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How Long Does A Fever Last

The rainy season is coming again, and some people have a fever due to the weakness of body resistance. Actually, how long does a fever last, is it a weeks, or a months? In this short article we will explain and answer the question. Keep in mind!

Need to know, actually a fever is not a disease but this is the body’s response to infection in it. When there is an infection, the body attempts to fight off the infection, in the medical world called pyrexia. When the fever, body temperature rises above normal even to shiver. This condition occurs during the invasion of microbes in the body and body systems against it.

Back to the question above, how long does a fever last? It really depends on the severity of fever and immunity. Some recover within two days, a week or several weeks. Ok, we’ll talk more about this issue.

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How Long Does a Fever Last?

How to know if someone having a fever? It is can be known from the body temperature that rises drastically. If the body temperature is above of 99.0 ° F and 99.9 ° F, it indicates that you have a fever. Rising body temperature is a sign that the body is struggling against microorganisms. Well, in this situation the fever will last between 2-3 days and then you will recover.

Fever usually occurs when the turn of the season or when it starts to enter the rainy season. During this, body vulnerable attack by fever virus, infected fever usually will last for 2-3 days. Body temperature may increase between 101 ° F to 104 ° F. Fever virus includes a virus that can be contagious but when it is infected it does not directly cause a fever. Fever only occurs when the body’s reacts and fights the virus. If the virus is strong, then the fever will last up to a week. There is also a fever that lasts longer, mean when the body is attacked by dengue virus, hepatitis and pneumonia. The fever can cause the body weakness, vomiting, headaches, and others. So, this condition should immediately get medical treatment. It is not considered a common cold, since the common cold lasts only about 3 days.

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Fungal infections are actually dangerous, although rare. In some cases can cause a high fever and even make you have to sleep for 15 days. Coccidioidomycosis is a fungus that infects the lungs and causes Vally fever.

In addition, mild bacterial infections sometimes also cause problems in the throat and leave pain in the lymph nodes. This fever will last for 1 or 2 days. There is another disease that causes meningitis fever, the fever can exceed 103 ° F and lasts for a long time of 2 weeks. You must be careful, should not let the heat rise to 105 ° F because this fever can cause brain death.

How to Treat Fever?

The treatment of fever is strongly associated with the fever’s level and age of the sufferer. If you have a fever, there are some medications that can help such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, aspirin and non-aspirin drugs. If after 3 days of taking the medicine and the fever does not subside, contact your doctor immediately. Usually doctors prescribe antibiotics to fight infection and increase immunity.