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8 Best Healthy Fruit Smoothies for Your Breakfast

Start the day with nutritious food, take one of the following healthy fruit smoothies to fill your breakfast with nutritious food.

1. Strawberry-yogurt smoothies

One of the best Healthy Fruit Smoothies is made from immunity-generating foods. One of them is strawberry which is a storehouse of nutrients to increase immunity.

Not only is it low in calorie content, but strawberries are also high in vitamin C, potassium, and high in fiber. This is the best choice to meet your breakfast that makes you full until noon.

2. Raspberry-beet smoothie

Beets is an umbina food that is rich in benefits for health, in smootie it produces nitrates which are beneficial to increase blood flow throughout the body and even bring blood flow to the brain that makes you focus and strong in thinking.

A 2017 study published in the Journal of Gerontology, showed that MRIs performed in older adults get more nitrates into the white matter of frontal lobes. Try one of the smoothie recipes using beets and Raspberries.

3. Avocado smoothies

What do you think of when you are offered fruit smoothies? You you must remember an avocado, this is a healthy fruit with a high content of healthy fat and omege 3. Avocados are a source of nutrients that provide many benefits for the health of both pregnant women or not.

Avocados contain many nutrients that are good for good hair health, prevent cancer and keep blood sugar levels stable.

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4. Tomato smoothie

Furthermore, the best smoothies for breakfast are made from tomatoes. The benefits of tomato smoothie are preventing heart disease, death, stroke and adding nutrition to the body. Around tomato seeds there are many salicylic substances, the benefits of salicylates are preventing blood clots.

5. Mango smoothie

The next point, the best Healthy Fruit Smoothies to replace your breakfast is a smoothie from mango. Mango including orange-colored fruit which indicates rich in beta-carotene like oranges, even mangoes contain vitamin C which is higher than oranges.

In addition, mangoes are also famous for being rich in fiber which is very good for stimulating satiety quickly.

6. Berry-flaxseed smoothie

Flaxseed is a healthy food that is rich in lignans and fiber, this is known to be able to describe the growth of tumors and breast cancer. That is why, flaxseed is among the best foods to consume in keeping breast cancer away. You can mix buha berries with flaxseeds in your smoothie so that it provides the perfect benefits for your health.

This smoothie can help lower blood sugar. It is also high in omega 3 fatty acids which are good for lowering triglycerides and reducing inflammation.

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7. Orange & banana breakfast smoothie

The best healthy smoothies for breakfast are orange and banana. Potassium-rich bananas are useful for neutralizing and high blood pressure and blood flow in the body. In addition, it contains vitamin B6 which helps maintain healthy blood sugar.

8. Blueberry-orange yogurt smoothies

Blueberries and yogurt mixed with orange are one of the best choices for your smoothie. Blueberries, oranges are rich in fiber, antioxidants and rich in vitamin C that the body needs to maintain its system.

This smoothie drink is great for breakfast in fulfilling the supply of nutrients in the morning in order to launch your activities until the afternoon.