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10 Health Benefits of Tequila and Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of Tequila – Tequila is the drink that originated in Mexico. It is an alcoholic beverage that is considered to have health benefits. Tequila obtained from the fermentation of the blue agave plant (agave tequilana). This drink during the first widely produced by the Aztecs around the 15th century, they called these drinks by name octli or pulque. Although this drinks alcoholic, but until now regarded as the drinks with amazing health benefits.

Nutrition Facts of Tequila

Actually, tequila is drinks that contain lots of calories with few nutrients. For single serving size of tequila contains about 95-100 calories. Besides, tequila contains a sugar called Agavins. These sugars can prove to be beneficial for health. So, what are the health benefits of tequila? Here we see more.

10 Health Benefits of Tequila

1. Lose weight

This drink was able to lose weight even though it contains alcohol. Sugar content “Agavins” turned out to be other than we had expected. Sugar is said to be very complex and delicate that can not be digested by the human digestive. Agavins have the ability to lose weight and increase metabolism of fat in the body. These drinks do not contain carbohydrates and fats. From this side makes tequila is very good to regulate body weight. Additionally, tequila helpful for lowering cholesterol levels and controlling blood sugar.

Wait! to get the health benefits of tequila, you must consume them in moderation quantities, consume high amounts can damage your health.

2. Tequila beneficial for the gut

Agavins sugar present in tequila function as fiber when passing through the intestine, it will help the digestive process you become better. Consuming tequila before and after meals can increase metabolism and your appetite.

In addition, the health benefits of tequila is acting as probiotics that help the growth of good bacteria in the gut. The number of good bacteria helps the digestive process of a person. These benefits only will you get when you take it in small amounts.

3. Controlling diabetes

Agavins in tequila serves as the glycemic index that helps the production of insulin. This process will lower blood sugar levels so that it can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.

4. Preventing dementia

Furthermore, taking tequila helpful for people with dementia, but should be consumed in moderation amounts. Tequila is able to improve mood and produce the endorphin. To get the benefits to dementia you just recommend to drink in small amounts. Consuming large amounts of tequila will be detrimental to your health because it can improve the neurological disease.

5. Improve bone health

The health benefits of tequila is helps the absorption of calcium in the blood that affects the formation of bone well. So, tequila can increase calcium stores in the body and reduce the risk for osteoporosis. Women are prone to brittle bone disease, they recommended to drink a little tequila for bone health.

6. Do not get drunk

We often see the drinker with drunk. It’s different with tequila, tequila consumption does not make you drunk. Tequila will relieve the stress you are experiencing.

7. Help your sleep

Alcohol relaxes the nerves and calms the brain of anxiety. But it should be remembered that this only happens when you drink a limited amount. So, tequila is the best alternative to relieve anxiety and reduce insomnia. It makes you relaxed and slept soundly.

8. Tequila for bowel disease patients

When you drink tequila, it will drop freely into the intestine and bowel bother because the content of Agavins circumstances that can not be digested. But this turned out to be beneficial for health in treating bowel disorders such as Crohn’s and other diseases such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and colitis.

9. Eliminate pain

Based on the research shows that tequila works to dilate blood vessels so that it can minimize the pain caused by the smooth blood flow.

10. Against Cholesterol

The health benefits of tequila not just stop there. Sugar content that called “Agavins” have the fiber characteristic that can help lower triglyceride levels of cholesterol in the body.