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7 Best Substitutes For Accent Seasoning

What’s the best substitute for accent seasoning? This time we will discuss about the spices that are very famous in the United States. It is an accent spice, a spice that is widely used in the United States. This spice is used to serve Asian food, this is a seasoning which is also known as MSG (Monosodium glutamate). Some people are afraid to use this spice because of the large impact it has on health.

How about you? If you don’t want to use MSG or these accent spices, of course you need the best substitute for accent spices to be able to bring delicious Asian food.

To replace the accent seasoning, there are many ingredients that you can use. Among the best spices to replace the accent seasoning are soy sauce, creole seasoning, seasoned salts, sulfuric Indian Black salt, bamboo salt and several other spices and herbs.

Those are some of the best substitutes for accent spice. If you want to know more about these best spices, then read on until the end!

What Is Accent Seasoning?

Accent seasoning is a very popular spice in America and it is actually a spice in Asian food. If you are in America, you can use this spice to produce Asian-style dishes. In American stores, accent spices can easily be found and this is also known as MSG.

But on this occasion we are not discussing accent spices but about the best substitutes for accent spices. In the seasonings, there is MSG content and this is very important in its presence to give a delicious taste to the spices.

What is MSG? MSG is Monosodium glutamate, this is a white crystalline material, it can be frog like salt or sugar. MSG does not have a distinctive taste but it can add flavor to food. If you want to get your food with a delicious taste, then the addition of MSG or accent seasoning is one solution.

How does MSG work to add flavor to food? In this case the scientists speak. They mention that MSG can activate glutamate receptors on the tongue, this will increase the taste like the taste of meat.

If you pay attention, the accent seasoning does not only contain MSG, but the accent seasoning also contains large amounts of salt, onion extract, chili, garlic extract and several other ingredients.

Where is the Accent Spice Used?

Accent seasoning can be said as a versatile seasoning. It can be used in many types of dishes such as soup, potato, meat, rice, sauce. Initially, accent spices were only used in Asian cuisine. But in its development, then accent spices are used in many household and restaurant dishes.

The use of accent spices is also beneficial in adding flavor to food, and this has been a secret to some of the world’s top chefs for years.

Best Substitutes For Accent Seasoning

This is about the best substitute for accent seasoning. So on this occasion we will discuss about some of the best substitutes for accent seasoning.

The use of accent spices is not for all foods, you can add your accent seasoning to certain recipes. Therefore, replacing the accent seasoning must also depend on a special recipe.

Well, if you are curious about what can replace accent spices, now we will explain to you one by one the ingredients that can replace accent spices well.

1. Spices and Herbs

The first that can be the best substitute for accent spices is Spices and Herbs. There are many herbs that can replace it. Among the best herbs and spices to replace them are tarragon, pepper, rosemary, and garlic. These spices will add a savory and warm taste to your cooking.

In addition to these spices, turmeric and cumin are also included in the best substitutes for accent spices. Spices can give a savory taste to your cooking and it has been part of the seasoning for a long time.

2. Salt Varieties

7 Best Substitute For Accent Seasoning

Furthermore, the best substitute for accent seasoning is the salt variety. Salt is a kitchen spice that can heal if eaten properly.

Sea salt is a great ingredient to add flavor to dishes. That’s why sea salt is now popular as a flavoring in dishes around the world.

The use of sea salt is to enhance the taste of food, enhance the delicacy of food, and can be one of the best substitutes for accent seasoning.

In addition to sea salt, there are several types of salt that are good for replacing accent spices, including Korean Bamboo Salt, kosher salt, Black salt of Indian or Sulfuric. If you don’t find the accent seasoning, you can easily replace it with one of the salt variants we mentioned.

3. Salt

Salt is a flavor enhancer in foods that contain high amounts of sodium. When you run out of accent spices you can replace it with salt.

But if you find an accent spice, it’s better for you than consuming salt. Salt is a food additive that is rich in sodium and this is not good for health.

The high concentration of sodium in salt can cause high blood pressure, a side effect of high blood pressure is to cause disease complications.

So, using salt as the best substitute for accent seasoning is not the best option and we don’t recommend it.

4. Creole Seasoning

Creole Seasoning

Creole Seasoning is another type that is great for replacing your bub accent in many dishes.

Among them are used in creole foods to replace accent seasonings. Creole seasoning is made with several ingredients such as paprika, spices, seasoning mix, dried oregano, black pepper, garlic, onion, basil, dried thyme, kosher salt, and cayenne pepper.

The addition of cayenne pepper is to increase the spiciness of the dish. Creole seasoning as the best substitute for accent seasoning is widely used in seafood, salads, soups, and various types of meat dishes.

5. Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce is used in fried, stir-fried dishes, noodles, rice, marinates, and salad dressings as a substitute for accent seasoning.

It is not only enhances the taste of your dish, but Soy Sauce is also useful as an amino acid addition. The presence of Soy Sauce also enhances the umami taste of your dishes, and is one of the best substitutes for accent spices.

But you have to pay attention because some types of Soy Sauce also contain MSG. If you avoid flavoring made from MSg, then choose soy sauce without msg.

6. Korean Bamboo Salt

It has a mild taste and gives your dish a sulfuric and slightly sweet taste.

Making Korean Bamboo Salt is very complicated, it starts with the sea water treatment process, in treating sea water, they use bamboo to get salt.

Korean Bamboo Salt is also on the list of the best substitutes for accent spices, but Korean Bamboo Salt is a very expensive option compared to other options.

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7. Kosher salt

As we mentioned earlier, salt variants are great substitutes for accent seasonings, including kosher salt.

Kosher salt is very easy to combine with various recipes, so you can choose halal salt as a substitute for accent seasoning.

This can improve the taste of food, as well as increase the saltiness. In addition to using kosher salt as the best substitute for accent seasoning, you can also use other salt variants such as black salt, Himalayan red salt, and rock salt.