Home Beverages Jaggery Is Good For Weight Loss, Lets See The Reasons

Jaggery Is Good For Weight Loss, Lets See The Reasons

Jaggery Is Good For Weight Loss, lets we talk about. This time we will talk about Jaggery and it is a natural sweetener that is often sweetened in various Indian treats. Sugarcane was actually first used by Gautama Buddha as food. Now sugar cane is an ingredient in making natural sweeteners or brown sugar today. Jaggery is a sweetener that can only be found in India and is a very natural sweetener in foods.

For those of us who have health, of course we often think about weight or how to lose weight. The reason is that excess weight is the cause of various diseases and this is the reason why many of us think about being able to lose weight naturally safely. Even as the NDTV report states that 5 out of 10 Indians want to lose weight.

Jaggery Is Good For Weight Loss, Lets See The Reasons
Jaggery lemonade

Well, speaking of weight loss, Jaggery is one of the essential ingredients. Have you ever used brown sugar and got rid of granulated sugar to lose weight. That’s why we’re going to talk about jaggery which is pretty good at losing weight. Maybe roughly, until here we have answered the question in our title; namely: Jaggery Is Good For Weight Loss: True or False?

Let’s see more clearly about what jaggery is and what are the benefits and whether it is true that jaggery is useful in losing weight.

How is Jaggery Made?

Jaggery can actually be made with sugar cane or with dates. But for the most part, the process of making jaggery is made with sugar cane and it is extracted strongly so that all the starch is removed.

Sugarcane extraction is the initial stage, after the sugar cane is extracted it is then filtered. When filtered, the dirty part of the essence settles to the bottom and this dirty part is removed and removed.

After the first stage, the second is passed, then enters the third stage, namely concentration. The way to concentrate jaggerry or sugarcane juice is to boil it in a large saucepan. Then this stew is poured into the mold and allowed to cool until then hardens and becomes brown sugar.

Jaggery Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 10g

Nutritional Values Amount
Calories 38.3
Total Carbohydrates 9.8g
Sugars 9.7g
Total Fat 0g
Total Trans Fatty Acids 0g
Protein 0g
Niacin 0.2mg (1% of the recommended daily value)
Pantothenic Acid 0.1mg (1% of the recommended daily value)


Is Jaggery Good For Weight Loss

Is Jaggery Good For Weight Loss?

Ok, let’s go back to our main question, is jaggery good for weight loss or not.

The answer is: “it’s true that jaggery is good for weight loss”. Jaggery or gur is indeed good in losing weight if consumed properly. How to make Jagerry good at this.

Here are some reasons why jaggery can lose weight:

Jaggery does not contain trans fats. This fat is the cause of weight gain, where in the journal obesity it is stated that trans fat can increase the thickness of the stomach.

Jaggery has fewer calories than sugar. So said in The Time of India. So the logic is that the lower the calories the better for weight loss and jaggery is lower in calories.

Jaggery is beneficial for digestion. A healthy digestion will eliminate various wastes efficiently. So, this can help in reducing body fat, especially fat in the abdomen.

Jaggery is also known to have extraordinary benefits in removing toxins from the body. Just like you drink celery juice that can detox the body. Toxins that accumulate in the intestines will be liquefied by the jaggery and excreted through the feces. This will reduce our waist circle as a result of emptying our intestines from accumulated toxins.

Well, after reading this article, we know now that jaggery is beneficial for weight loss. However, how? Let’s see how to lose weight with jaggery or gur.

This is How to Use Jaggery to Lose Weight

To lose weight with jaggery you must know how. If you don’t know how to consume jaggery in excess then you won’t get the benefits you want, which is weight loss. For that, we will explain how to use jaggery for weight loss properly.

How: Try making a drink from jaggery with the addition of lemon juice and water. These three components will provide the benefits of jaggery for you. After making a jaggery drink like this, you can drink it any time, but we recommend that you drink it on an empty stomach. Jaggery will clean the dirty intestines and this is quite good in controlling your weight.

Jaggery is a drink of lemon juice without sugar. Also use warm water. After taking a glass of warm water, add a slice of lemon or lemon juice, plus a slice of jaggery. Stir well and the jaggery drink is ready to drink.

That’s how to use jaggery to lose weight naturally. Do it regularly and use half a lemon for good results in cleansing the intestines.

Jaggery drink contains a lot of vitamin C, is useful for increasing metabolic work, and neutralizing toxins because of its antioxidants. In Ayurvedic medicine, the jaggery recipe is even more delicious because it uses mint leaves.

If you have sugar problems or diabetes, then add a small piece of brown sugar (not too much sugar). With a small amount of brown sugar, it does not increase the sugar content. So, it is safe for consumption for diabetics.

Drinks will be more energetic, make your body healthier and the benefits will be felt quickly.

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Are you fat? Drink Jaggery!

Jaggery is a healthy drink for natural weight loss. This natural sweetener has long been a food ingredient or natural sweetener in all Indian homes.

The jaggery can be the best substitute for sugar, so in many dishes that use sugar, jaggery can replace the sugar for a healthier way.

To maintain a healthier body, replace sugar with jaggery in all your dishes. When cooking vegetables you can also use jaggery as a sweetener.

When buying jaggery in the store, pay close attention, usually a good jaggery is a slightly red color not whitish. If you see a pale or slightly white color, then look elsewhere because a good and quality jaggery is one that is slightly red in color.