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11 Powerful Fruits to Boost Your Immunity

11 fruits to boost immunity – Everyone want a healthy life and free from various diseases. If you are one those who crave this, take a little time to read this article.

The key to healthy living is boosting immunity. Apart from many other ways, boosting immunity is a very effective way to reach a healthy life and away from illness.

Immunity associated with white blood cells, because these cells that work to keep the body immune. Eating healthy foods and exercise regularly makes the body’s immunity work well.

As your immunity increases, you will experience good health and away from illness.

Fruits are fresh and fat-free and taste good. Eating certain fruits will boost your immune system well. Here’s a list of healthy fruits that can boost your immune system.

So make sure you consume 3 to 4 kinds of fruit every day to get immune.

List of Fruits to Boost Immunity

1. Citrus fruit

Citrus Powerful Fruits to Boost Your Immunity

This fruit is like lemon, orange or lime. It contains many of the vitamins C that the body needs. Vitamin C is an important component in the formation of white blood cells for immunity. In addition, citrus is also full of antioxidants, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

2. Papaya


Papaya fruit to boost immunity

In addition to citrus, papaya is also included in fruits rich in vitamin C. Papaya fruit contains digestive enzymes that are called papaine that contain anti-inflammatory. Papaya also contains a lot of potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B and folate.

3. Kiwi fruit

boosting immunity fruit kiwi fruit

Kiwi contains many essential nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, folate, and vitamin E that play a role in boosting immunity. Consume a green kiwi with a sweet taste, it will add strength to your body and free it from disease.

4. Guava

boosting immunity fruit guava

Another good fruit to boost immunity is guava. Guava contains lots of vitamin C, vitamin A that works to boost immunity.

5. Coconut


Coconut is an important fruit for consumption for good health. Consuming coconut is the best way to boost immunity, you can consume water or coconut meat. Coconut can also be the best alternative to keep the body temperature normal during the summer.

6. Apple

Boosting immunuty fruit Apple fruit

Everyone knows that this fruit is very important consumed to get good health. There is even a saying that “one apple every day can keep you away from a doctor”. Apples are able to keep the body and fight infection. It is the best source for minerals and vitamins.

7. Strawberries

Boosting immune fruit strawberry

Furthermore, the fruit to boost immunity is strawberry. This is a sensational fruit that has a very good role to boost immunity. Strawberries are a storehouse for a number of important vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin A.

To enjoy strawberry, mix with yogurt. It is not only good in taste but also effective boost immunity naturally.

8. Mango

Powerful Fruits to Boost Your Immunity

Mango is a sensational fruit with a sweet and delicious flavor. Apparently behind the pleasure stored great health benefits. Mango contains several essential vitamins to boost immunity like vitamin A and other minerals.

9. Watermelon

watermelon fruit to boost immunity

Watermelon is one of the fruits to boost immunity. The sweet and juicy taste makes many people love it. But do you know, it turns out the sweet taste, watermelon is also able to boost immunity. Watermelon contains vitamins and minerals. One of the important minerals is lycopene which effectively prevents disease and inflammation.

10. Banana

boosting immune fruit banana

Furthermore, the fruits to boost immunity system are bananas. Bananas are very good for health thanks to the many vitamins and minerals in it. It is the best source for potassium, magnesium, antioxidants and vitamin B6 that play a role in boosting immunity.

11. Pomegranate

pomegranate fruit to boost immunity

The pomegranate is able to eliminate the radicals in the body so it is good to prevent the risk of liver disease. In addition, pomegranate is also effective against cancer cells and diabetes and hyperplasia.

Pomegranate is the best source of vitamin B, vitamin C and antioxidants.