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Custard Apple Health Benefits and Nutritional Facts

Custard Apple Health Benefits

You what are Custard Apple Health Benefits? We will show you here. Custard Apple fruit is a fruit that contains lots of vitamin C that act as antioxidants. Additionally, Custard Apple also repels various diseases in the body and boost immunity. This fruit is full of potassium, vitamin A, magnesium, fiber, phosphorus, Custard Apple Fruit also save many calories that can be fulfilling.

Consuming sugar apple fruit could protect you from various diseases and health problems. Custard Apple health benefits are as food for heart patients, good for healthy skin, bones, and keep you from high blood pressure. This kind Apple leaves can be applied to treat inflammatory diseases such as ulcers while the bark is useful in a curing toothache.

Custard Apple is very well known as a fruit for a healthy heart. Also, the fruit is also good for pregnant women, for eye health, eliminate fatigue and prevent anemia.

Custard Apple Health Benefits

Custard Apple or sugar Apple contains many vitamins and minerals that are good for your health. Among the advantages of the content of sugar apple fruit is:

Vitamin C

Sugar apple or Custard Apple is a fruit that contains vitamin C that act as antioxidants; this material will provide positive effects that fight free radicals.

Vitamin A

The much content of vitamin A in Custard Apple makes this fruit is good for skin health, hair health, and health


The Custard Apple health benefits to eliminate muscle weakness and lethargies. It is the effect of the rich content of potassium in Custard Apple.


Benefits of magnesium are as a counterweight to the water content in the body. It is especially useful for patients with rheumatism, and beneficial to eliminate the acid in the joints.


Custard Apple contains copper that has an enormous health benefit for health at all; Copper is a mineral that is useful to combat constipation.

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Fiber is another content of Custard Apple shed that useful to eliminate constipation and indigestion.

Nutritional Facts of Custard Apple

The 100 grams of custard apple is having nutrition in the following forms: Calories 80-101g, 68g of protein, 0.5g fat, carbohydrate as much as 20g.

Beside that also contain fiber about 0.9 g, 17.6 mg of calcium, 14.7mg of phosphorus, 0.42 mg of iron, carotene about 0.007 mg, Thiamine (0.075 mg), riboflavin (0086 mg), niacin (0.528m), ascorbic acid (15 mg), nicotinic acid (0.5 mg).

Medicinal Uses of Custard Apple

Those are some Custard Apple health benefits, sweet fruit laden nutrient content. Good luck