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The 11 Best Manuka Essential Oil Health Benefits

Manuka essential oil has many benefits thanks to the many beneficial substances in it. Among its properties are the anti-dandruff, antidote to insect stings, anti-inflammation, anti-fungal, liver allergy, anti-histamine, Cicatrisant, deodorant, cytophylactic, and relaxant substance.

Manuka oil is the youngest entry in the history of aromatherapy oil, recently used and discovered. While its use as traditional medicine, Manuka oil has long been used mainly by indigenous New Zealanders as well as this is the country that is the origin of the Manuka plant.

In scientific language called Leptospermum Scoparium, sometimes these essential oils are more expensive and valuable compared to the legendary essential oil “Australian Tea Tree oil”, the reason being that Manuka oil is one of the effective oils for various health problems. The process of making this oil is through the process of steam distillation and taken from the manuka leaves. After researching the manuka leaves, it was found that these leaves contained caryophyllene, pinene, humulene, linalool, geraniol, and leptospermone.

Also found is a miraculous and strange thing in this oil where the concentration of components in manuka essential oil varies greatly depending on how high the leaves are on the tree.

Manuka Essential Oil Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Manuka Essential Oil

Below we see what are the benefits of manuka oil for health and beauty. Hopefully, it is useful and you can try it for everyday needs.

1. Anti-dandruff

Are you not tired of using expensive shampoos continuously, even though dandruff always returns with degenerates. Even though there are natural medicines that are cheaper and more effective at getting rid of dandruff.

To get rid of dandruff, you can use manuka essential oil by applying it to your bath water and using it like using shampoo. You can also use manuka oil by massaging your scalp and mixing it with other oils to provide comfort. This oil works by fighting skin infections and preventing scalp degeneration.

2. Medication for insect stings or toxic stings

If you experience insect bites or sting on poisonous animals, you immediately apply manuka oil to the affected area. Manuka essential oil will work to relieve this sting and reduce pain.

3. Antibacterial

The benefits of manuka oil also inhibit the development of bacteria in the body such as bacteria in the intestine, urinary system, in the respiratory tract, and other areas. it is also effective and useful for attacking oral pathogens. For at least the results of the research released in Oral Microbiology and Immunology.

4. Anti-fungal

Not only against bacterial infections but manuka essential oils are also active in attacking fungal infections, among fungal infections that are common are running ears. For this problem, you can just drop the oil two drops and see how it develops. He will quickly cure ear problems.

5. Useful as an anti-inflammatory

Manuka oil is an anti-inflammatory that is well-known in nature. It is known as an anti-inflammatory oil that is very effective for various inflammation such as inflammation of the nose, inflammation of the respiratory system, inflammation that occurs in the intestine due to spicy food, even if that inflammation results from poisonous narcotics entering the bloodstream. So, it can cure colds, fever, and other infections.

A study in mice, manuka oil is also useful to dispel inflammation that occurs in the skin, it works by inhibiting inflammation of cytokines.

6. Anti-histaminic

Histamine is a substance that can cause coughing and makes patients very disturbed. Usually, most people control histamine by doing strange drug combinations. In fact, manuka essential oil is effective against histamine. So, manuka can cure and fight cough that happens continuously and this is safe to use.

7. Anti-allergenic

Manuka oil is also famous as a natural anti-allergic ingredient. We know that allergies are the body’s reaction to foreign objects such as pollen, pets, dust, and so on. Using manuka oil can calm and cure this reaction so that it can reduce your problem.

8. Cytophylactic

Manuka can stimulate the growth of new skin cells so it is good for speeding up wound healing. So, this oil is good for those who have just had an accident or are seriously injured or after surgery. This benefit has been confirmed by Dr. Elia Ranzato et al., Department of Science and Technological Innovation, University of Eastern Piedmont, Italy, in a study published in Burns & Trauma journal.

9. Relaxant

Furthermore, the benefits of manuka oil are to provide a relaxed feeling. So, it can relieve stress, anger, anxiety, nervous disorders, and depression. Manuka is also good as a traditional medicine for those who experience high blood pressure due to anxiety, anger, and others. so, manuka is good for protecting your heart health.

10. Cicatrisant

One of the extraordinary benefits of manuka oil is promoting the growth of skin cells. Meaning, it is good for removing scars by fading it. In addition, it also protects wounds from infection so that it also speeds up wound healing.

11. Other Benefits

There are many benefits of manuka oil to the skin. Among them are curing itching, skin diseases, rashes, inflammation, wounds and other problems that occur on your skin.

Another positive effect is providing healing in joint pain, and muscles. In fact, the results of a study show that manuka oil is good for curing skin acne, as quoted in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Words of Caution

For lavender essential oil, maybe you should be careful. But unlike Manuka, this oil is safe to use without fear. This is not poison, it is not irritating, and there is no sensitivity.

If you want to mix it with other oil, you can try one of these oils: Manuka can blend with Clary Sage, Clove, Rosemary, Pine, Lavandin, Geranium, Lavender, Nutmeg, Marjoram, Oakmoss, and Ylang-Ylang Oils.