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Chia Seeds Good for Heart Health and Immunity

Chia seeds for heart – Chia seeds are one of the herbs provided by nature for benefit of human health. These little seeds are excellent to boost immunity and ability to keep your heart from damage. The shape is very small, but you should not underestimate it because the nutrient content is extraordinary. Chia seed becomes the warehouse for antioxidants, omega 3, fiber, magnesium, iron, calcium, and zinc.

Chia seeds are known as seed derived from Salvia hispanica plant, the seeds are widely known by the name “Chia Seeds”. Historically, chia seeds are well known for its ability to cure various types of health problems. Here we see how the chia seeds instrumental in providing better health for your body.

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7 Ways Chia Seeds Help Your Health

When talking about chia seeds, you might remember the flaxseed. If we compare the chia seed with flaxseed, the chia seed is more popular and more beneficial for health. He contains more omega 3, calcium, fiber and phosphorus. Here we note 7 health benefits of chia seeds and their role in building good health.

1. Preventing cervical cancer and breast cancer

Based on research carried out in France revealed that Chia seed contains a lot of ALA that plays a role in lowering the risk of breast cancer. Then, in a subsequent study in Europe found that ALA (the prime essential fatty acids) present in the Chia seed is able to induce cell suicide in breast and cervix without disturbing normal cells.

2. Reduce the risk of heart disease

Australia not only as the world’s biggest producer of chia seeds but also a place of research conducted on the health benefits of chia seeds. Based on research conducted on mice, that rats or mice fed chia seeds showed better in heart health than mice that were not fed with chia seeds. It alleged effect of the content of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) in Cia seeds.

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3. Good for insulin sensitivity

Still according to a study in Australia that chia seeds are not only demonstrated its ability in maintaining heart health but also good for glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity.

Decreased insulin sensitivity associated with insulin resistance and lead to pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

4. Boost immunity

As has long been known as a drug, the history of the ancient Aztecs and Maya, chia seeds have been used as medicines. They use chia seeds to treat the flu and colds. Based on the research of University of the Valley of Guatemala, shows that Chia seed is the largest source of antioxidants compared to other fruits, including blackberry, mango, and grapes.

Chia seeds contain nutrients in large numbers, including vitamin C, flavonoids, lignin, vitamin E, phenolic acid, which is known to increase the body’s immune system.

5. Good for healthy hair and skin

Furthermore, Health benefits of chia seeds are to provide beauty and health of the skin and hair. Antioxidant content of chia seeds great for removing free radicals and prevent premature aging. Additionally, chia seeds also contain nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and proteins that would be helpful to promote hair health.

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6. Improve joint health

Long before modern research found chia seeds benefits, that the Aztecs have confidence in the ability of chia seeds in providing a good health to the joints. So, the contains a variety of nutrients within to ensure that this small seed is very good for relieving joint problems, rheumatism, and inflammation.

7. Helps athletic performance

The athletes are often recommended to get enough carbohydrates for the sake of endurance and stamina. however, research indicates that chia seeds are very good and support the performance of the athlete. In a study made that male athlete were divided into groups and provided drinks chia that loaded with omega-3 or Gatorade.

The results showed that chia seeds drink can be an alternative to meet many of the nutrients the body needs in order to maintain stamina and endurance.

Although the benefits of chia seeds very much for your health, but you should not eat these foods more than the recommended ie 2 tablespoons a day. Thus, the benefits of chia seeds and its role in providing better health to the body.