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Amazing Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil – It is a type of oil that have many useful applications for the health of the body. Among its benefits include eliminating nervous tension, improve blood flow, reduce pain, cleanse the scalp and respiratory problems.

Thus, the benefits of lavender oil is clean and wash. In Latin namely “lavare” which means “wash”. Using a nice lavender oil to wash respiratory, and nervous as a result of clean smell.

Lavender oil is taken from lavender flowers by evaporation. Lavender oil is not only used for health, but also used for perfumes. It clean smell and fragrant makes it really nice as aromatherapy.

Lavender oil can be mixture with other oils such as pine oil, geranium, cedar-wood, and nutmeg oil. Now, lavender oil are usually used as aromatherapy oils, lotions, soaps and infusion.

Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

As we said above that this oil is very much beneficial, are as follows:

1. Bug Repellent

One of the benefits of lavender oil is repel ticks and insects as pests, mosquitoes and moths. If you leave the house, you can use the essential oil of lavender to avoid mosquito bites and others. If you’ve been bitten by bedbugs or mosquitoes, lavender is helpful for preventing inflammation.

2. Improving the quality of sleep

The health benefits of lavender essential oil is for sleep-inducing. So, for those who suffer from insomnia highly recommended using lavender oil. Research shows that the elderly are given a few drops of lavender oil on the pillow can improve the sleep quality. This could increase the regularity of their sleep.

3. Nervous System

Furthermore, the health benefits of lavender essential oil is soothing to the nerves. So, those who suffered from nervous tension and anxiety very well using lavender oil. In addition, lavender oil can also help migraine, depression, headaches, and emotional stress.

Refreshing scent is useful to eliminate nervous exhaustion and restlessness and able to enhance mental activity.

4. Cure Acne

Lavender oil is also very powerful to destroy acne. Based on the comments of the experts of the skin and aromatherapy, that lavender oil is excellent for treating acne, skin problems experienced by many of those who enter puberty.

Acne is a skin problem that occurs due to bacterial infection in the sebum. So, when sebum can not get out of the skin glands, the acne is formed.

The benefits of lavender essential oil to prevent initial infection-causing bacteria, regulate over-the excretion of sebum and reduce acne scars when healed.

5. Increase the blood flow

Lavender  oil is also good for blood flow in the body. The Aromatherapy that combined with lavender oil is nice to improve blood circulation in coronary. This oil also lowers blood pressure for those who have high blood pressure.

In addition, lavender essential oil is also useful to promote muscle strength and health.

6. Prevent Cancer

A study conducted on mice showed that lavender oil mixed with certain oils can prevent breast cancer in mice. Although this research has not been done in humans, but it showed that lavender has the potential to prevent cancer in humans the.

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7. Boost immunity

Lavender oil is used constantly and regularly can give stiff resistance against various diseases. Lavender contains anti-bacterial, anti-virus so as to prevent diseases such as typhoid, diphtheria, and tuberculosis.

8. Maintain digestive health

Lavender essential oil is able to move food in the intestine so that it is beneficial to digestion. In addition, lavender oil also helps the production of stomach acid and bile acids. So, can overcome the gastric acid indigestion, abdominal pain, flatulence, vomiting, and diarrhea.

9. Caring Skin

The health benefits of lavender oil is very great for the skin. It is thanks to their anti-fungal and antiseptic. The content is useful for curing various skin problems such as psoriasis, wrinkles, acne and other inflammatory. In addition, lavender oil can also accelerate the healing of sunburn, wounds because it helps increase tissue formation.