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Hibiscus Tea Benefits For High Blood Pressure

One tea that is proven to be able to reduce blood pressure is hibiscus tea or rosella tea. The benefits of this tea to treat blood pressure have been proven by clinical trials.

Clinical Studies

The trial of the benefits of hibiscus tea for blood pressure was done in 75 subjects who had hypertension. They did not try any medication to reduce blood pressure other than. They only do therapy by drinking hibiscus tea every day before breakfast. This experiment was carried out for 4 weeks and the results showed a decrease of 11% and 12.5% in systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

The effect obtained from drinking hibiscus tea is the same as that obtained by other groups who consume pharmaceutical drugs every day in the long term.

Tea For High Blood Pressure, Hibiscus Tea

How to prepare this herb is very easy, you only need to take one gram of dried petals, this is the part that is directly under the petals. Brew with hot water a few minutes. Drink this tea twice a day or once in the morning. But pay attention to the distance, give 8 hours between two drinks.

In addition to consuming hibiscus tea, you can also enjoy supplements made from hibiscus. However, this supplement to lower blood pressure must also be given according to the anthocyanin dose.

For those who have high blood pressure, hibiscus tea has been shown to reduce blood pressure. Their blood pressure has decreased by about 10% for cytolic blood pressure and 12% for diastolic blood pressure. The effect of consuming hibiscus tea will usually only appear after 2 weeks.

This herb is one of the natural remedies that must be taken continuously to maintain positive results from the doctor’s examination. Some participants experienced blood pressure spikes after 3 days of not consuming.

Hibiscus Tea Benefits for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure occurs due to narrowing of the blood vessels or the result of a buildup of fat in the bloodstream. One way to avoid high blood pressure is to drink a cup of herbal tea every day on a regular basis. One of the teas that have been shown to be good for lowering blood pressure is hibiscus tea.

Herbal teas, in America are often combined with hibiscus. Research says that those with high blood pressure benefit greatly during the first 6 six weeks. Herbs or herbal tea from hibiscus is a drink that can improve blood pressure.

This study was conducted on 65 healthy men and women who experienced a slight increase in blood pressure. It’s as WebMD says.

Overall, the benefits of hibiscus tea were to lower systolic blood pressure (the top number in a blood pressure reading) by an average of 7 points. While others who were given a placebo, only experienced a decrease in blood pressure of 1 point.

Indeed, reducing 7 points is not much, but this is very good when done regularly. Drinking hibiscus tea regularly can improve this condition. This can prevent high blood pressure and prevent stroke.

To find out more about the benefits of hibiscus tea, researchers must continue their research to find out whether hibiscus tea can be a natural remedy to lower blood pressure in the long term.