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Best Substitute For Adobo Seasoning – Top 3 Choices

Substitute for adobo seasoning – Do you often use adobo seasoning in making your food savory? Here we will explain to you what adobo seasoning is and what are the best substitutes for adobo seasoning. Check out our review so you know what has the same taste and savory taste with adobo seasoning so that it becomes a guide for you when you run out of stock adobo seasoning.

Who doesn’t love adobo seasoning, this is a very popular cooking spice in Mexico, South America, the Philippines and Spain. Adobo seasoning is a seasoning that is spread on meat to provide a delicacy to grilled or fried foods.

You can serve lunch with a menu of fried chicken or grilled chicken that has been seasoned with adobo. The taste will be different from other types of food without a touch of adobo seasoning. What if you don’t have adobo seasoning? Are there other seasonings that can add delicacy to grilled meat? We will see what are the best substitutes for adobo seasoning.

Now adobo seasoning is used in many types of meat foods such as soups, steaks, meat tacos and many other foods that use adobo seasoning to enhance the delicious taste.

But in some areas it is very difficult to find adobo seasoning. Well, in conditions like this you have to know what ingredients can be the best substitute for adobo seasoning.

Among the very popular substitutes for adobo are chili powder, greek and cajun seasonings.

What is Adobe Seasoning?

Adobo seasoning is a food flavoring from the Caribbean, usually as a flavoring ingredient in meat that is rubbed on meat before cooking or grilling. Indeed, this is a seasoning that is used when the meat will be grilled or fried.

There are two versions of adobo seasoning, wet and dry, and now the dry version is gaining popularity these days.

Among the important ingredients in adobo seasoning are garlic, salt, oregano, pepper, shallots and dried oranges.

Now adobo is a key ingredient in some of today’s most popular condiments such as McCormick and Goya.

What Is a Good Substitute for Adobe Seasoning?

If you find it difficult to find adobo seasoning, you don’t have to worry because you can find the best substitute for adobo seasoning.

Here we will explain to you some of the ingredients that you can use to replace the adobo seasoning. Just follow our writing because we will explain it to you.

1. Chili powder

Best Substitute For Adobo Seasoning

One of the ingredients that can replace the adobo seasoning is chili powder. This is very easy to find, even in all retail shops, chili powder is available.

Chili powder contains black pepper, cumin, garlic, and oregano. These are common ingredients found in adobo seasoning.

Chili powder and adobo seasoning are different in terms of color. Chili powder gives your food a red color and adobo powder gives your food a yellow color.

However, both chili powder or adobo seasoning can be used interchangeably in the same dish. If you can’t find adobo seasoning to use in a recipe that uses adobo seasoning, you can substitute chili powder.

2. Cajun seasoning

Cajun seasoning

Next, the seasoning that can be the best seasoning to replace the adobo seasoning is cajun seasoning. Adobo and Cajun have similar ingredients. Where both also use ingredients such as garlic, black paper, and oregano.

Indeed, if you use Cajun seasoning you will not find the exact same dish, but you can find your food that is tasty and delicious. Your food will be delicious, tasty and make you want to add more.

3. Greek seasoning

Greek seasoning for adobo seasoning

Greek seasoning is also one of the best substitutes for adobo seasoning, especially for those of you who like Mediterranean flavors.

Why? This is because the Greek seasoning contains ingredients similar to those found in the adobo seasoning. The difference in the ingredients lies in the marjoram seasoning, while the Greek seasoning uses thyme.

What Can I Substitute for Adobe Seasoning?

In addition to using adobo seasoning as above, to get the same food sensation as using adobo seasoning, you can use several other substitutes such as adobo sauce and adobo paste.

The adobo sauce uses exactly the same ingredients as in the adobo seasoning. But there is a difference that needs to be known as well, this lies in the adobo sauce which contains more liquid and oil, this is also the cause of the paler color.

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Adobo sauce is more fluid and when substituting for adobo seasoning you should use it with care.

The use of adobo sauce is widely used for soups because it is rich in liquid. This liquid will not affect your soup dish. If you’re using adobo pasta, it’s great to brush on the meat before grilling.

FAQs about Substitute for Adobo Seasoning

What Is Adobo Seasoning Made of?

Want to know what are the ingredients for making adobo seasoning? The adobo seasoning is made with ingredients such as garlic as the main ingredient. There is also the addition of oregano, pepper, and the main ingredients of the adobo seasoning vary depending on the region of manufacture.

How to make adobo seasoning?

You’ll need some basic ingredients from your pantry, and a mixing bowl and blender.

Prepare ingredients such as garlic powder, pepper, oregano, onion powder, black pepper, ground cumin, chili powder, turmeric, and ready to make.

Which Adobo Seasoning Is the Best?

How to know the best adobo bubu, are they all the same? Not the same, there are several brands that are known until now as quality spices, including Goya Adobo All-Purpose Seasoning, Badia Adobo Seasoning and Chef Merito Adobo Carne Al Pastor, these are some well-known brands to date.

What are the benefits and uses of adobo seasoning?

The adobo seasoning is a versatile condiment with endless benefits. Adobo can be used for many food menus ranging from fish, beef, pork, and can even be used for non-meat dishes such as soup, rice, beans, and even eggs.


The benefits and uses of the versatile adobo seasoning have made it an important and popular spice in people’s lives. In addition, adobo seasoning is also available in large quantities in stores so that it is easy to find and this adds and expands its use in the midst of culinary life.

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So in this article we present the best substitute for adobo seasoning. If you run out or find it difficult to find adobo seasoning, then we hope this article is useful and useful for you.

The widespread use of the adobo seasoning gave rise to its popularity and today it is an essential ingredient in many dishes.