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25 Star Apple Health Benefits

Star apple health benefits – Star apple in Latin discussion called Chrysophyllum cainito. This fruit comes from the Caribbean and it belongs to the family Sapotaceae. Although from the Caribbean, now a lot of cultivation in tropical countries. Star Apple is a fruit rarely found in the fruit market, probably because it is still less popular in the community.

The inside of the fruit is shaped like star when cut into two parts. This is the reason why this fruit is called star apple.

Star apple health benefits follow the nutrients present in this fruit. This fruit is rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and rich in antioxidants. So, we will see the benefits based on their nutritional content.

Best Star Apple Health Benefits

Rich of Vitamins and Minerals

Star apple is a healthy fruit that contains many vitamins and minerals. The content of calcium, iron and vitamin C make this fruit have great benefits to health. Here we see what are the benefits based on vitamin.

1. Maintain bone health

Minerals that are needed for bone health are phosphorus and calcium. Many of us only know that the calcium comes from milk and milk products. But, what about you who can not consume this drink, of course you should look for other foods that contain calcium. One type of calcium rich fruit that you can consume is star apple. it is will help meet your daily calcium needs.

2. Strengthens Bones

star apple health benefits

Phosphorus and calcium are also important for dental health. So, healthy teeth that must meet a lot of calcium and phosphorus. For that, you should certainly consume foods that provide a lot of phosphorus and calcium. In addition to milk and its products, you can also try the fruit star apple because it also contains a lot of calcium.

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3. Reduce cramps during PMS

Furthermore, the benefits of star apple fruit is to reduce cramps during PMS. For women who often experience cramp problems when PMS should they consume a lot of star apple fruit. The amount of calcium in the fruit is able to help reduce pain during PMS. In addition, this sweet fruit can also improve mood during the PMS.

4. Prevents flatulence

In PMS, women not only feel cramps but they also often experience flatulence. Flatulence is certainly not comfortable even if not dangerous. This discomfort can result in a mood swings, it must be removed.

One solution is consume star apple fruit regularly during PMS.

5. Oxygenate your body

Furthermore, the star apple health benefits is to meet the oxygen into the body. As we know that oxygen is needed by the body, even in every cell there must be oxygen to function properly. Star apple fruit contains a lot of iron that regulates this problem.

With a lot of red blood cell production, the oxygen requirement by the body will be fulfilled. So, consume star apple fruit regularly for the body’s need.

6. Producing collagen

Collagen is an important substance for the skin, this substance regulates the structure of the skin to keep tight and flexible and bone flexibility. This also applies to our muscles and blood vessels.

Thus, we know that collagen is very important for the structure of the human body. Collagen in produced in body with the help of vitamin C and vitamin C is found in abundance amount in star apple fruit.

7. Accelerate wound healing

Collagen in star apple fruit is also useful for healing wounds, in addition, vitamin C content will strengthen the body’s immunity to help healing faster.

8. Keeping the heart

Heart-related disease usually occurs because we force the heart to work more than its portion. So, it takes a lot of minerals to help the performance of the heart. Consuming star apple fruit is one of the important ways to improve heart health.

9. Boost immunity

Vitamin C and carotene in star apple is a great combination. This is changed to pro vitamin A that helps boost immunity.

10. Improve vision

Vision is an important thing that must be on guard as it often decreases with age. Consuming foods rich in antioxidants and iron is important to inhibit eye damage. Food with good vitamin C value is one of the foods that must be consumed. These foods will regenerate cells quickly so that no significant damage occurs.

11. Lowering blood sugar levels

Excessive blood sugar is very harmful to the body because it causes various complications of the disease. Blood sugar also includes diseases that can not be cured but can be controlled. So we have to consume foods that can control blood sugar.

Star apple fruit is a type of fruit that can lower blood sugar levels. Consume regularly to keep blood sugar in normal position.

12. Prevent anemia

Anemia is a health symptom characterized by less blood or red blood cells. Anemic people should consume foods high in iron for the reproduction of red blood cells. Star fruit apple and cassava are foods rich in this mineral.

13. Prevent iron deficiency

Iron deficiency in a long time can be fatal to health. Some of the symptoms of iron deficiency are dizziness, headache, weakness, rapid heartbeat and extreme fatigue. Iron deficiency in the transient time has given a sense of discomfort especially if there is a shortage of iron in the long term. It will be harmful to the overall health of the body because iron is responsible for the production of red blood cells.

14. Reduce the risk of stroke

Furthermore, star apple health benefits is to prevent stroke. Stroke occurs due to lack of oxygen to the brain. So, the brain needs a lot of oxygen flow. Iron is responsible for red blood cells that contain hemoglobin and bring plenty of oxygen to the brain. When the brain gets enough oxygen then the risk of stroke can be reduced.

15. Treating cough naturally

Star apple fruit is often used as a natural cough medicine from time to time. So, consuming star apple is the best way to treat a cough naturally.

Fruit Rich In Antioxidant

Free radicals are harmful substances resulting from exposure to ultraviolet light. This ray will accelerate the oxidation and damage of cells in the body. As a result, premature aging and cell damage are easy to occur. So, we must make sure we get enough antioxidants. One way is by consuming enough fruits and foods rich in antioxidants.

star apple fruit health benefits

Star apple fruit is one of them, following star apple health benefits based on antioxidant content.

16. Neutralize the effects of free radicals

We can not prevent the entry of free radicals into the body, so we must keep the body in order to neutralize free radicals. Antioxidant-rich foods like star apple are a source of antioxidants that need to be consumed. Eating star apple regularly will reduce the impact of free radicals on the body.

17. Prevent cancer cells

Cancer cells in the body occur from normal cells exposed to free radicals. Then these normal cells will mutate into cancer cells. Such is the process of cancer cells in the body. However, antioxidants can prevent the development of bad cells by removing free radicals.

18. Act as anti aging

Furthermore, star apple health benefits is preventing aging. We can not prevent aging, but we can slow it down by consuming antioxidant-rich foods. Consuming star apple will keep the body cell damage and accelerate the regeneration process so that premature aging can be prevented.

19. Prevent infection

When the wound we often use disinfectant to fight bacteria and infections from the outside in order to recover quickly. However, in addition to fighting from the outside, we can fight infections from within by consuming star apple fruit. This fruit contains anti-bacteria that will fight infection from within.

20. Reduces inflammation

In addition to preventing free radicals, antioxidants can also fight inflammation. Star apple fruit is a great source of antioxidants to prevent inflammation naturally.

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21. Treating blood pressure (hypertension)

Furthermore, star apple health benefits is to treat hypertension. This is thanks to the many antioxidants in star apple. However, since it is traditionally known, scientific research is needed further to claim that star apple can treat hypertension.

22. Treating skin rashes

Rashes on the skin can be caused by various causes. However, you can use star apple leaves to reduce this rash. In addition to rash, this leaf can also overcome the itching.

As Rich Fiber Fruits

Star apple fruit is included in the list of fiber-rich fruit. In one fruit alone it contains about 3 g of daily fiber requirement that ranges from 25-38 gram.

23. Good for weight loss

High fiber content good for weight loss diet. Consuming lots of star apple can make you full quickly. This will reduce the portion of food so you do not consume a lot of carbohydrates.

24. Avoid diabetes

Fiber is an essential nutrient for the body to control various diseases including diabetes. Eating lots of fiber can shed cholesterol and blood sugar. So, medically we are not good to consume lots of rice, but must be balanced with fiber-rich foods such as brown rice or fruits.

25. Maintain digestive health

Fiber is responsible for intestinal and stomach health. Star apple fruit is one type of fruit rich in fiber. Fiber will bind all compounds and waste that is not needed by the body to be removed and removed from the body.

Those ere some important star apple health benefits that we should to know. So that the supply of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber are always met. Eating one star apple has been getting some nutrients at once.