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7 Wonderful Health Benefits of Palmarosa Essential Oil

Palmarosa essential oil for health is fabulous in the world of health. Its properties are extraordinary as antiseptic, bactericidal, anti-virus, cytophylactic provide health benefits with respect to such properties as keeping digestion, lower the heat, menyebuhkan disease caused by a virus and many more.

What is Palmarosa Essential Oil

Palmarosa is a type of grass that has the scientific name Cymbopogon Martini. This grass has 2 types; Motia & Sofia. Both have differences, especially in it is aroma.

To produce this essential oil, palmarosa harvested when not flowering and then dried for later steam distillation. So, why the name palmarosa? It is actually comes from its smell similar to the smell of roses, then people gave the name “palmarosa“. This is also the reason sometimes palmarosa essential oil is as rose oil substitute.

In the food industry, palmarosa essential oil often used as a flavoring of food and drink. Not only in food, but in the manufacture of soaps, perfumes, oils are also present palmarosa oil. Palmarosa oil has a myriad of health benefits, and we will explore in more detail below.

Health Benefits of Palmarosa Essential Oil

1. Kill virus

As oils containing antivirus, palmarosa have extraordinary ability in killing viruses. Killing the virus is not an easy affair and this is not the same as killing bacteria. The virus has a protective (cyst) on his body to keep him from a dangerous situation. When a dangerous situation, the virus will get into the cyst. When he got out of there, then the essential oil of palmarosa will intercept and prevent their duplications.

2. Lower heat

Heat or fever is a symptom caused by a virus. Palmarosa essential oils work actively in killing viruses and bacteria that cause fever. Palmarosa oil usage for calming the body and fight the virus.

Septic also often occur in vulnerable areas such as the bladder, urinary tract, urethra, kidneys and intestines. If this happens then the person will experience unbearable pain like cramps, and even seizures. So, it is advisable to take care of the wound to prevent various infections. It can be obtained from the use of palmarosa essential oil. When you apply the oil on the outside of the skin it will protect the wound from infection. Meanwhile, when you use on the inside, palmarosa oil will prevent the growth of bacteria in genitourinary and provides protection against dirt.

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3. Helps digestion

Palmarosa essential oils can improve digestive secretions so able to improve digestive health. The process is also useful to help the absorption of nutrients as well as make you better digestion.

4. Bactericide

This is one of the palmarosa oil preventive properties against bacteria. Thus, the role of this essential oil is to prevent the development of bacteria by killing the bacteria itself. Palmarosa oil is also great for preventing bacterial infections in internal organs such as colitis, gastric, prostate, urethra, urinary tract, and prevent the development of bacteria in the kidney.


In addition, the oil also prevents the bacteria on the external organs such as the armpits, eyebrows, head, eyelids and ears.

5. Hydrating

Hydrating is a comfortable nature that is given by palmarosa essential oil. This oil helps retain moisture in the network. Thus, the benefits of palmarosa can treat inflammation and other symptoms of dehydration. The hydrating properties of palmarosa provide substantial benefits to the beauty of the skin, making the skin soft, moist and bright.

6. Cytophylactic

Palmarosa essential oil also act as Cytophylactic in nature. Meaning: the benefits of this oil is very large in promoting cell growth, preventing aging as a result of the aging of cells.

The important thing of this is to build immunity because the cells become healthy and renewable.

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7. Antiseptic

As an antiseptic, palmarosa oil plays an important role in accelerating the wound healing. Wound infection is a condition that is very painful and often occurs in wounds. This happens because the wounds are not protected and the situation is always open.

Another Benefit of Palmarosa Essential Oil

As an essential oil, palmarosa be an aromatherapy to various health problems. When you use palmarosa oil, this oil will relax the muscles nerves, relieve depression, anxiety, fatigue, anxiety and anger. Palmarosa oil also helps provide a positive effect on the mind.


Palmarosa essential oil are considered safe for using by anyone as substance is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing.