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8 Earl Grey Tea Benefits for Health

Earl Grey Tea Benefits¬†– One drink that consider worth is Earl Grey Tea. This is a very delicious tea varieties and provide some health benefits. One very popular is boost your energy. Another benefit is against the stress oxidative that can reduce your weight. Advantages of drink Earl Grey Tea no doubt, because it is has very popular in the world as an important drink for health. There are other great benefits such as eliminating anxiety, keep the heart, strengthens the body’s immunity and powerful maintaining your digestive health.

Early, this Grey Tea was originally only mediocre from ordinary black tea blend with bergamot. The taste is unique and proved to be beneficial for health. After a long time challenge the controversy, then its became world famous tea. At first only partially be excellent for areas such as English and American.

Now Earl Grey Tea has been enjoyed by millions of people every year over the world. Here we see the wonderful Earl Grey Tea Benefits

Amazing Earl Grey Tea Benefits

1. Increase energy

One things that want to achieve by everyone when drinking coffee and tea are to benefit from caffeine. Caffeine provides benefits to improve concentration, relieve sleepiness and increase energy throughout the day. This is not except with Earl Grey Tea that even has a greater benefits.

2. Boost immunity

All tea does help boost immunity, and Earl Grey Tea thank to bergamot able to cure flu and colds common cold in autumn and winter. So, Earl Grey Tea Steadfast very popular on this season. Black tea also contains antioxidants that can boost immunity and eliminates the burden of stress.

3. Maintain a healthy digestion

Earl Grey Tea Benefits also associate to digestive health. Soothing substances and anti-inflammatory in this tea can cure colic and nausea. It is recognized by natural health practitioners.

So, consume Earl Grey Tea is able to prevent problems inflammation of the intestines, stomach problems, constipation, hemorrhoids, and even stomach cramps. In addition, the antibacterial and antioxidant content in tea is also able to prevent parasitic worms and bacteria that are trying to survive in the stomach.

4. Maintaining a healthy heart

The benefits of black tea consumption has long been proven to reduce triglycerides in the body and is associated with heart disease, atherosclerosis and stroke. While Earl Grey Tea, besides helpful for this also also involve in a decrease in bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. This is certainly associate with heart attack and stroke.

In addition, the Earl Grey Tea Benefits also eliminate stress oxidative and plaque buildup in the liver due to their antioxidant content.

5. Prevent Cancer

The content of antioxidants in this tea is really unbelievable. These antioxidants can prevent stress oxidative in all parts of the body. Free radicals are products in the body that affect healthy cells to mutate into cancer cells. So antioxidants play role in preventing the free radicals and severely affects general health. In addition to Earl Grey Tea, black tea and green tea also contain these important compounds.

6. Prevent stress and anxiety

Consuming a cup of tea in the morning to encourage and stimulate the body to focus on each activity. Earl Grey Tea is the best choice for your consumption. The caffeine content is little compare to coffee. Its become a viable alternative in interest. Consuming this tea provides tremendous benefits to health without fear of side effects of caffeine. Enjoy Grey tea will provide concentration and mind relaxing for you.

7. Lose weight

Furthermore, the Earl Grey Tea Benefits is help you lose weight. Small content of bergamot make it was very enjoyable and provide sensation. Did you know that turned out to be very nice orange extract to lose weight and increase metabolism.

8. Troubleshooting inflammation

Organic compounds found in Earl Grey Tea reportedly able to overcome the natural inflammation as occurs in the stomach, throat, and pain and irritation. In addition, the health benefits of Earl Grey Tea is to help restore the skin eczema and psoriasis.

Antioxidants also reportedly very good for healing and removes stains caused by diseases such as psoriasis earlier.


Earl Grey Tea consumption should be in the medium level. Excessive drinking this tea could lead to some problems such as muscle spasms, as well as emerging inconvenience. In addition, the substance of bergamot can react with certain medications. So, if you’re taking medication, you should consult with your doctor before taking Earl Grey Tea Benefits.