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Health Benefits of Yarrow Essential Oil

The health benefits of yarrow essential oil are incredible thanks to its amazing nature. This oil is anti-inflammatory, anti rheumatic, expressive, hemoglobin, hypo-tension, tonic, anti-septic and others.

Yarrow, known by the name “Achillea Millefolium” in Latin is an ancient medicinal plant known throughout Europe. They believe that this plant is able to eliminate a number of diseases. European people sometimes use the juice of Yarrow plants to mix with alcohol, to improve their health.

To get yarrow essential oil, dry yarrow must be extracted by steam distillation. Some of the basic components of this plant are Alpha Pinene, Camphor, Borneol, Beta Pinene, Tricyclene, Borneol Acetate, Camphene, Cineole, Isoartemisia Ketone, Chamazulene, Sabinene, Terpinene Gamma, and Limonene. With a number of key components, yarrow essential oil has a remarkable health benefit. Here we see what are the health benefits of Yarrow essential oil.

Benefits of Yarrow Essential Oil for Health

1. As Antiseptic

Thanks to its antiseptic content, yarrow provides protection against injuries to fungi, bacteria and viruses. Yarrow essential oil activates platelets thereby accelerating wound healing. Yarrow is also fungicidal and bactericidal, meaning it is able to kill bacteria and fungi to speed healing.

2. Anti Spasmodic

The benefits of yarrow oil are also powerful for treating seizures. You are experiencing a seizure for sure how bad the disease is and how dangerous it is. An untreated spasm can be fatal to your health and your life. Yarrow essential oil contains anti-seizures that help you.

Seizures can occur in various parts of the body, if it occurs in your breathing then it will cause a very disturbed cough. However, if it occurs in the intestines then it causes acute abdominal pain. How to get rid of this seizure is to relax the muscles. This oil can provide comfort to your muscles thanks to anti-spasmodic it has.

3. Anti-inflammatory

Other properties are as anti-inflammatory. It can cure various health problems related to inflammation such as inflammation of the intestines, nose, breathing from the flu, or your intestines due to spicy foods. Not only that inflammation that occurs in the blood contaminated with toxins can also be minimized. Those who consume narcotics will cause their blood to be damaged by toxins, then inflammation in the blood will occur. The benefits of Yarrow essential oil can help eliminate your problem.

4. Anti-Rheumatic

Rheumatic patients and arthritis can also feel the health benefits of yarrow. This oil works by improving blood circulation by fighting the accumulation of uric acid in muscles and joints. While on the other hand, yarrow oil can eliminate toxins in the body through the sweat path thanks to diaphoretic properties.

5. Carminative

If one is afraid of the sound of a cannon in the middle of a party, then cause you to suffer from bloating, chest pain, intestinal disorders and digestive even reduce to appetite. Do you know what causes it? It is a result of good old gas, if left will worsen your health. Use Yarrow essential oil to remove the wind in the intestines and provide relief for you.

6. Astringent

The astringent content in yarrow oil provides contraction in muscles, vessels and tissues. This is very good for the gums in case of gum contraction. While in the case of hair follicles, astringent content is able to strengthen the hair roots and prevent hair loss. Another benefit of yarrow oil is to ward off the effects of aging and improve sagging and wrinkled skin. As a result, if you use yarrow oil then you will look younger and fresher.

7. Expectorant

As an expectorant, yarrow is able to clear the congestion on your chest, nose and bronchi. This oil is also powerful to control cough and cure colds that interfere.

8. Emollient

Using Yarrow essential oil is also useful for beauty such as smooth the skin and prevent aging. The way it works is to keep the inside of the skin moist so that the skin is free of dry, cracked, and dull.

9. Digestive

It is one of the essential oils that is good for digestive health. Yarrow oil increases the secretion of digestive juices, as well as improves the health of the liver and other digestive organs.

10. Emenagogue

If you have irregular menstruation, this is the solution. This oil will launch your menstrual schedule so as to improve your reproductive health. Yarrow essential oil also provides recovery against headaches, fatigue, nausea, abdominal pain. In addition, the health benefits of yarrow essential oils is to prevent menopause

11. Stomachic

Yarrow essential oil efficacious as a drug that can control the problems of digestion. Yarrow works by keeping the digestive fluid stable, if it experiences excess acid in the stomach, it neutralizes it and provides relief and treats inflammation.

12. Tranquilizing

Those suffering from stress and insomnia, yarrow essential oils become a blessing. This is because yarrow oil relaxes the nerves, muscles, brain, refreshes you in bed, and reduces blood pressure. So, if you want to be calm, avoid stress, this is the best option. Using drugs, alcohol is not a solution to avoid stress and depression.

13. Hemostatic

This means that yarrow oil is effective to reduce bleeding and stop it. Thus, the use of yarrow oil can provide contraction in the blood vessels thus stopping the bleeding.

Yarrow oil health benefits not only that, masi many other benefits you can get. Among them are Vulnerary, Tonic, Febrifuge, Tranquilizing, Hypotensive. In addition, some proven benefits are treating diseases caused by circulatory problems such as varicose veins, hemorrhoids, skin diseases, acne, dermatitis, colic, urinary tract infections, to digestive infections.


Yarrow essential oil gives a neurotoxic effect, it causes skin irritation if used continuously with excessive doses. In addition, pregnant women should not use this oil internally.