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6 Best Maple Syrup Substitutes

Maple syrup is often used in a variety of foods such as grill food or breakfast. But what if maple syrup is hard to find? Or because maple syrup is very expensive to sell at supermarkets. So knowing a good substitute for maple syrup is very important so that we can continue to serve every food creation. Whatever the reason, we are very important to know the right substitute for maple syrup.

Maple syrup is a beverage product made from sugar maple tree sap. The sap is drilled in late winter or early spring. Furthermore, the sap of the maple tree is heated until it is reduced to maple syrup. This sweet drink is very popular to be used as a topping or topping on pancakes or waffles. Maple syrup is also commonly used in grill food, cocktails or in barbecue sauce. Whatever the reason, it’s clear you have to know what is the right substitute for maple syrup.

Best Maple Syrup Substitutes

The process of making maple syrup which is rather difficult causes the price is quite expensive. So, besides being expensive, maple syrup is also difficult to find on the market, especially in the outer regions of the northern climate. In autumn and spring, maple syrup supplies are also very low even for the region of origin. However, if you need maple syrup for various purposes, you can get a substitute for maple syrup such as corn syrup, honey, sugar, molasses, jelly, jam and stevia syrup. Everything can be the best substitute for maple syrup, this can be an alternative when you run out of maple syrup supplies.

Below are some of the best substitutes for maple syrup that you should know so you can always make food with a maple syrup recipe.

1. Corn Syrup

Corn syrup is a type of maple syrup substitute that is very cheap and easy to find. Corn syrup is also one of the main ingredients in making fake maple syrup. This syrup has a clear liquid and texture that is almost the same as maple syrup and sweet taste that is almost the same, but fake maple syrup does not smell like real maples.

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2. Sugar

In most cake recipes that require maple syrup, the ingredients are replaced with white sugar or brown sugar in such a way. To adjust the sweetness, then use 20% more sugar than maple syrup, add 3 spoons of water in each cup of sugar used.

3. Honey

Next, the right substitute for maple syrup is honey. You can use honey instead of maple that you like it. Indeed, the price of honey is almost the same as the expensive maple, but honey is easily available on the market. Honey is somewhat different because it is thicker than maple syrup, but honey is a good substitute in many food recipes.

4. Molasses

Molasses is a substitute for maple syrup that you must provide. Molasses are thick liquids made from sugar cane, and are usually used in warmer areas. Molasses prices are cheaper and easier to find in the sugar cane producing areas.

5. Jams and Jellies

The sprinkling of jams and jellies is excellent in pancakes or as a topping for waffle food. Jams and jellies can present a unique sweet taste that is almost similar to maple syrup.

6. Stevia Syrup

Stevia syrup is another best substitute for rare maple syrup. However, stevia syrup is also rather difficult to find on the market, but once you find it you can become an excellent substitute for maple syrup.

Stevia syrup is sometimes available online on several brands. If you want to make your own, you can boil a few stevia leaves or crush them in a cup.

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That’s 6 types of food that can replace maple syrup. So, if you want to make food and drinks that rely on maple syrup, you can replace it with several types of products above. May be useful !