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7 Health Benefits of Noni Fruits

Health Benefits of Noni Fruits

Health Benefits of Noni – Noni or Morinda Citrifolia is a healthy fruit lately very interested in the world of medicine because Noni has a lot of resolve health problems. In Indonesia, Noni not rare plants, because almost every place these plants grow, many of these plants also grow by itself without planted. Noni grows in lowland areas and up to an altitude of 1500 meters high above sea level.

Noni has a tree with a height of 3 to 8 meters or even 10 meters. This plant has large leaves, with shiny green fruit when young, and its fruit will be white with black spots when ripe. The people of Aceh, Indonesia, often planted Noni near the house, because they use Noni as a salad maker. They are often also made Noni as a vegetable.

Noni has many health benefits. Now, after tests in the laboratory, it turns out the health benefits of Noni are extraordinary, so now many emerging health products made from Noni with various brands and flavors.

Here are Some Benefits of Noni

Noni fruit benefits can not be separated from minerals and essential substances in Noni. They are like Terpenoids, antibacterial agents, acids acrobat, Scopoletin, anticancer substances, Threonine, and complete the necessary nutrients for the human body.


1. Overcoming Hypertension

One of the health benefits of Noni is to overcome the blood pressure. How to use this herb is: Take two ripe Noni fruit on the tree, then enter the two tablespoons of honey. Destroy the fruit in a blender and make the juice, and then mixed with honey. Take for every other day.

2. Cure cough

Others benefits of Noni are treating cough. The following is a recipe. Take the Noni fruit and leaf “poo” ½ handheld. Mix these ingredients and boiled in two cups of water until remaining one cup. Strain and drink twice a day, morning and afternoon.

3. As an a remedy against stomachache

The health benefits of Noni to treat colic. Use 2-3 leaves Noni. Rinse, then finely ground, added salt to taste and then brewed with hot water. After a cold, water is filtered and drunk.

4. Treating jaundice

Use 2 Noni fruit that ripe on the trees and one cauliflower of cube sugar. Then, Noni fruit is blender and squeeze to take juice, then mixed with honey, stirring until blended. Filter the water, drinks for each two days.

5. Treating a fever, and influenza Catch

The health benefits Noni to treat fever; colds and influenza are by making traditional ingredients. The ways are by use one Noni and kencur. Both ingredients are boiled with 2 cups water till boiling until remaining 1 cup. After a cold, filtered water, then taken twice a day, every morning and afternoon.

6. Overcoming scaly skin

The health benefits Noni to cope with rough skin. The way is: scaly skin rubbed with the Noni fruit thoroughly, and left to stand for 5-10 minutes, then cleaned with clean cloths dampened with warm water.

7. To increase body resistance

Noni can improve our immune system because in the Noni fruit are compounds that can activate the work of the thyroid gland and thymus gland.