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Celery Juice Recipe and its Benefits, Good for Detox

Celery is an ingredient and seasoning that is rich in benefits. If you juice celery vegetables, it can be a detox drink that is rich in nutrients, especially if you make it with organic celery. Celery juice is an important detox drink to try. Here we will explain about celery juice recipe or about how to make celery juice, what are the benefits of celery juice and the possible side effects that it causes.

So, we consider this article as important information for our health and that of our families. Celery juice will be a healthy drink to start your day and nourish the body at the beginning of the day. So, we recommend consuming celery juice on an empty stomach in the morning. Let’s see more reviews on how to make celery juice.

celery juice recipe worth trying

What is Celery Juice?

Celery juice is a healthy drink, nutrient-rich drink even as a detox drink that is very popular all over the world. Initially, in the history of health, this healthy drink from celery was initiated by Anthony Williams and then because of the extraordinary benefits felt when drinking this juice, it was spread throughout the world that celery juice is an important drink for detoxification.

We discuss important things here about the health benefits of celery juice such as losing weight, as a waste cleaner, curing bloating, and being a natural remedy for various types of dangerous and acute diseases.

Luckily, making celery juice doesn’t require a lot of ingredients. With just a few ingredients, you can make celery juice that is full of nutrients. You can also make it according to your taste and drink it as a nutritious drink rich in benefits. Let’s just look at how to make celery juice to detoxify the body.

Materials needed:

To make celery juice that rich in benefits and nutrients, pay attention to what ingredients you must prepare below.

– Celery: To produce a glass of healthy drink, use organic celery that you grow yourself without using chemical fertilizers. But if you don’t have it, don’t hesitate to use non-organic ones.

– Water: Use healthy and clean water, we use bioglass water (alkaline water or hexagonal water). If you need bioglass, contact us, because we provide bioglass products.

How to make Celery Juice

How to make Celery Juice?

To be able to make celery juice, you have provided premium steps and the best method for you. Just follow the following steps carefully.

  – Chop the celery: Cut the celery at the base and rinse under running water to remove dust and dirt. Then cut the celery into small pieces.

 – Blender: After you cut it, now put it in a blender and crush it until smooth

 – Filter: For a delicious drink, you can filter the celery juice using a fine filter

 – Serving: Celery juice is delicious and suitable to be enjoyed in the morning on an empty stomach for maximum benefits.

Note: Enjoy every day in the morning for maximum benefit.

Tips for making celery juice

Making celery turns out there are separate tips so that the juice you get is really healthy and useful. So, don’t ignore these tips.

– Use organic celery for best results and free from pollution. But if you don’t have an organic one, you can use a non-organic one because you still get the benefits even if it’s not the same.

– After blending finely, you strain using a fine sieve, squeeze well so that all the liquid from this healthy vegetable comes out.

– Variations of celery juice. If you want a rich taste you can add other ingredients such as fruit, lemon juice, cucumber, apple, ginger and others. Adjust to your taste.

– Serving celery juice should be done on an empty stomach, this aims to provide maximum benefits as a detox drink. But if you don’t have time to drink in the morning, you can drink it in the afternoon as a thirst quenching drink.

Celery juice is a healthy drink for the best body detoxification. Consume this drink regularly and feel how it benefits your body. For more details about the benefits of celery juice, see our review below.

Benefits of Celery Juice

Benefits of Celery Juice

Celery juice is a healthy drink and very beneficial for health. However, various side effects can occur according to the condition of each body. That’s why if you have problems with your health, and want to make celery juice a daily diet, we recommend consulting a doctor so that you get the right information.

For those who do not have health problems, you can consume celery juice as your daily diet drink in moderation. It is no secret that the benefits of celery juice for health are quite large. We have summarized some of the health benefits of celery juice below.

– Rich in anti-inflammatory: Celery juice is rich in anti-inflammatory which can be useful for curing joint pain, arthritis, and it has relaxing properties which are great for the skin.

– Lowering cholesterol: For those who have problems with over cholesterol, celery juice can lower cholesterol levels in the blood

– Rich in antioxidants: As an antioxidant-rich drink, celery juice can reduce toxicity and boost immunity well. It is also great as a juice for removing skin wrinkles, wrinkles and removing aging lines.

– Lowering blood pressure

– Good for diabetics because celery juice also neutralizes blood sugar levels

– Lose weight

– Can hydrate the body throughout the day.

Celery Juice Calories

What about the calories in celery juice? One glass of celery juice is very low in calories because it only contains 35 calories (this is for the celery juice recipe we share). The calorie content in a drink will change and vary according to the ingredients you use.

In our recipe, we only use celery and healthy water. If you add fruit, of course the calorie content will also change.

So, for weight loss purposes, we recommend that you make celery just like we did in our celery juice recipe.

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Side Effects

Are there any side effects? Maybe you ask, “we want to consume celery juice every day, are there any side effects?”. Of course there are, especially if consumed in excessive levels.

So, pay attention to our recommendations, where we only recommend that you drink in moderation but do it every day on a regular basis.

Some of the possible side effects of celery juice:

 – High in salt contain – Celery juice can increase salt levels in your body because of the substances present in celery. So, consume only in limited quantities!

 – Low fiber – Low fiber will make you hungry again easily. We filter all the pulp from the juice, hence reducing the fiber content. For the purpose of losing weight, you should not remove the celery pulp, you do not need to filter it. But drink all parts of your juice without the fiber filtering process.

 – Possible throat infection – for those who are easily allergic, usually consuming raw leaves can be the cause. So, there is an infection in the throat. So, if you have allergies, you should consult a doctor before consuming celery juice.

Detox Symptoms

Celery juice is a detox drink, so when you drink celery juice sometimes you experience several things, this is normal and it shows that the detox process in your body is happening.

Among the symptoms of detox after drinking celery juice are nausea, dizziness, headaches, and diarrhea. So, detoxification reactions can occur according to your respective health conditions. If you already know that it is a symptom of detox, then just continue drinking it until you are healthy.