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6 Benefits of Saw Palmetto For Women and Side Effects

Saw palmetto is an herbal remedy to treat common problems in men. It is a palm tree that grows low and known useful for treating prostate enlargement disease in men. However, recent studies suggest that Saw palmetto is also beneficial for women.

Benefits Saw palmetto for women is associated with excess testosterone such as baldness, excessive hair growth, acne and others.

OK, let we see what are benefits of Saw palmetto for women.

Benefits of Saw Palmetto For Women

1. Prevent excess testosterone

Saw Palmetto works by altering hirsutism, this will suppress excessive hair growth on a woman’s face. Hair that grows unnaturally on a woman’s face is usually caused by an excess of the testosterone hormone.

So, the benefits of Saw Palmetto is inhibit the production of this hormone excessively, so that women can minimize the growth of hair that is not desirable.

Benefits of Saw Palmetto For Women

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2. Restore bladder disturbance

A study conducted by the Center for Alternative Medicine revealed that Saw Palmetto can also treat bladder disease. So, women who experience this disease can use Saw Palmetto efficiently so they can urinate freely.

3. Prevent hair loss

Benefits of Saw Palmetto For Women also to treat hair loss. Hair loss is usually caused by Dihydro-testosterone (DHT). When this hormone is formed on the hair shaft then the hair will experience thinning or stem reduction. Well, finally the hair experience thinning or baldness.

According to research Saw Palmetto is able to prevent 5-alpha-reductase, a useful enzyme to convert testosterone into DHT.

4. Treats menopausal symptoms

Menopausal symptoms are also common in women. This is a common enemy for women. However, now women can treat this symptom with Saw Palmetto. When women in menopause estrogen and progesterone levels, while testosterone remains stable so as to trigger the problem.

Consuming Saw Palmetto can prevent weakening of uterine and vaginal tissue. It is very troublesome for menopausal women.

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5. Overcoming acne problems

DHT hormone in addition to causing hair loss also causes excessive sebum buildup in the skin. This situation will trigger the appearance of acne as a result of clogged pores. Saw palmetto for women is to prevent acne because bus block 5-alpha-reductase.

6. Reduces polycystic ovarian syndrome effects

Polycystic ovarian syndrome can affect hormones in women. As we mentioned above that this will trigger unusual hair growth, irregular menstruation, infertility and weight loss drastically.

The testosterone hormone is associated with this problem especially when an imbalance occurs. Saw Palmetto able to prevent these side effects.

Side effects of Saw Palmetto and Warning

There are reports that consume saw palmetto can cause stomach pain, bad breath, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation to indigestion.

Other side effects that can arise are breast pain, eye problems, breast augmentation, pancreatic problems, sexual dysfunction and urinary problems.

So, we recommend that you take this medicine at your doctor’s advice and advice. Given the side effects are very dangerous, so do not take it carelessly. Said all kinds of diseases that you experience to your doctor so you get good advice.

How to Take Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is a medicine in the form of tablets, tea and in capsule form. These drugs are usually very potent to overcome the problems associated with excess homogeneous testosterone. However, it is very important for you to talk to your doctor when you want to take this medicine.

If you consume saw palmetto for balding, it is recommended to consume 200 mg and twice daily. Combine this drug with 50 mg of beta-sitosterol, twice daily.

Thus the Benefits of Saw Palmetto For Women you should know. Once again we say that taking saw palmetto medicines (medicine or tea) should be careful and always listen to doctor’s advice.