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Coffee Fruit Nutrition vs Coffee Beans, Health Benefits Coffe Fruits

Coffee Fruit Nutrition vs. Coffee Beans – Coffee beans are famous for their aroma that rocked the world, everywhere we know coffee has always been excellent. Not only the aroma but also the benefits of coffee nutrition are also extraordinary. We often take it lightly with coffee fruit even we consider coffee fruit to be something normal unless it has turned into coffee. Even though coffee fruit is also very extraordinary, it contains many nutrients that are important for the body such as antioxidants, even research shows that coffee fruit is beneficial for the brain and increases immunity.

So, what is coffee fruit? Should we put it in our daily diet or it can be consumed occasionally. In this article, we will talk about coffee fruit, its nutrition and the comparison of coffee fruit with coffee beans.

What Is Coffee Fruit?

Coffee fruit is a small fruit that is red when harvesting, this is like a berry as long as coffee sometimes called berry coffee. Technically, the coffee fruit is considered a fruit of stone, the reason is simple because it has a hole in the middle where the raw coffee beans are located.

Coffee beans are actually coffee seeds, and they are the main ingredient in every coffee drink making. In making coffee powder, the coffee fruit is removed and the coffee beans are taken and then roasted to produce an extraordinary aroma. After being roasted, it is crushed and then ready to be brewed as a favorite drink for the world’s population. Research on coffee continues to be done and now more and more health benefits are found.

In fact, now food producers have also looked at the benefits of coffee as an ingredient for making various foods. Also, as a supplement for various drinks, supplements with high antioxidant content.

Coffee vs. Fruit Coffee Beans

Coffee vs. Fruit Coffee Beans

Now we see a comparison of coffee fruit and coffee beans. Both have a close and inseparable relationship. Coffee fruit is something that is produced by coffee plants and is a place for dried coffee beans, baked and made as coffee powder. Some coffee fruit contains two seeds, but some contain only one coffee bean in it. Coffee fruit containing one coffee bean is believed to have a stronger aroma than ordinary coffee beans.

So, how do we make comparisons between the two in terms of taste and nutrition they contain. As a beginner in the coffee field, we might say that coffee fruit contains less caffeine than coffee beans. So, this is good for those who are sensitive to caffeine and want to get a taste of coffee or energy from coffee. While in terms of nutrition, both are very high, especially the antioxidant content. Antioxidants are found in either coffee beans or in the coffee fruit itself. However, of course the total amount of antioxidants is different. For example, in roasted coffee beans, the antioxidants will certainly be reduced because roasting can reduce chlorogenic acid, even though this is a natural compound from plants that acts as an antioxidant.

In conclusion: Both have similarities and differences. Coffee beans are usually roasted as ingredients for making coffee powder and it ends in a glass or coffee cup. While coffee fruit is often used as an ingredient for making food, supplements, and drinks for additional nutrients.

Top 5 Benefits of Coffee Fruit

Top 5 Benefits of Coffee Fruit

1. Source of antioxidants

Antioxidants are powerful compounds found in fruits, vegetables, and superfoods. The benefits of antioxidants are killing and fighting free radicals in the body which are useful for preventing oxidative stress and damage to body cells. Research reveals that adding antioxidants to foods is good for reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes.

Consuming the right amount of coffee fruit is good for preventing the body from toxins and diseases. A study shows that the amount of antioxidant in coffee fruit is very dependent on how to extract it. Sometimes coffee fruit contains a lot of antioxidants, but if the extraction process is not good, it can cause a little antioxidant.

Coffee fruit contains antioxidant levels that are much higher than coffee beans. In fact, it was found that antioxidant activity in coffee fruit is very high up to 25 times the content in coffee beans.

2. Supports brain health

Who would have thought, it turns out the benefits of coffee are good for the brain. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor or BDNF is one type of protein that is very important in maintaining nerve health. Coffee fruit extract serves to maintain brain cells and encourage the growth of new neurons in the brain. In fact, the positive effects of BDNF provide the benefits of coffee which are very important, this is allowing the brain to store long-term memory.

The research found that between BDNF and coffee fruit has a correlation. In the journal “British Journal of Nutrition,” it was shown that treatment using coffee fruit extract could increase levels of “Brain-derived neurotrophic factor” to 143%. This shows that the results are more powerful compared to green coffee bean extract and grape seed powder.

3. Lower blood pressure

One of the benefits of coffee fruit is lowering blood pressure. Did you know that high blood pressure is a scary disease and this affects around 34% of adults in America. When blood pressure rises, what happens is pressure on the heart, forcing the heart to work hard and extra in pumping blood. As a result, if it occurs continuously then this will weaken the heart muscle at some time.

Coffee fruit is one of the good natural ingredients to fight high blood pressure. Coffee fruit contains chlorogenic acid, this is a compound that has been proven to reduce blood pressure and make heart health better. A study published in Japan shows that consuming chlorogenic acid isolated from green coffee bean extract can reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

4. Good for boosting immunity

Many studies have found that coffee fruit is good for the body’s immunity, it works to keep the body healthy and prevent various diseases that attack. One study revealed that consuming cery coffee fruit can increase cell activity in mice.

So, this can be an early sign that coffee fruit is good for body health. Indeed, this still requires further research on how coffee fruit works in enhancing human immunity.

5. Coffee fruit is anti-cancer

One of the benefits of coffee fruit is suppressing and preventing the growth of cancer cells, including preventing its spread. A study on this matter found extraordinary results, where mice given coffee fruit extracts were able to significantly reduce the development of cancer cells, in just 10 days showed a 54% reduction in the development of cancer cells. However, as we mentioned above, to find out in detail more research is still needed on this.

How to use coffee fruit and where to get it

If you already know the benefits of coffee for health, of course you want to get coffee fruit and use it for your health purposes. The problem is, where can we find it and how to use it.

Ok, coffee fruit extract is actually very easy to find at drug stores or pharmacies, you can get it in supplement form and in the form of liquid that has been packaged. The coffee fruit extract is sometimes also used in antioxidant drinks and in other foods such as acai berries to add nutritional value.

The benefits of coffee fruit are also the main ingredient in making cascara tea, unique and funny (coffee fruit is made into tea). How to make cascara tea is very easy, they soak the coffee fruit skin in hot water to get a distinctive flavor.