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Health Benefits of Juniper Berry – Side Effect

Health Benefits of Juniper Berry

Health benefits of Juniper berry. Juniper berries, including plants in the family Cupressaceae. In botany, the herb is called Juniperus communis. But not only that, besides that some other names refer to this miraculous herb. Among them are Mountain Berry, Baccae juniperi, Melmot Berry, zimbro, Hapusha, Juniperi fructus, Ginepro, Hackmatack, Kuei, Genievre, Horse Savin, etc.

Juniper is a plant similar to pine, it is usually cover the soil where it is grown. Juniper is native to the northern hemisphere, including the Himalayas, these plants can be found easily. This herb is very popular in regions of Europe, North America, especially Texas and North Asia.

Juniper Berry premises well-known with health benefits. The juniper turned out to contain many compounds that are useful to eradicate the disease in the body. Juniper rich in anti-fungal, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, stimulant, etc. For more details, here we see the benefits of juniper berries for health.

Health Benefits of Juniper Berry

As we have mentioned above, that juniper contains anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anodyne, carminative, diuretic, astringent, stimulant, emmenagogue and stomachic. It makes the content of Juniper Berry provides various health benefits. Here we see one by one.

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1. Contains anti-bacterial

Juniper berries do contain not only antioxidants but also a source of anti-bacterial. A study conducted in Germany and published in the “Natural Products Communication” in 2010 said that they are examining some essential oils on the content of the antibacterial. They found that juniper oil contains anti-bacterial juniper best.

2. Improve digestion

Bitter vegetables are good for digestion and Juniper berries including one of the bitter, so its ability to keep the digestion is not in doubt. The bitter taste of Juniper can increase the production of saliva and digestive enzymes and increase the secretion of gastric acid.

If you experience to heartburn or indigestion, you can consume Juniper Berry. This fruit can eliminate flatulence so as to provide a sense of comfort and pain caused by the buildup of acid in the stomach or gas.

3. Beautify the skin

One of health benefits of Juniper Berry is beautifying the skin. Every time you chew it, Juniper Berry fruit directly will work to beautify and nourish your skin. Juniper also be the raw material for some products such as lipstick, eye shadow etc. Juniper helps cleanse the pores and prevent clogging of the pores.

4. Characteristically Diuretics

Juniper berries beneficial for a variety of complaints digestive problems. Its can reduce the signs of bloating and water retention.

Based on research conducted by the University of Michigan, juniper berry fruit really is a diuretic that reproduce urine result of a lot of foods that contain sodium. because Juniper Berry is a diuretic so helpful to clean the bladder of bacteria and toxins.

5. Contains anti-microbial and anti-fungal

Health benefits of Juniper berry to rid of various fungi and microbes so that is good to eat. Based on the research of “Shiraz University of Medical Sciences”, that juniper berries contain gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. Gram negative bacteria are the reason for E. coli, pneumonia and gonorrhea, while the gram-positive bacterium is causes Staphylococcus aureus. S. aureus that supposedly anti antibiotic.

6. Anti-aging

Health benefits of Juniper berry that are not less interesting is delaying aging. Besides delaying aging, juniper berry is also beneficial for digestion balanced, healthy breathing, blood circulation, and anxious. But, you also have to be careful eating juniper berries because these fruits also contain side effects. Among the side effects are itching, allergies, swelling, and skin irritability and difficulty breathing.

For those of you who take the drug Lithium, it is not recommended to consume juniper berry because this fruit can react negatively with lithium. If need be no fear in consultation with your doctor. In addition to the side effects that some things are more are diarrhea, seizures, and even damage DNA.

7. Boost immunity

Furthermore, juniper berry’s health benefits are able to enhance immunity. This will keep you from various types of minor ailments such as colds, fever, etc.

Juniper contain high antioxidants that can regulate your body’s defenses.

8. Healthy for kidney

Health benefits of Juniper berry are so amazing is the healthy kidney. This herb is really a natural diuretic and facilitate the passage of urine in the body.

Ideally, this herb is used to cleanse the kidneys and avoid the development of rock. In Europe, among the many drugs that are used for diuretics, one of which is juniper berry.

9. Healthy Skin

Juniper berry also has health benefits for the skin. This fruit can overcome the problems that commonly occur in the skin such as itching, scabs and leprosy.

Native American (Indian) using Juniper as a cure wounds, but modern health does not recommend the use of juniper in the wound.

10. Increased appetite

If you lose your appetite, then the juniper berries can help you out of this problem. Juniper berry fruit is proven to add one’s appetite, this is good for those of you who want to promote weight loss.

11. Preventing urinary infections

Juniper berry fruit useful to prevent urinary tract infections, and this helps the excretion system healthy. This proves that the juniper is a natural diuretic.

12. Lowering blood sugar

Further benefits that obtained from consuming juniper berries is to regulate blood sugar and lower blood sugar.

Based on research held in Spain that the juniper berry fruits are beneficial for reducing glycemic levels by increasing glucose induced secretion of insulin.

13. Reducing gas

Juniper berry fruit is also beneficial to remove the gas in the intestines and stomach because juniper has a carminative effect. If you experience a buildup of gas in the stomach then Juniper Berry is a blessing fruit for you.

14. Treating snakebite

Health benefits of Juniper berry also good in treating snake bites. Juniper is able to be a therapeutic remedy for snakebite.

15. Lose weight

Furthermore, the benefits of juniper berry is to lose weight. Consuming juniper berry helps expenses leftovers well, encouraging sweating, and stimulates the body to work well.

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16. Preventing cancer

It also includes juniper berry benefits are enormous. Juniper contains antioxidants that work to kill cancer cells.

17. Menstrual Cramps

It is a very annoying problem in the happen to women. However, by consuming juniper berries, this issue can be overcome easily. The herbalist uses juniper berries as a remedy to overcome the delay in menstruation.

These are just some health benefits of juniper berries, and there are many more benefits that can be gained from consuming fruits Juniper Berry.

Juniper Berry Side Effects

Juniper Berry although helpful for kidney and can danger to the kidneys, If used in excessive amounts it will interfere with the kidneys and even can lead to irritation of the kidneys.

In addition, pregnant women should avoid this herb because it can cause uterine contractions. Another possible effect is skin irritation, convulsions and diarrhea. Other side effects are:

1. If you have kidney problems, do not consume juniper berry because it could worsen the situation can even damage your kidneys.

2. If consumed in excessive amounts it can cause diarrhea, hypertension, kidney disease, urinary purple, and rapid heartbeat.

3. Do not use juniper berries on the wound, because it can be irritated and swollen.

4. For patients with diabetes should be careful to use juniper berries to not increase blood sugar.