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How To Get Rid Of Fatty Liver, What It is, Causes, and Symptoms

Liver fat is one type of health problem that is frightening because the liver is the central organ in keeping the body healthy. What is liver fat and how to get rid of it so that the liver can function properly, namely as a digestive device, here we see the explanation in detail.

In all parts of the world, more fatty liver disease. It is estimated that up to 25% of the world’s population experiences fatty liver problems.

This disease still has a relationship with type 2 diabetes, obesity and is also associated with insulin resistance. If fatty liver disease is not immediately treated, then it can develop into more dangerous liver disease. Let’s find out about fatty liver disease!

What Is Fatty Liver?

Fatty liver is a health condition associated with the liver due to excess fat. Too much fat accumulates in liver cells. What is the amount of fat in the liver so it is called a fatty liver? Actually, only a little fat in liver cells, but a person’s heart is considered fatty (Fatty Liver) If the fat content exceeds 5% of the liver itself.

Drinking alcohol is not the only cause of fatty liver, in many cases those who do not drink alcohol also experience problems like this. In fact, most fatty liver diseases are categorized as non-alcoholic liver disease (NAFLD). This is a liver disease that is common in adults and children in western countries.

This disease is considered a frightening disease because it is often undetectable from the start. So, many cases of this disease spread to a more serious and dangerous liver disease called non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, or NASH.

NASH is a condition of the liver where fat is too much in the liver and causes damage to the liver cells. Finally, this condition turns into fibrosis, or scar tissue, due to continuous liver cell damage and can cause death.

difference between fatty liver and normal liver

Scary again, it is very difficult to know whether the fatty liver disease will turn into NASH or not. If it becomes NASH, then there is a very high risk of someone suffering from cirrhosis or liver cancer. Further NAFLD will also be a cause of various other diseases such as heart disease, kidney disease, and diabetes.

The Causes of Fatty Liver

Before we see about how to get rid fatty liver, let first we look on causes of this disease. To be able to overcome and avoid fatty liver disease, we must know the causes of fatty liver. There are several factors that cause a person to suffer from fatty diseases, including the following:

1. Obesity

If someone is obese, they are at an early stage at risk for fatty liver. Obesity can cause mild inflammation in the liver. About 30-90% of obese people experience NAFLD. This condition can be increased in children due to an epidemic in childhood.

2. Excess belly fat

A person with normal weight can also cause a fatty liver if he suffers from “viscerally obese,” meaning that they have too much fat at the waist.

3. Insulin resistance

High insulin levels and insulin resistance have been shown to increase liver fat storage in those with type 2 diabetes and those with metabolic syndrome.

4. Eat lots of refined carbohydrates

If someone consumes refined carbohydrates on a large scale, it is very risky to store fatty liver. Moreover, if this type of carbohydrate is consumed by those who are overweight or those who are resistant to insulin.

5. Consuming sugary drinks

You should be careful with sweetened drinks such as soda and energy drinks that are high in fructose. This drink has been proven to increase liver fat in children or in adults. [drinks to help lose weight]

6. Having intestinal disorders

Recent research says that intestinal health problems and problems are triggered by an imbalance in the number of good bacteria in the intestine. If an intestinal problem occurs such as a leaky intestine or other intestinal problem then it is at risk for NAFLD.

The Symptoms of Fatty Liver

Some symptoms of fatty liver disease, but not necessarily everything is obtained. Many people do not know that he is experiencing symptoms of fatty liver. Let’s check one by one:

  • Pain in the right or middle abdomen (mild or serious pain)
  • Fat and feels tired
  • An increase in liver enzymes such as ALT and AST
  • Experience a surge in insulin levels
  • Increased triglyceride levels

If the fatty liver disease develops to become more dangerous as it changes to NASH, then the symptoms can be as below:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Moderate to serious abdominal pain
  • The skin and eyes turn yellow.

If you experience symptoms like the one above, come to the doctor and do regular checks including blood tests checking. This aims to determine whether you are experiencing fatty liver disease or not.

How to Get Rid of Fatty Liver with Dietary Strategies

If you are diagnosed as a liver fat sufferer, then you have to do several ways including changing your diet or diet strategy to get rid of fatty liver. Among the important things is losing weight, reducing carbohydrate intake, and some special foods can reduce the amount of fat in the liver.

1. Reduce eating if you are obese or overweight.

So, losing weight is an effort to effectively remove liver fat if your condition is in obesity.

Proven in the field, that those who are obese can reduce liver fat by losing weight. You can lose weight in various ways, including exercise, surgery or other methods. Have been conducted research for three months in adults with excessive weight. They limit their calorie intake by 500 calories per day and as a result they lose weight as much as 8%. Significantly they can reduce their liver fat score.

2. Reduce carbohydrates, especially Refined Carbs

Furthermore, how to get rid of fatty liver is to reduce daily carbohydrate consumption. However, most people with fatty liver disease do not come from refined carbohydrates.

Research shows that only 16% of people with fatty liver are caused by carbohydrate consumption. Most sufferers of this disease come from fatty acids in their blood and the remaining 26% comes from a process called de novo lipogenesis (DNL).

Please note, during DNL, excess carbohydrates will be converted into fat. This level increases based on high fructose food and beverage intake. In one study, obese adults who consumed foods high in calories and refined carbohydrates for 3 weeks experienced an increase in liver fat by 27%. In fact, their body weight increases by only 2%.

From this research, it is known that consuming foods low in refined carbohydrates and low in calories can reduce the level of liver fat. Among low-carb foods are Mediterranean foods and foods with a low glycemic index.

3. Consumed foods that promote liver fat loss

Don’t just reduce carbohydrate and calorie intake, but you also need to consume certain foods that can reduce liver fat. Here’s a list of foods and drinks that reduce the risk of fatty liver disease.

  • Monounsaturated fats: Research recommends consuming single unsaturated fatty acids such as those found in olive oil, avocados, and nuts. They are foods that can reduce and reduce liver fat.
  • Whey protein: This is another product that is useful for reducing liver fat. These foods have been shown to reduce liver fat by 20% in obese women. Not only that, but whey protein can also reduce levels of enzymes and whey protein is beneficial for people with more serious liver disease.
  • Green tea: Catechins are antioxidants in green tea that are useful for reducing liver fat and inflammation in those who suffer from fatty liver disease.
  • Soluble fiber: Furthermore, food to reduce fat in liver cells is soluble fiber. Some studies show that consuming 10 to 14 grams of soluble fiber every day can reduce liver fat, causing insulin to be more sensitive and reduce enzyme levels.

Exercise to Reduce Fatty Liver

In addition to consuming foods and drinks to reduce liver fat, you are another way you can try. This is physical exercise, even physical activity is very effective for removing fat that accumulates in the liver.

Based on the results of the study, doing physical endurance several times a week can reduce liver fat levels. Regardless of whether this exercise can lose weight or not.

There is a special study about the benefits of training to reduce NAFLD. This was done for 4 weeks in 18 obese adult people with fatty liver problems. They do exercises for 30-60 minutes every day for 5 days a week. Surprisingly, they experienced a decrease in liver fat by 10%, but the weight remained unchanged.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has also been shown to be useful for reducing liver fat, as quoted from healthline.com. The study involved 28 participants who suffered from type 2 diabetes, they did HIIT exercises for 12 weeks, and the results were very satisfying. They managed to reduce liver fat by 39%. So, the higher the exercise the better it is to reduce liver fat.

Supplements That May Reduce Fatty Liver

How to get rid of fatty liver in addition to food can also be with supplements. Some studies show that consuming certain vitamins, herbs or other supplements can improve liver health by reducing liver fat. However, experts say that further research is still needed to find out precisely.

Even though some of the following supplements can reduce liver fat, you should consult your doctor before taking certain supplements.

1. Milk Thistle

Some good herbs to reduce liver fat are Milk thistle and silymarin. This is an herb that is useful for protecting liver health. Research also reveals that consuming milk thistle, or combines with vitamin E, is useful for reducing inflammation of the liver, insulin resistance, and liver damage.

Although the researchers believe that milk thistle can reduce fat, they need to study further to find out the long-term effects and short-term effects.

2. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are often associated with extraordinary health benefits. Long chains of omega-3, EPA and DHA are found in salmon, sardine, herring and mackerel fish.

So what is the function of omega-3? Based on research, omega 3 is beneficial for the protection of the liver against adults and children with fatty liver conditions.

3. Berberine

These are compounds in plants that have the benefit of reducing blood sugar, cholesterol and insulin problems. Some studies also show benefits for those who experience fatty liver disease.

The same thing with milk thistle is also said. Even though this research has exciting effects and good results, they also reminded that they need to do further research.