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List Of Fruits, Their Properties and Benefits

Are you looking for a list of fruits that are ideal for consumption and provide many benefits for your family? Read on the following article.

These fruits are generally a source of good health and a nutritional supply for the body’s needs. They provide a lot of calories from the raw fruit you consume. These fruits are also a source of simple sugars in the form of fructose and glucose. The benefit of this nutrient is to feed every cell in the body and provide a lot of the energy we need so that every part of the body can function properly. The body can also get a lot of potassium from them which is useful for stabilizing electrolytes in the body and is a source of more vitamins compared to other fruits.

Fruits are healthy foods that are easy to digest and rich in nutrients. They also include cancer-free foods or other diseases that often occur in modern times. However, you must choose organic fruits and free of pesticides. Fruits grown naturally are the best choice. The fruit is useful for fighting aging, and regenerating body cells. So, these fruits need to be included in our family’s important food.

The fruits in this world are very numerous, there are still many fruits that we have never seen. Some of them are in Asia, not in America, and vice versa. Below we see a list of fruits that are ideal for consumption.

1. List of Fruits That Are Sweet

Among the sweet fruits eaten are bananas, dates, Fig, Persimmon, Sapote, Cherimoya, Mammea, Sugar Apple, Carob, Plantain, Sapodilla, etc.

Banana is a fruit that is very popular in the world and even more popular than apples. The reason is, bananas can be obtained and grown throughout the world. Bananas are sweet fruits that are rich in nutrients and even become foods to eliminate fatigue after exercise. Bananas are rich in nutrients, especially bananas with speckled skin. To find out the benefits of bananas, you can read our article here (Benefits of Banana).

In addition, other fruits are persimmon, if it’s ripe, it’s very sweet and delicious. Sweet fruit like this is very good to combine with any fruit except sour fruit. Sweet fruit is also good for combined with celery or other green vegetables.

2. List Of Fruits That Are Subacid

Below are types of fruits that are rich in nutrients in the category of sour cub fruit. They are Apple, Peach, Grape, Papaya, Pear, Ugly Fruit, Nectarine, Raspberry, Blackberry, Apricot, Blueberry, Mango, Cherry, Mulberry, Guava, Tamarillo, etc

They include fruits that are good for consumption and can be combined with all types of fruit that are not sweet including good combined with lettuce and celery. Eat this fruit as much as you want.

3. List Of Fruits That Are Acid

After we know the type of sub-acid fruit, we now notice acidic fruits. This fruit also provides many benefits for body health. They are Blackberry, Passion Fruit, Orange, Strawberry, Tomato (technically a fruit), Pineapple, Grapefruit, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Acerola Cherry, Ugly Fruit, etc

Acid fruit besides tasty also contains quite high water content. In addition, these fruits are also low in calories. If you want to lose weight, acid fruit is right for you. Consuming low-calorie acid fruit is one way to maintain weight stability. Sour fruit is well combined with all fruits and includes both combined with celery and green vegetables.

4. List of fruits that are high in fat

Fruit that is high in fat is one of the drivers of the body becoming fat. But the body also needs fat in the right portion. Below is a group of high-fat fruits. They are Avocados, Durians, Coconuts, Akee, etc.

Fat as long as it is in the right portion is beneficial for health. One function of fat is to regulate the work of hormones to run properly. But if consumed in large quantities, fat will interfere with our body’s health.

If the fat is too high in the body, the sugar level will increase, eventually, it can cause diabetes, candida, and several other diseases. Fat prevents the flow of sugar into the cell because it blocks the presence of sugar. Fat can be found in all types of fruits and vegetables. But the numbers are very low except for a few. People who like to eat fruit or those who live on fruit, the average calorie they get from fruit is 5%.

But in fact, most of those who like to eat raw fruit actually consume fruits that are high in fat. One high-fat fruit is durian. This fruit contains 20-30% fat. Avocados contain 70% fat, even more, this depends on the type of fruit, but this fruit contains healthy fats. While coconuts contain about 80% fat.

Consuming raw fat is actually not a problem as long as it’s within reasonable limits. However, raw fat also needs to be consumed at least 10% must enter the body of total calories. If you try to enter 10%, you also need to be able to burn fat in certain portions. That amount depends on how much you burn fat. If we don’t move too hard, maybe half an avocado is enough for a day.