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Mocha Coffee Recipe: Chocolate Flavor Drink, Delicious

Mocha Coffee Recipe

Mocha coffee recipe – It is another type of coffee recipe with a chocolate taste. This delicious drink is similar to a latte, rich in flavor and creamy made from several ingredients such as espresso, sugar, chocolate and foamed milk in either a recipe for a cold mocha coffee or a hot version. With this mocha coffee recipe, it is hoped that you can bring a glass of coffee of choice with a chocolate flavor to your home. Without using special ingredients, you can make mocha coffee even from your home.

Listen carefully to the following mocha coffee recipe, bring the enjoyment of coffee to your home, and enjoy being happy with your family!

What is Mocha Coffee?

Mocha coffee is a latte-flavored drink with ingredients such as chocolate, espresso, milk and sugar. There are three types of mocha coffee: Hot, cold and frappuccino versions, feel the perfect balance between chocolate and coffee. As a coffee lover, try to present this delicious drink!

The hot version of Mocha uses venomous milk and the cold version uses whipped cream. The mocha mixture is made from cocoa powder, using chocolate chips and chocolate syrup. When you go to the coffee shop for a cup of black coffee, remember that you’ve already learned how to make a more delicious mocha coffee.

Come on, follow the explanation below about the recipe for mocha coffee, see what ingredients are used to make a cup of hot or cold mocha coffee.


The ingredients we provide to make a cup of mocha coffee are very simple, even you can easily find the ingredients. Just look for this ingredient at the nearest grocery store.

 – Ground coffee: You can use instant coffee grounds (usually made with espresso shots). If you want your coffee to be low in caffeine, you can replace it with decaffeinated coffee grounds.

 – Chocolate: For best results, we use chocolate truffle milk. If you can’t find these in stores, you can replace chocolate truffles with dark chocolate, cocoa powder, chocolate syrup, or even white chocolate.

 – Use milk: Usually the use of milk is only 2% as in the Starbucks recipe. But for a stronger consistency, you can use whole milk. The result is a thick and creamy mocha milk.

 – Water and sugar: You can use any sweetener you like, such as sugar, honey, or use other sweeteners. Remember that natural is the best for health.

 – Heavy Whipping Cream (optional): As a delicious topping or top, we use foamed milk, if you don’t like frothy milk you can use whipping cream for topping.

 – For Iced Mocha: For a glass of cold mocha coffee, the recipe is the same, but you use cold milk and add ice cubes. Top it with whipping cream.

Very easy isn’t it! Now you can enjoy mocha coffee with natural delicacy from your home.

How to make Mocha Coffee?

After we know the ingredients used in a cup of mocha coffee, now we will explain step by step in applying the hot and cold mocha coffee recipe.

To get a soft mocha coffee like a latte, follow the instructions below, we will explain clearly to you, complete with photos.

 – Boil the milk: Use a saucepan to boil the milk, bring it to a boil and remove from the stove.


 – Make Frothy Milk: Now to make frothy milk, put the milk in a glass jar and wait a bit until it cools down a bit so that your hands don’t get hot while holding the glass jar. Shake the jar until the milk inside is foamy well and set aside, this is for later use.


 – Prepare the mocha mixture: Prepare a cup for your mocha, add coffee grounds, cocoa, sugar and add hot water. Stir everything in a cup until evenly dissolved.


 – Make Mocha: Add milk foam on top of the Mocha mixture. Now your mocha coffee is ready to be enjoyed.


 – Serving Way: Mocha coffee is delicious served with breakfast. Can also be enjoyed when you want coffee with Starbucks flavors at your home. When you want to enjoy Starbucks or Mocha, now you can immediately enjoy it at your home with your family.

It’s a hot mocha coffee recipe, what if you want to serve a cold mocha coffee? Follow the additional recipe below.

How to make Iced Mocha Coffee?


Mocha is not only available in a hot version, but also comes in a cold version of mocha coffee. To make a chilled mocha coffee, pour milk over the coffee-chocolate mixture, and sprinkle with cream, and beat for a rich flavour. Furthermore, the recipe is the same as for hot mocha coffee.

Tips for Making Mocha Coffee

For taste: To get the right taste, the use of chocolate is very important here. In the mocha coffee recipe, we used chocolate truffles, but if you can’t find it, you can use dark chocolate, cocoa powder, or use chocolate syrup. These substitute ingredients will also produce a similar mocha coffee.

For Creamier Mocha: We use full fat whole milk, although the taste of Mocha coffee is similar to Starbucks which uses 2% milk. With this pure milk, we will get a thicker mocha coffee with extraordinary delicacy.

Heavy Cream: In our mocha coffee recipe we have not used heavy cream. But for a luxurious look, you can try it, using heavy cream can also add a nice thickness.

Calories mocha coffee

Usually the calories in milk coffee or coffee creamer contain a lot of calories. How about the mocha coffee in the recipe we’re sharing?

The number of calories in mocha coffee using our recipe is 197 cal/serving, this is an approximate number. The calorie count can of course be different if you use substitute ingredients such as dark chocolate, cocoa powder, or chocolate syrup. Calories can also be different when you add extra or reduce.

How to Storage

If you want to enjoy it hot, you must enjoy it immediately after serving. But for the cold version you can store in the refrigerator for one day, put in an airtight container and store in the refrigerator.

Serving Suggestion

Mocha coffee is delicious to enjoy at breakfast, or when you’re craving a glass of Starbucks at the coffee shop.

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What is Mocha Coffee?

Mocha coffee is a latte type drink made with ingredients such as espresso, sugar, dark chocolate, and milk. It usually comes in cold and hot versions as well as a frappuccino. Drinks with a balanced taste between coffee and chocolate. The mocha mixture is made with cocoa powder, it can also be dark chocolate, or chocolate syrup.

Can I make Mocha without espresso?

Of course, even the mocha coffee recipe we share doesn’t use special tools like espresso. You can use instant coffee grounds, the taste is similar to espresso coffee too.

What are the calories in Mocha Coffee?

The number of calories can vary according to the ingredients or the amount of ingredients used. The mocha coffee recipe that we share contains 197 cal/serving.

If you use dark chocolate, chocolate syrup, or cocoa powder as a substitute for chocolate truffles, of course the calorie content is also different.