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Best Essential Oils For Stuffy Nose

Essential Oils For Stuffy Nose – Nasal congestion and stuffy nose greatly interfere with daily activities. Here we will describe some types of essential oils to overcome stuffy nose and congestion. Health symptoms such as flu, colds and nasal congestion if not immediately overcome can cause sinusitis, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.

Fortunately, we can treat this problem with essential oils. Using essential oils in the nasal congestion is safe and quickly alleviates the problem. So, in this article we wrote some of the best essential oils for stuffy nose.

Using this oil properly will provide a good and quick healing. Let’s read on ..!

Best Essential Oils for Stuffy Nose and Congestion

Having a stuffy nose and congestion is very uncomfortable. However, you do not need to worry because there are many good traditional medicine can be used. You do not need to use drops such as postnasal, because there are essential oils that can resolve your problem well. Using essential oils in nasal congestion is not scary because it does not provide side effects.

Essential oil will loosen mucus and speed up the process of removing mucus from the nose. The essential oil is therapeutic so it is good for nasal congestion.

Some types of essential oils to overcome stuffy nose:

Some of the oils we’ve mentioned above have good therapeutics, anti bacterial, anti viral, and anti-inflammatory properties to get rid of stuffy nose. Among them are rosemary essential oil, oregano and peppermint oil.

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Keep in mind, some types of essential oils have strong properties so it is not recommended for children. But the following essential oils are soft and harmless to use in children.

All kinds of this oil you can use to relieve congestion and stuffy nose. But, give attention if you you want to use in children. Stay away from using oil that is too hard because it gives the sensation of pain and burning.

Ways to Use Essential Oils for Stuffy Nose

Essential oil is best used to alleviate various disorders of the breathing. One of the things that make essential oils favored is its flexible character. You can use as you need in different ways according to the needs of each.

You can also inhale the aroma of this oil so it gets into the lungs and heals the cockroaches and infections.

Steam breathing is another great option to try. Add a few drops of peppermint oil, lavender, tea tree oil into a bowl of hot water. Then inhale the steam and make sure you’ve closed your eyes to avoid getting from steam. Breathe steam to loosen nasal congestion and loosen mucus.

Another way is adding a few drops of essential oil into the hot tub. In this way you will also experience tremendous benefits such as inhaling steam.

Another option is to apply it topically. Dilute the essential oil with another carrier oil, then apply it directly to the nose, sinus and temple. Carefully apply it to avoid eye contact.

Using essential oils can relieve and cure congestion nose quickly. You no longer need to use other drugs because essential oils for stuffy nose is very easy to use and without side effects.

Those are some best essential oils for stuffy nose. You can use this oil easily and without fear of side effects. Its flexible nature makes a lot of people use it, this drug can be taken accordance with the needs. There is no special recipe or special size that you should pay attention.