Powerful Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts

Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts – Brazil nuts are nuts with large seeds. These beans grow in tropical South American countries, such as Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, and the Guianas. The name is Brazil nuts, but the biggest producer of this bean is Bolivia.

Brazil nuts have a similar shape with macadamia nuts. Brazil nuts grow on trees that called by Bertholletia excelsa. There are many health benefits of dried fruits, such as walnuts, almonds, raisins, and cashew nuts. Brazil nuts are believed to contain high calories, but these nuts also contain minerals, anti-oxidants, and vitamins that are quite a lot.


Additionally, there are many health benefits of Brazil nuts, because it contains a lot of selenium, magnesium, and thiamine. Flavonoids present in Brazil nuts is useful to fight cancer cells. While selenium is useful to prevent cell damage caused by free radicals.

Some Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts

In 100 grams of Brazil nuts contain about 687 calories, and total fat content is 68 to 69 percent. Fats in Brazil nuts is classified as unsaturated fat, and the fat is healthy for heart health.

Monounsaturated fats support lower LDL or bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol or HDL in the body.


Moreover, Brazil nuts also contain essential fatty acids like oleic acid and palmitoleic acid. However, please note that this bean can make you fat if consumed in large quantities.

Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts are known throughout the world; the reason is that Brazil nuts are the richest source of the selenium mineral. In 1 ounce of Brazil nuts contains 544 mcg.

Selenium is not included in antioxidants, but it works with vitamin E and it’s a part of the antioxidant enzyme that called by glutathione and glutathione peroxidase.

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Based on the research, the content of selenium in Brazil nuts useful to treat heart disease. This mineral is found in the soil in the place that grown this plant.

Why did it happen? Because selenium can activate enzymes that assist in the detoxification of fat in the membrane. If the body enough in selenium, the blood clots can be overcome. People who live in planting Brazil nuts area, known a little suffer from heart disease.

The selenium mineral is also active in reducing the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, and other cancers. Selenium knew well in keeping the thyroid function and beneficial to build up the immune system.

Other health benefits of Brazil nuts is prevented liver cirrhosis. Most protein foods we eat do not contain essential amino acids, namely Methionine.

But this amino acid is present in Brazil nuts. Methionine is essential in fighting against the chronic disease, cirrhosis of the liver, coronary artery disease to premature aging.

Health benefits of Brazil nuts cannot be separated from the healthy minerals such as calcium, manganese, phosphorus, copper, potassium, zinc, and iron.

It also contains some omega 6. It is remarkable content, so it is natural that Brazil nuts for health benefits are also extraordinary.

As with other grains, Brazil nuts are high in protein, fiber, and vitamins. If you’re on a diet, Brazil nuts could be supplementary food for you, but do not consume too much.