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Lemon Water Before Bed, 7 Health Benefits

Lemon water before bed – Eat and drink a lot at night often we hear is not good for health. But this is not all true because there is a healthy drink for you to drink before bed. Lemon water is scientifically believed to be good for health if you drink before bed. Lemons will give you a good night’s sleep and detoxify your toxins.

Lemons are full of essential nutrients for the body. One of the best ways to consume lemon is to drink lemon juice or lemon juice.

Lemons do not contain sodium, fat and cholesterol so drink lemon juice before sleeping large benefits. Lemon water is a source of potassium and folate that is recommended for health.

Lemon also contains high vitamin C, which is good for boosting immunity and detoxifying toxins in the body.

Drinking Lemon Water Before Bed

1. Improve the quality of sleep

Lemon water before bed is helpful for the balance of vitamins, nutrients, and body minerals. Lemon water will recharge the lost nutrients for a whole day.

These lemon properties will stabilize hormones, restore stamina and repair joint and muscle damage. In addition to sleeping before, lemon water is also good for digestive health if on a drink when an empty stomach or when you wake up in the morning.

2. Burn calories

A glass of warm lemon juice before bed seems like a brilliant idea to maintain health. Warm water can burn calories of the body especially if mixed with lemon juice. This will be the best calorie burner for you.

lemon water before bed

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Some mentioned that drinking cold lemon water is good for burning calories. But this is not true, because cold water actually slows calorie burning. Use warm lemon water to burn calories instead of cold lemon water. Cold water is just refreshing but very bad for health moreover those who have problems with digestion.


3. Improve immunity

Lemon water provides many vitamins and minerals that are useful for the body as a whole. One of the vitamins that acts as an antioxidant and can increase immunity is vitamin C, but it is also good for skin beauty.

Vitamin C is an ascorbic acid that works against the nucleic acids of viruses present in the body. In this way vitamin C can increase the level of endurance of the body against the danger of bacteria that threaten.

Benefits of vitamin C also play a role in increasing white blood cells. It is known to be an important role-holder of the immune system.

4. Hydrates the body

The human body consists of a number of water so that it always needs fluid to hydrate the body. Drinking lemon juice before bed can be a reload for some of the lost fluids throughout the day.

When the body is well hydrated then the heart will pump blood well. This process will help muscle performance efficiently.

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5. Helps digestion

Lemon water is useful for cleansing various disorders in the intestine such as fat. Drinking warm lemon juice before bedtime is excellent for melting fat and cholesterol so it is wasted through sweat or urine.

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If this is always done regularly then digestion will be healthy and far from constipation. Furthermore, lemon water is also able to nourish the body properly by maximizing the intestines in absorbing nutrients.

6. Detoxifying the poison

Familiarizing the lemon water before bed can be a natural diuretic that removes various toxins. If this is done continuously it will always clean up the dirt and toxins or foreign objects in the body.

Toxins can always enter the body, either through food or drinks that we consume every day. Water contaminated with bacteria or artificial sweeteners will be toxic to the body. Eating a glass of lemon water before bed can help to release this poison gradually.

How to Make Lemon Water

Make a glass of lemon water to drink before bed is easy. You can make it when you want to sleep without having to spend a lot of time.

Take the lemon and split the side up to 4 parts (following the 4 sides of the lemon). Squeeze the water into a glass of warm or cold water according to taste. To give a sense you can add a little honey or sugar.