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7 Extraordinary Health Benefits of Black Walnut

Health benefits of black walnut – You may often hear the benefits of walnut, but this time we will describe the benefits of black walnut for health that is rarely known. Some health benefits of walnut that we will soon know are to improve the heart, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, stimulate circulation, protect the body from fungi, boost immunity, regulate digestion, to prevent certain types of cancer.

About Black Walnut

This black walnut comes from the eastern United States, and south region, it has a tree with large leaves. Walnut emerged from the female flowers which then turned into nuts. When it is ripe, walnuts will be harvest for various purposes such as for consumption or for making traditional medicine.

Around 1600, walnuts began to be introduced in Europe. Now black walnut has spread in various parts of America and Europe and even has become a popular food in Europe and America. In various products, walnuts can be found ranging from candy, fudge to foods such as chicken dishes, and pasta.

Black Walnut is a more popular and more nutritious type of beans than regular walnuts. The content of fatty acids and protein is much higher than that of regular walnuts. It certainly provides more nutritional content for health.

Here we see some amazing benefits of black walnuts. Hopefully, this information is useful as additional knowledge.

Health Benefits of Black Walnut

1. Anti-fungus

In the human body, there are candida albicans substances that act as a cause of fungal infections. Candida fungus that enters into the human body will worsen the state of it because getting an infection.

Black walnuts are foods that contain juglone and tannins that are useful for creating an evil environment against candida fungi. This situation will kill the fungus and save you from its crime.

2. Maintain healthy skin

Another health benefit of black walnut is to maintain healthy skin. Black walnut’s peel is the material you need to grind into a paste. Black walnut husk is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that are good for skin health.

This paste can be used to cure various skin problems like black spots, pimples, and clean up psoriasis and eczema. Direct use of this paste is considered strong against the skin, so you can mix it with cream or with another ointment.

3. Maintain digestive health

Benefits of black walnuts for digestion is due to the anti-inflammatory content. This substance will soothe a sore stomach especially in the inflamed part of the intestine. Problems such as constipation and diarrhea can be overcome well by black walnuts. So this helps the digestive system as a whole.

4. Good for heart health

The high omega 3 fatty acid in black walnuts provides tremendous benefits for the heart. By consuming walnuts regularly every day, this can give a big benefit in regulating body cholesterol.

Existing omega-3 fatty acids within will eliminate bad cholesterol in the body, so high blood pressure can be lowered, the development of atherosclerosis can also be lowered to provide support for the eradication of diseases such as heart attacks, stroke, and coronary heart disease.

5. Boost immunity

The health benefits of black walnut in fighting fungi provide an important role in boosting immunity. In addition, black walnuts also contain antioxidants that contribute to free radical cleansing in the body. This will reduce the risk of cancer and provide maximum defense for the body.

6. Maintain breathing

Furthermore, the benefit of black walnuts is to maintain the respiratory system. You can gargle with black walnut extract, this will soothe a sore throat due to irritation and inflammation.

7. Prevent cancer

The latest research on the cancer link with black walnuts is over and the results are incredible. In addition to fatty acids and polyphenolic compounds, black walnuts are also rich in juglone compounds that react to tumors and are carcinogenic in the body. It will also slow down growth and even prevent the development of various types of cancer.


Allergies are a common problem in America especially allergic to nuts. If you want to put black Walnut into your diet, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Likewise, with pregnant women, they are not advised to use black walnuts either topically or orally.