck meat is a bit chewy and tasteless, so to make a good meal, you have to add additional seasoning.

4. Pork Shoulders

Pork shoulder is another alternative to pork belly. If you are cooking pork belly as a delicious dish with a little bit of chewiness, then pork shoulder is the best substitute for this.

Pork shoulder is not the main choice as the best substitute for pork belly, you can first consider using it. pork shoulder is also hard to find sometimes and most people have to order it at a pork shop.

So why is pork shoulder one of the best substitutes for pork belly? This is because pork shoulder also includes fatty meat such as pork belly.

Maybe you can replace pork belly with pork shoulder in an emergency, where you have to replace porki belly in your cooking. You don’t find duck or back fat, so you might consider using pork shoulder.

If you use pork shoulder, then to match the pork belly recipe, you can use the same portion of meat, and the same seasoning.

5. Goose

The best substitute for pork belly is goose. Those of you who have to avoid pork can take goose meat as a substitute. Take the fattest part of the goose to match the pork belly.

Even more similar is goose bacon. This is a halal option for those of us who avoid dirty pork.

But there is a significant difference between goose meat and pork belly, goose meat is tougher so to get the same texture you have to boil or cook it well until it is soft.

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Vegan or Vegetarian Option

For vegans, you can use soy as the best substitute for pork belly. Even for various types of meat, you can replace it with soybeans.

Soybeans must be prepared in a good and clever way so that they can give a texture and taste similar to meat.

To make soybeans softer, you have to cook them until they are soft and tender. Indeed, this is not 100% the same as pork belly but as a vegan, using soy is very good and gives a similar texture and almost the same taste as well.