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6 Benefits Of Sparkling Water, What Is Sparkling Water?

Are you addicted to soda? Sparkling water is a right solution for overcoming addictions to all sugary drinks. In fact, the health benefits of soda water are not limited to here, but there are also several other benefits that you must know.

In this article, we will explain the benefits of sparkling water for health and the benefits of carbonated water.

Let’s look at the comparison of club soda vs sparkling water and some other types of drinks.

Carbonated water may be confusing. Ok, we try from ordinary water and then we filter. But now there are a variety of water brands. Among them are sparkling water, alkaline water, seltzer water, club soda, mineral water, soda water, tonic water, and raw water. Ok, let’s see what is the difference between some types of water.

A little before we begin to explain the benefits of sparkling water, we first see the difference between the soda club and sparkling water. In general, they are the same. Sparkling water, club soda, and carbonated water are types of water that involve carbon dioxide in the manufacturing process. Here are 4 types of Fizzy water that need to be known.

Four Types of Fizzy Water

1. Club soda

Club soda is water that has been dissolved from carbon dioxide. It is the same as carbonated water but it contains additives such as table salt, potassium bicarbonate or sodium bicarbonate which is used to add saltiness.

2. Carbonated water

Carbonated water is the same as club soda, where both have undergone dissolution of carbon dioxide. Among carbonated drinking water are sparkling water, soda water, or seltzer water. This drink does not add a substance other than carbon dioxide.

3. Mineral water

Mineral water is usually directly packed from the original source and it contains natural minerals. However, mineral water is also often carbonated. Among them is San Pellegrino and Perrier.

4. Tonic water

This is carbonated drinking water which contains bitter elements such as quinine, sugar and also includes high-fructose corn syrup.

Is Sparkling Water Dangerous to You?

Do you know what happens when carbon dioxide is added to water? Well, when carbon dioxide is put into the water there will be a chemical reaction, this is carbonic acid. It is also said with a weak acid reaction that is not harmful to the body.

Usually, the pH of carbonated water is between 3-4. So, the acid content is only a little. Based on Joe Leech of Heathline.com’s observations. This harmless chemical reaction sometimes triggers nerve receptions in your mouth like mustard.

Is Sparkling Water Dangerous to Your Teeth?

Acid taste in sparkling water will expose your tooth enamel. Here there is little concern about the bad risks to teeth due to acid. There are several studies of acid in sparkling water. One of them said that he could damage tooth enamel on a small scale.

The biggest damaging effect on teeth is soft drinks. While carbonated water is 100% less damaging to tooth enamel compared to soft drinks.

6 Benefits of Sparkling Water for Health

Ok, after we know about soda water, here we see the benefits of sparkling water and its effects on health.

1. Triggers you to drink more water

The health benefits that you can get from drinking sparkling water is to stimulate your body’s system to drink more water. If you need to drink lots of water every day, you can drink carbonated water because it will trigger you to drink more plain water.

2. Helps you swallow

Mean, carbonated water helps your digestion, indeed it sounds strange. One proof of helping your digestion is that it can expedite your swallowing process.

This is based on scientific data from a study held in 2016. Research shows that carbonated water can increase a person’s ability to swallow.

3. Increases feeling of fullness

One way you don’t overeat is to drink lots of water before eating. However, sparkling water turns out to be more able to give you a full feeling of fullness so you don’t want to eat much.

4. Overcoming constipation

One of the benefits of sparkling water is to prevent constipation. This is based on the results of a study of 21 participants who suffered from dyspepsia and constipation. Those who consume carbonated water can improve their digestive health by decreasing constipation problems.

5. Good for bone health

There are studies that show the relationship between healthy bones and sparkling water. A study that conducts on laying hens, where tap water replace with carbonated water and the results were shocking. The chicken experienced an increase in strength in its leg bones.

6. Improve heart health

Furthermore, research on postmenopausal women who consume carbonated water has a positive effect on their heart health.

Those who consume sparkling water experience a decrease in bad cholesterol, inflammation, and blood sugar. In addition, they also experienced other extraordinary things that increase the good cholesterol (HDL).