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7 Substitutes for Capers You Should Know

The Caper is one ingredient that is often added to cooking to taste. If you run out of stock capers or want to be creative with food to add a lot of experience, there are other spices that can replace the capers. On this article, we will show you about some best substitutes for capers.

Why use capers in cooking? Caper is useful for adding a lot of flavors to your cooking, for example, adding salty texture to salads, meat, pasta, or in fish dishes. Using capers greetings cooking gives the impression that the dishes you make are like the taste of Italian and Greek dishes.

Below we see what are the substitutes for capers in cooking.

List of Substitutes for Capers

If you look for a replacement for the exact same caper, you will not find it. But if to give a similar taste, you can use many other ingredients. You can be creative with cuisine in presenting the same taste as when you use capers.

One of the most appropriate substitutes for capers is green olives, it tastes spicy like capers. For something new, if you are innovating with your cooking, try adding thyme or nasturtium seeds or peppercorns to your dishes and dishes.

1. Green Olives

Green Olives

Olive olive is a suitable substitute for capers. You can use green olives in chicken picatta, salads to replace the capers. The taste of green olives varies according to the producer, so you can taste several types to find the right flavor and match the capers.

2. Thyme

Thyme as caper substitute

Thyme can also replace the capers, thyme is usually used as a topping or as a food decoration. It tastes the same as capers and adds a savory taste to your cooking.

3. Mustard Greens

Mustard Greens as substitute for caper

If you don’t like pickles, you can still enjoy traditional dishes with a twist. When cooked, love mustard greens, it has a spicy and tangy taste. Try sauteed mustard greens or chopped as a salad, and add a little salt. This will give a taste that is almost the same as the capers.

That is why many people do not use capers but use mustard greens in salads by adding a little salt.

4. Lemon and Peppercorns

Lemon and black pepper added to the dish will give a sharp and spicy sensation to your dish. So, if you don’t find capers in the kitchen, now don’t panic, just replace them with a mix of black pepper and lemon.

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5. Nasturtium Seeds

Furthermore, the substitute for capers is nasturtium seeds, even this is a very appropriate substitute. Adding nasturtium seeds to cooking can give you a taste like capers (imitating capers) and adding flavor to pasta and salads.

6. Pickled Artichoke Hearts

Artichokes have the right flavor for fish and chicken dishes. Artichokes are vegetables that are rich in fiber, can improve your digestive health. Try chewing pickled artichokes and other pickled vegetables when you have no capers in cooking. Pickled artichokes will give a flat taste when you enjoy eating.

7. Dill Pickles

Dill Pickles substitutes

Dill pickles are the same as green olives or capers, so they are widely used as the best substitute for capers. Pickled dill also gives a strong and tangy taste to the salt content. Pickled cucumbers are also one of the vegetables that are often made pickled, you can also replace the capers with pickled dill or with pickled cucumbers.

Those are the seven best caper substitutes for your cooking. Now you don’t have to panic anymore when there are no capers in the kitchen. You don’t need to go to a special cigarette to buy it, but you can replace it with some of the ingredients that we mentioned above.