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Melatonin and Alcohol, Interaction, Function, and Uses

Melatonin is a sleep supplement that is known to be safe for consumption. However, everyone who consumes supplements, he must know how to consume the right, how effective it is, so that it doesn’t go wrong and get a bad effect.

What if melatonin is mixed with alcohol? For those of you who drink alcohol, if you mix alcohol with melatonin it can cause serious complications. Not only that, but alcohol can also interfere with sleep patterns, and this causes melatonin to no longer function.

Here, we will see how the melatonin reacts when mixed with alcohol. And how the benefits of melatonin as a supplement to help sleep.

Can melatonin be consumed with alcohol?

When using melatonin, you are prohibited from drinking alcohol because both can cause dangerous complications. Alcohol will interfere with drug activity and supplement activities, including melatonin. So, the role of alcohol here is to strengthen melatonin or even weaken it.

Here are some bad effects if you mix melatonin with alcohol. These include:

  • Breathless
  • drowsiness,
  • passing out
  • Dizzy,
  • Risk of falling

If you have taken melatonin and alcohol, chances are that you will also have difficulty walking and even driving. This bad effect can be dangerous because it causes someone to be at risk of accidents on the road and anywhere.

This is what happens when melatonin mix to alcohol

Including mixing, if you drink or consume it in the adjacent period.

  • Lack of sleep,
  • easy to get angry,
  • can’t think well,
  • Dream on intents,
  • Experiencing anxiety,
  • The face turns red,
  • Feet and hands become swollen,
  • The heart beats quickly.

The function of melatonin

In the human body, there is a pineal gland which functions to produce melatonin. The function of melatonin is to help the body regulate when someone is more alert and when someone feels sleepy. The pineal network will produce melatonin the amount needed by the body.

Our body is sensitive to light, in light the body produces little melatonin. But if in the dark, the body will produce more melatonin and make the body better prepared to sleep. While during the day, the gland pineals do not produce melatonin. So, for those with insomnia, it might be good to take melatonin supplements to help their sleep process.

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The Use of Melatonin

In general, melatonin is recommended for consumption one hour before going to bed. Take 1-3 grams of melatonin and consume about one hour before going to bed. Maybe patients have to consume regularly for several days to be able to see the results. In general, there are no known side effects of melatonin if it is not mixed with alcohol. However, the small effect must be there, here are some minor effects of consuming melatonin.

  • Stomach cramps,
  • Headache,
  • Dizzy,
  • Afternoon sleepy,
  • Have mild depression,
  • Easy to get angry,

Melatonin supplements are available in several forms, including available in tablets, and there are also in the form of soluble capsules which can be placed under the tongue and taken as a tea.

When should you go to the doctor

If you suffer from chronic insomnia, you should consult with a doctor to find the basic cause of insomnia. Maybe the doctor can eliminate the cause. If the cause has been removed, chances are the doctor has a different view of you, you may not need to consume melatonin or be given with a certain dose.

Regarding the side effects of melatonin, doter knows more about how the reaction is good if taken with other drugs or not. To be sure, you should avoid alcohol while consuming melatonin. If you accidentally consume alcohol, then immediately seek a doctor, because it is feared that breathing problems occur and others.


Consuming alcohol with melatonin or mixing the two is very dangerous for health. Alcohol interferes with the activity of supplements including melatonin. Alcohol is a sedative that can increase the risk of accidents.