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15 Crazy Health Benefits of Pomelos Fruit

Health Benefits of Pomelo – It is a large fruit and included in the citrus family. Pomelo has many names such as pumello, lusho, jabong, Shaddock, chinese grapefruit and Indians call as chakotra. Because it is still included in the citrus family, this large fruit is referred to as the ancestor of grapefruit. Pomelo fruit not only popular to flesh benefits but also its skin have great advantages.

Pomelo comes from China, and its many cultivated in China, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The Chinese regard as the pomelo gives good luck and prosperity in life.

The cultivation of pomelo attract much society, the plant now has spread to many countries such as India and the United States. Pomelo has round shape with a thick skin and contain oil glands. When ripe, the fruit has a sweet taste and refreshing. Many are also processed into juice. In addition to freshness, health benefits of pomelo is also very remarkable.

Pomelo Nutrition Facts

Amazing benefits of pomelo is thanks to the many nutrients contained within. Just like oranges in general, the fruit is rich in vitamin C, and vitamin B. A question that usually popular is “can pregnant lady can eat pomelo?” Sure, pomelo health benefits for pregnant women is also very impressive thanks to their content of folic acid and beta carotene. The fruit which is rich in health also contains potassium which is good for heart health, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin C, fiber, antioxidants, healthy fats, proteins and enzymes.

Crazy Health Benefits of Pomelo Fruit

1. Good for Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a bacterial urinary disease. Urinary system serves to eliminate and produce urine. Vitamin C in the pomelo is good for preventing UTI because its increases the acidity in the urine and preventing the development of bacteria. Beside that, Pregnant women who consume lots of pomelo also very good for reducing swelling.

2. Accelerate healing

Pomelo has great benefits for health. Wounds on the body can be cured quickly because pomelo able to replace tissue damage. Protein within is beneficial for maintaining skin elasticity so easy to get healing. While vitamin C rich to enzyme co-factor that helps the formation of collagen to speed healing.

3. Prevents anemia

Anemia is a symptom that is characterized by a lack of red blood cells. This problem can be overcome by consuming a lot of pomelo. Based on research, vitamin C in pomelo is useful to help the absorption of iron. This process will form more red blood cells, thus preventing anemia.

4. Healthy gums

Lack of vitamin C will cause bleeding gums. One fruit rich in vitamin C is pomelo. You can prevent bleeding gums by diligently taking pomelo because it contains collagen which serves to make the teeth and gums healthy.

5. Good for Heart Health

Potassium makes health benefits of pomelo are very important for heart problems. Potassium is useful to smooth the blood so that the blood pressure is stable. In addition to potassium, pectin in the pomelo also good to clean the dirt that accumulate in the body. In addition, the benefits of consuming pomelo is also good for lowering levels of bad cholesterol which is uses for preventing heart disease and stroke.

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6. Prevent Cancer

Pomelo also beneficial to the fight against cancer, especially pomelo’s skin. Its contains bioflavonoids compounds that makes benefits of pomelo skin so great for preventing various types of cancer. Among the cancer is pancreatic cancer, colon and breast. Pomelo skin also contains estrogen which is beneficial to block the spread of cancer cells. While the fiber in it can prevent colon cancer formation.

7. Helps weight loss

Pomelo is one of the fruits that are rich in fiber with essential functions for weight loss. Fiber will gives satiety longer resulting in suppression meal frequency. In addition, pomelo fruit also has fat burning chemicals and sugars that make weight loss fast.

8. Prevent cramp

Cramp is the contraction of the muscles, which appear suddenly and cause pain. This problem occurs due to deficiency of electrolytes (sodium, magnesium, and potassium), and various liquids.

This condition can be prevented by increase of eating pomelo. For maximum results you can consume pomelo juice regularly.

9. Prevent digestive problems

One of the problems with your digestive is constipation. Pomelo contains lots of vitamin C that serves to maintain the elasticity of arteries and improves the digestive system. In addition, pomelo contains high levels of fiber to maintain good bowel movements so can prevent hemorrhoids and colon cancer.

10. Against Dandruff

You frequent breakouts, try to destroy your acne with pomelo. The high water content in pomelo keep moisture from the scalp. While vitamin C is good against bacteria that cause dandruff and soothe your scalp.

11. Preventing osteoporosis

One of health benefits of pomelo is preventing osteoporosis that occurs due to lack of calcium. The effects of osteoporosis is bone weakness and trigger bone fractures when fell.

Pomelo fruit is rich to magnesium and calcium which is good for bone density. For maximum results, when taking calcium supplements and exercise you can add a glass of pomelo juice.

12. Preventing premature aging

Premature aging is the oxidation process that causes damage to cells and trigger cancer. Pomelo contains spermidine which is useful to protect cells from damage and aging so that you always appear young.

The fruit not only helps keeping skin from the damaging effects of free radicals but also helps skin to produce collagen. Pomelo juice helps prevent aging such as wrinkles. Consuming a glass of pomelo juice every day will makes your skin toned and fresh.

13. Maintain blood pressure

Furthermore, health benefits of pomelo is to maintain blood pressure. The juice contains a lot of potassium, which is essential to stabilize blood pressure. So, familiarize drink pomelo juice can prevent hypertension as well.

14. Clean the arteries

Pomelo fruit juice full with pectin against various rogue elements within the arteries. Its juice will maintains the cleanliness of the arteries that are free of bacteria and viruses. Besides pectin, it also contains vitamin C which act as antioxidants.

15. Treating Acne

The Pamelo juice is useful to reduce melanin granules collection, limiting black spots and pigmentation.

Increase consumption of pomelo fruit or pomelo juice can reduce the frequency of sebum production in the skin, thus preventing the formation of acne.

Easy Way To Make Pomelo Juice

You only need to prepare some pomelos, use a juicer to extract its juice. To get a delicious juice you need to add two tablespoons of honey. Blender until frothy mixture, put in a glass and enjoy with ice cubes.

Pomelo juice is very fresh, especially when the weather is hot. Well, what are you waiting? Let’s try to make pomelo juice!