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4 Main Essiac Tea Ingredients, Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Etc

Essiac tea is a tea that has a million health benefits. This tea in made with natural ingredients that proved to have the ability to ward off disease. Among the essiac tea ingredients are burdock root, slippery elm, sheep sorrel and turkey rhubarb. Everything has its own advantages. When combined in essiac tea form, it is great for maintaining good body health.

Here we see one by one the usefulness of essiac tea ingredients, so essiac tea give the consumer’s interest.

4 Main Essiac Tea Ingredients

1. Burdock Root

Who would have thought that weeds are usually in the basin was beneficial for health. Burdock Root is one of the weeds that grow in Europe, Asia, and North America, they thrive in high nitrogen areas. This weed root is used as material for making essiac tea. Among the health benefits of essiac tea is killing pathogens in the body. This is thanks to the presence of complex carbohydrates and high FOS. Asians and Europeans have been using Burdock Root for hundreds of years. Essiac tea is able to stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria for digestion.

essiac tea ingredientsThe health benefits of essiac tea also prevent and treat baldness, as well as antioxidant content that is useful to kill harmful cells in the body. In addition, the content of Burdock Root in essiac tea is also useful for cleaning the blood, clean the liver. Burdock Root ingredients also contain many nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin P, vitamin E, calcium, amino acids, potassium, and vitamin B complex.

Burdock Root content in essiac tea is extraordinary in cleansing the liver and blood so that the body system can work maximally. This is great for boosting immunity so the body is able to keep itself from the disease.

2. Sheep Sorrel

Furthermore, the ingredient of essiac tea is Sheep Sorrel. This is the type of weed that is commonly found in swampy areas, open fields, rocky areas, and moist areas. Sheep Sorrel contains chlorophyll that is useful for preventing and treating cancer.

The use of Sheep Sorrel or Rumex acetosells is to carry oxygen throughout the body through the bloodstream. Cancer only grows in oxygen-deficient bodies, so when consuming essiac tea, oxygen will be fulfilled in the body and this provides benefits to avoid cancer.

Sheep sorrel also known as Rumex acetosells also has other benefits, this is as a remedy for radiation burns thanks to the high levels of chlorophyll in the sheep sorrel. Among the other benefits of sheep sorrel grass is to prevent cardiovascular, detoxify the body, help blood clotting, offer antioxidants to the body and high in vitamins.

Since long, sheep sorrel is used as a natural cancer remedy. So, the benefits of consuming essiac tea is very powerful in preventing and even treating the symptoms of cancer.

3. Turkey Rhubarb

Turkey Rhubarb or known as “Rheum palmatum” is an important ingredient in essiac tea. This plant can grow quickly up to 10 feet. This is a native plant of China but now has grown in Europe and north America. Throughout China’s history, this plant has always played an important role in various treatments. Among the diseases that are cured with this plant are fever, and constipation. Until now still in use as herb medicine in traditional Chinese medicine.

This spice is incorporated into the essiac tea to clear the intestine. If the intestine is clean then a person is free of disease because the intestine is the source of most diseases. Many diseases come from the intestines, so the presence of this spice in essiac tea is to add health benefits.

4. Slippery Elm

Slippery Elm is one of the essiac tea ingredients. This plant grows in North America but now can be found in Asia and Australia. Plants of slippery elm or ulmus rubra are used for medicinal purposes. In America, this plant is used to treat ulcers, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, crohn and others.

When in consumption, these plants help to relieve inflammation that may occur in the body. Slippery elm is included in the essiac tea herb to add benefits especially when combined with turkey rhubarb. Rhubarb turkey helps deal with digestive inflammation, and slippery also has the same benefits. Thus, when combined, both provide great benefits in curing digestive inflammation.