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10 Common Migraines Triggers

What Migraines Triggers – Previously we had talked about how to stop migraines. This time we will see what causes and things that trigger the occurrence of migraine. In fact, it is not known exactly what triggers migraine, but doctors and health experts know there are many factors that can trigger the occurrence of migraine. Well, if you experience frequent migraine or occasional experience, you need to read this article out, we will explain the causes and triggers of migraine in general. One of them is misconception of migraine drugs, can cause additional migraine triggers, so be careful in taking drugs, always do at the doctor’s advice.

Here we see some migraine triggers in general, refer to the extract for additional knowledge about migraines. Also read the article on how to stop migraines.

10 Migraines Triggers You Have To Know

1. Stress

One of the Migraines Triggers is a dramatic decrease in physicality. Research in Danish found that migraine is associated with stress. In another study it was said that 50-80% of migraine patients say that the stress they experience often triggers migraine. Among them are migraine when depressed and others experience it after they are in a state of full pressure.

2. Lack of sleep

If you are sleep deprived, you also have the potential to migraine. Lack of sleep disorders is associated with migraines, which is why those who lack the break often experience head pain. Insomnia is another problem that can cause chronic migraine. Insomnia patients have the potential of anxiety and depression.

So, one important thing is to sleep enough, do not ignore the body’s need for sleep because this is the main thing in establishing good health.

3. Food Additives

Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and monosodium glutamate (MSG) also include migraine causes. MSG is a flavor enhancer in foods and many people believe that this causes migraine or headaches. Recent research concludes that MSG can trigger headaches and pain in the face. So avoid foods that contain “flavor enhancers”. It is important to say when you order fast food at a restaurant not to spice up with MSG and the like.

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4. High caffeinated drinks

In addition to foods containing MSG, migraine triggers are caffeinated beverages, some experts report that consuming excessive caffeinated beverages can also cause migraine. So you should limit caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee, energy drinks, and soft drinks. The amount of caffeine in soft drinks is very high, so it’s only natural that you have to limit it.

5. Dehydration or starvation

Other things that can cause migraines are starvation and dehydration. So, for those of you who suffer from migraine, do not pass the meal, and always keep the body to stay hydrated. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day to keep body fluids met. However, it is not known exactly how this happens, there may be a linkage to the decrease in blood glucose.

In small studies about 40% of migraine sufferers say that the headache they experience is due to lack of fluid consumption.

6. Medication Overuse

Consuming drugs too often also be a suspect against migraine triggers. Those who frequently use analgesics more often experience an increase from migraine to chronic migraine. Using these drugs too often can cause migraines to get worse.

In addition, those taking the drugs that enter the opioid class are very likely to occur chronic migraine.

7. Strong Smells

Many migraine patients tell us that strong and strange smells can cause headaches. Perfume with strong aroma also became one of them. A number of patients say that they are intolerant to smell during migraines, this is known as “osmophobia”, a unique migraine.

In addition, during a migraine, the patient is also greatly disturbed by cigarette smoke, food smells, and certain perfume scents.

8. Alcohol

A recent study in Brazil mentioned that alcohol can triggers migraine for 1/3 of migraine patients. Among the most influential alcohols are red wine, especially among women. The comparison is: Red wine triggers migraine in 19.5% of patients, while white wine becomes a migraine trigger in 10.5% of migraine patients.

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9. Changes in Weather

Furthermore, migraines triggers are weather changes. Based on research in Brazil recently linked migraines with weather changes. Weather patterns that are likely to be the cause of migraine are sunny weather, cold weather, heat, and changing weather.

In addition, there are other things that are associated with migraine, this is a lightning storm. Researchers concluded that lightning is a precipitation factor, but experts have not been able to explain in detail related to this issue.

10. Certain foods

Certain foods often trigger headaches or migraines. Those who say that food affects migraines are 12 to 60%. Research in Brazil in 2008 found that many migraine patients report on food issues. In this case, diet is a very often reported as a trigger migraine.

Among the foods and drinks that trigger headaches are alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, cheese, red wine, artificial sweetener (aspartame) and salami. Read also: Types of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks