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Frightening Effects If You Eat a Lots of Mangoes

Mango is a fruit that is very popular by all ages. However, do you know what happens to the body when eating lots of mangoes. In fact, consume a lot of mangoes can cause certain problems in the body. lets see more

Entering the mango season is a pleasure for everyone. Mango can be obtained easily, even in the market the price becomes cheaper. So, many people can consume this sweet fruit every day. For some reason, mango is also called “the king of fruit”.

However, you should be careful to consume mangoes in excessive amounts. Because eating a lot of mangoes can cause certain problems for health. But if you consume a reasonable amount, then mango is very beneficial for your health. If you want to know the benefits of mango for health, see here.

Mango is a source of vitamin C that is needed by the body to boost immunity. In addition, the benefit of mangoes is to maintain a balance of cholesterol, increase male fertility, but if consumed in excessive amounts, mango can affect your health condition can even give a frightening effect.

Here we see what are the effects of consuming this excessively. Maybe valuable information for all of us.

Frightening Effects If You Eat a Lots of Mangoes

1. Weight Gain

Mango in addition to being a source of vitamin C also stores many calories. Medium-sized of mangoes contains about 135 calories. This will be a problem for those of you who want to lose weight. So, consuming a lot of mangoes will have a calorie deficit, this will hinder your weight loss plan.

In addition, which must be considered in consuming mango is the time to consume it. Consumption time is as important as the amount of mango you eat. If you eat 30 minutes before the workout, this is really very good for your body.

2. Increase blood sugar

Have you ever imagined what happens if you eat too many mangoes? Apparently, this fruit can increase your blood sugar levels.

Mango is a fruit with high fructose content. The more mango it means the higher the fructose amount. This is bad news for you. Consuming in large amounts will cause the rise of blood sugar and make the amount of insulin is increasing. It is certainly very scary for health because you are threatened to suffer from blood sugar disease.

3. Artificially Ripened Mangoes

Did you know that many mangoes are now forced to mature. Many mango merchants use calcium carbide to accelerate the mango ripening process. This substance gives adverse effects to health and can trigger against carcinogenic. One problem that will you feel are tingling, numbness and peripheral neuropathy. Scary is not it! So avoid eating foods that are ripped with carbides include mangoes.

4. Bad for Digestion

Furthermore, the frightening effects if you eat a lot of mangoes is to have indigestion, especially if you are eating a raw mango. Avoid eating raw mangoes in large quantities.

5. “Mango Mouth”

This is a bad effect of consuming raw mangoes for some people. This problem is called “mango mouth”. Eating raw mango with its gum often causes you to get wounds, itching, blisters around the mouth. This symptom occurs in those who are sensitive to raw gummy mango.

So, if you eat raw mangoes should be extra careful, in order not to experience a problem called “mango mouth”.

6. Irritation

Another frightening effects of consuming lots of mangoes is an irritation. If you consume raw mangoes, usually sap of mango is about the mouth, and your esophagus can cause strong irritation.

If you experience this problem, then stay away from drinking cold water because it can cause further irritation. Cold water can cause coagulation of sap, so the irritation becomes more severe.

7. Salmonella Infection

Infection is one of the frightening problems of consuming mango. Salmonella Serotype Newport (SN) has long been reported in the United States in 1999, and raw mango is one of the causes of salmonella.

Boldsky.com says that 78 patients who occur in 13 states are infected with this virus. 2 hospitalized patients of 28 enrolled patients died within 2 weeks. So 14 (50%) report that they consume mango for 5 days before illness. It became the information of this time that mangoes are infected with this virus.

8. Arthritis sufferers do not eat mango

For those who suffer from sinusitis, arthritis should not consume in large quantities. Eating fresh mango, mature, or mango juice can cause annoyance for them.

9. Allergic Reactions

Eating mangoes is also concerned with allergies especially those who are allergic to the fruit. Among the symptoms that appear on them are watery eyes, respiratory problem, colds, sneezing, abdominal pain, even if there is a shock if chronic.

So, eating mango should be careful although the health benefits obtained is a lot. You should not consume mangoes in excess, especially raw mangoes.

10. Consume mango in juiceĀ  form

Mango juice is also good for health, but you have to limit it. Mango juice is different from eating mango directly. Making mango in the form of juice can eliminate most of the fiber so that the health benefits to be reduced.

In addition, adding sugar in mango causes the mango you eat to empty of calories and eliminate the nutritional value.

These empty calories can be harmful to your health because they cause weight gain. So, you are advised to eat mango instead of eating mango juice. However, if you want to enjoy a glass of mango juice, make it without adding sugar in the juice.

Those are some frightening effects if you eat a lot of mangoes. You should be careful to consume mango in order to get health benefits. Wrong way causes you to get the illness.