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Does Pineapple Burn Fat?

Does Pineapple Burn Fat – If you ask about the role of pineapple in burning fat, then you should read this article up to finish. We will discuss the benefits of pineapple to burn fat in the body. Pineapple is a fruit that can burn calories appropriately. It contains high nutrients like vitamin C, thiamine, manganese, fiber, copper and vitamin B6. Not only that, pineapple also contains one enormous enzyme, this is bromelain. This enzyme is found in the pineapple and its juice.

The benefits of pineapple in burning fat are related to the content of bromelain. It contributes to your belly fat, so eating pineapple can help burn fat belly slowly.

Before looking at the benefits of pineapple to burn fat, we see other benefits of pineapple as follows:

1. Stomach Bloating

Powerful pineapple eliminates ulcers and stomachaches due to the presence of bromelain enzymes that play a role to digest proteins. Thus the results of research conducted at the University of Maryland.

2. Treating inflammation

Consuming pineapple is also able to eliminate inflammation and edema. In addition, pineapple also treats arthritis, sports injuries, surgical wounds. All this thanks to the enzyme bromelain in pineapple. This enzyme also works to regenerate the lining of the intestines or stomach digestive lining. Inflammation like this can be removed by the enzyme bromelain so the stomach looks slimmer.

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3. Burn fat

This is an important point in this article, so the question “Does Pineapple Burn Fat” is already answered. Fresh pineapple juice is claimed to be able to remove the layer of fat in the abdomen, according to research conducted by Clayton College of Natural Health. In addition to the enzyme bromelain, there are lipase enzymes that are useful for burning fat. So, these two enzymes can work together to burn more optimal fat. Bromelain also serves to decrease appetite and increase fat excretion.

Not only that the reason, why pineapple is good to burn fat? Another reason is because pineapples include catabolic fruit. Mean, the body must spend a lot of calories to digest the fruit, compared with the number of calories in the fruit it self. So, this process will decrease many calories and fat in the body. So, it is true to say that fresh pineapple is fruit that can streamline your stomach.


Pineapple as a whole is a healthy and safe fruit in consumption. However, if not ripe, its pineapple juice can cause you to get nausea and vomiting. Allergic reactions can also occur in those who are allergic to pollen and honeybee toxins. Enzyme bromelain, if consume in excessive amount also cause anti coagulant.

In addition, pregnant women who consume pineapple are also worried to cause miscarriages, especially raw pineapple.