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Cucumber Juice Recipe and Its Benefits, Worth Trying!

Cucumber juice recipe looks simple, but it is a nutrient-dense health drink. Cucumber is a juicy fruit or vegetable that is rich in nutrients and low in calories, often used as a health drink with many benefits. Here we will explain the recipe for cucumber juice as a refreshing drink that is suitable to be enjoyed in the scorching sun during the day.

Before we explain in more detail, you should know that cucumber juice can hydrate the body, nourish the body and make you fresh and refreshing. We often go to our uncle’s garden, he grows a lot of cucumbers and we often take them as a snack every day. Cucumber is not just for juice, we even often make cucumber as a face mask, stick it in our eyes as a technique to get rid of panda eyes and so on. Now we mostly make it as a cucumber juice which is rich in water and nutrients to serve during the day.

What is Cucumber Juice?

What is cucumber juice

Cucumber is a vegetable or fruit that is rich in water, and cucumbers are often made into a refreshing juice. The high water content makes it a favorite drink during the day.

Cucumber juice is useful for nourishing the body and making you full because it is rich in fiber. So, many try to lose weight by drinking cucumber juice on a regular basis. Besides being good for weight loss, cucumber juice is also rich in other benefits, below we will explain some of the health benefits of cucumber juice.

In this cucumber juice recipe we will add ingredients such as mint, lime (lemon). It not only adds richness to the taste but also adds health benefits. In explaining the recipe for cucumber juice, I only explain in a simple way to be easy to follow, in fact you can add a lot of your favorite fruits and vegetables in cucumber juice. It’s your choice!

Ingredients used:

These are the ingredients you need and need to prepare to make detox cucumber juice at your home.

– Cucumber. Choose cucumbers that are still fresh and crispy

– Mint leaves. Mint leaves with a distinctive taste give a rich taste to your cooking.

– Lemon juice. Lemon juice gives it a slightly sour taste and adds vitamin C content.

How to Make Cucumber Juice?

Cucumber juice is one of the most refreshing beverages you can enjoy on a hot summer day. It’s also incredibly easy to make, and only requires a few simple ingredients. Here’s how to make your own cucumber juice at home:

  1. Start with fresh, clean cucumbers. If your cucumbers are not organic, be sure to wash them thoroughly before juicing.
  2. Cut the cucumbers into chunks that will fit easily into your juicer.
  3. Juice the cucumbers using a juicer or blender.
  4. Pour the cucumber juice into a glass and enjoy immediately.

If you want to add a little flavor to your cucumber juice, you can try adding a few slices of lemon or lime. You can also add a handful of fresh mint leaves for a refreshing twist. If you’re looking for a more indulgent treat, you can add a splash of sparkling water or club soda.

Cucumber juice for detox is good to drink in the morning on an empty stomach.

That’s an easy and simple way to make cucumber juice to detox toxins. Very easy isn’t it! So, what are the health benefits of cucumber juice? Let’s see below!

Cucumber Juice Benefits for Health

One of the important benefits of cucumber juice is that it keeps the body well hydrated. The high water content in cucumber makes it a great food and juice to keep the body hydrated.

  • Rich in antioxidants. Cucumber juice with a combination of mint and lemon juice will provide the body with antioxidants to fight free radicals. Its benefits are preventing wrinkled skin, preventing dry skin and preventing cancer and various other bad effects of free radicals.
  • Help lose weight. Cucumber juice is known to be low in calories and rich in fiber so it is great for getting rid of body fat.
  • Solve skin problems and nourish the skin. Cucumber can keep the skin moist and keep it moist and fresh throughout the day.
  • Rich in vitamin K. Eating cucumber and cucumber juice on a regular basis will provide a supply of vitamin K. Vitamin K is not only beneficial for blood clotting, but is also good for strengthening bones.

Thank to the nutrition mentioned above, the cucumber juice has so many benefits for health, and among of that are:

Cucumber juice is a refreshing and hydrating drink that is perfect for summer. It is also a healthy choice for those who are looking for an alternative to sugary drinks. Cucumber juice is low in calories and fat, and it is a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Cucumbers are a good source of vitamins C and K, and they also contain potassium, magnesium, and fiber. juicing cucumbers can help you meet your daily needs for these nutrients.

Cucumber juice has numerous benefits for your health, including aiding in weight loss, improving skin health, and reducing the risk of cancer.

Weight Loss:

Cucumber juice is a low-calorie beverage that can help you lose weight. Drinking cucumber juice instead of sugary drinks or alcohol can help you cut calories and lose weight.

Skin Health:

Cucumber juice is good for your skin. The vitamins and minerals in cucumber juice can help to improve skin health. The antioxidants in cucumber juice can also help to protect your skin from damage.

Reduce the Risk of Cancer:

Cucumber juice contains nutrients that may help to reduce the risk of cancer. The antioxidants in cucumber juice can help to protect cells from damage. The fiber in cucumber juice can also help to remove toxins from the body.

Cucumber juice calories

Cucumber juice with the recipe we share is very low in calories. One serving of our recipe contains only 59 calories. The number of calories will be different when the ingredients added are also different.

However, with our cucumber juice recipe, it aids weight loss, not only is it rich in fiber but is supported by its low calorie content.


To bring out a delicious and different taste, we added mint leaves and lime juice. If you want it to be stronger in terms of taste, you can add an inch of ginger and blend it with all the main ingredients.

In addition to mint leaves, you can also add pineapple, apples, and can also add flavor with celery leaves.

This is a cucumber juice recipe rich in benefits for detoxifying body toxins. This juice will hydrate the skin, hydrate the body, good for the heart, and remove toxins in the body.

This cucumber juice should be drunk immediately after it is made and is not good if it has been left alone. If you want to store the rest, you can store it in the refrigerator using a tightly closed jar. It’s good for a day or two.


What is Cucumber Juice?

Cucumber juice is a mixture of several ingredients such as cucumber, water, lemon juice, and mint leaves. This juice provides many benefits such as hydrating the body, improving heart health, digestion and can lose weight.

Cucumber juice should be consumed on an empty stomach so that you can get the desired benefits.

Is cucumber juice rich in calories?

No, cucumber juice has very few calories. Where in one glass of cucumber juice contains only 59 calories.

Can I drink this Cucumber Juice every day?

Yes, we even recommend you to drink cucumber juice every day. But it should always be in moderation.