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15 Health Benefits of Atis Fruit

Health Benefits of Atis Fruit – This fruit is native to the Americas and West Indies, also called apple sugar and custard apple. Filipinos call it with Annona squamosa. It is a bush tree with a height of 6 meters, and its branches grow irregularly. The Atis fruit is oval in shape and there is a round green leather, and if it is ripe it turns to yellowish green between the skin segment. While the flesh is creamy and smooth that covers the black seeds.

Atis fruit is very popular especially in summer, this fruit high water content so refreshing and delicious, especially that mature from its tree. Countries that grow a lot of Atis are India, Philippines, Egypt, China, and Central Africa. In addition to being used as a market commodity, the benefits of Atis fruit is also amazing for health.

The health benefits of Atis fruit is large for the body, high nutritional content can help our health. Here are some benefits:

Some Health Benefits of Atis Fruit

1. Prevent cancer

Atis fruit ability in preventing cancer is amazing. This fruit is rich in antioxidants that can neutralize free radicals that cause cell damage. Free radicals damage cells or DNA, causing the appearance of abnormal cells or cancer cells. The Atis fruit includes high vitamin C content, in one serving containing 40mg of vitamin C. It is an antioxidant source in Atis, in addition to vitamin C this fruit also contains beta-carotene which also functions as an antioxidant.

2. Improve the digestive system

Atis is rich in fiber so that its benefits for digestive health no doubt. Fiber is useful to help the movement of the intestines to prevent constipation.

3. Reduce stress

The health benefits of Atis fruit are able to calm the nerves so good to lower the risk of stress. For the better, you can add the Atis fruit in the ice cream, delicious and cold taste will reduce the feeling of stress and depression.

4. Good for heart health

High fiber content is also beneficial for the health of blood vessels and keep blood flow normal. So, consuming Atis fruit regularly can maintain heart health. In addition, the Atis fruit is also rich in potassium which makes it good for keeping the heart rate.

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5. Good for the nerves

If you are depressed and stressed, consume atis fruit can calm the nerves thanks to a distinctive sweet taste. Magnesium content supports nerve health and improves mood.

6. Maintain your skin health

Besides beneficial for health, atis fruit is also good for skin beauty. The content of vitamin C serves an antioxidant that is useful to keep the skin from free radicals, causing dull skin. Besides being eaten, Atis also useful as face mask to get radiant and glowing face.

7. Relaxing muscle

Furthermore, the atis fruit health benefits is relaxing the muscles and making it relaxed. This is good for those of you who often exercise, muscle stiffness can be overcome by consuming Atis fruit.

The content of magnesium in the atis fruit helps to eliminate the buildup of lactic acid in muscles that cause fatigue.

8. Treating constipation

Constipation is a condition where stools are difficult to remove due to lack of fiber. Eating an atis or drinking juice from atis fruit can provide a large supply of fiber so it is not only beneficial for refreshing the esophagus but also facilitating waste disposal.

9. Weight loss benefit

Health benefits of atis fruit also good for weight loss. High fiber content provides help for those of you who are on a diet program. You certainly want to see a flat waist and fat free, fruit atis able to realize your dreams. For optimal results, you should consume atis fruit juice regularly.

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10. Maintain body metabolism

Good body metabolism is highly dependent on the vitamin B complex. Atis fruit provides vitamin B complex that serves as an enzyme and co-factor components for metabolic processes. Good body metabolism is very important for all the performance and function of the body can run normally.

11. Prevent scurvy

Scurvy is a symptom of health that occurs in the mouth due to bacteria. To stop scurvy we need lots of vitamin C, so to prevent it. Atis fruit is a good source of vitamin C, it is useful to prevent the development of bacteria in the mouth.

12. Lowering cholesterol

One of the extraordinary health benefits of atis fruit is help in lowering blood cholesterol and prevent blockage of blood vessels. All this is thanks to niacin and fiber. Niacin is one type of B vitamin that is good for raising good cholesterol or HDL. If the cholesterol is increased then bad cholesterol or LDL will decrease by itself.

13. Reduce inflammation

Atis fruit also good for people with arthritis, vitamin C content in Atis can reduce inflammation in like that appear in arthritis.

14. Increase concentration

Concentration is very important in teaching and learning process. If there is no concentration, then all will fail. So, concentration is needed so that what we pass can be successful.

The Atis fruit contains amino acids such as trypthopan and lysine. Both types of amino acids are useful for maintaining brain function so that it is always in standby and full of concentration.

15. Prevent morning sickness

Pregnant women often experience morning sickness and this is very annoying. If you have an atis fruit, you do not have to worry about morning sickness because the atis useful to prevent and treat morning sickness.